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Ping Remulla MP

Ping Remulla is a Filipino politician.


Ditas Catibayan-Remulla MP

Ditas Catibayan-Remulla is a wife of former Cavite governor Juanito "Johnny" Remulla Sr. The mother of three Remulla brothers Boying, Jonvic and Gilbert.

Gilbert Remulla MP

Gilbert Cesar Remulla is a Filipino newscaster and politician. More here: Curriculum vitae

Official Portrait of Representative Jesus Crispin Remulla of the 7th District of Cavite in the 18th Congress of the Philippines Source: Author: House of Representatives, Republic of the Philippines This work is in the public domain in the Philippines and possibly other jurisdictions because it is a work created by an officer or employee of the Government of the Philippines or any of its subdivisions and instrumentalities, including government-owned and/or controlled corporations, as part of their regularly prescribed official duties; consequently, any work is ineligible for copyright under the terms of Part IV, Chapter I, Section 171.11 and Part IV, Chapter IV, Section 176 of Republic Act No. 8293 and Republic Act No. 10372, as amended, unless otherwise noted. However, in some instances, the use of this work in the Philippines or elsewhere may be regulated by this law or other laws.

Boying Remulla MP

Jesus Crispin "Boying" Catibayan Remulla is a lawyer, journalist and politician. More here: He is known as the primary accuser against ABS-CBN Corporation regarding the franchise renewal. He is also ...

Johnny Remulla MP (1933 - 2014)

Juanito Reyes Remulla served as a member of the provincial board of Cavite and was appointed twice as acting governor, the first time in 1964 and the second in 1965. In 1971, he was elected as a delega...

Jonvic Remulla MP

Juanito Victor "JonVic" Catibayan Remulla has been in public service since 1995. He is the incumbent governor of Cavite.More here:

Andres Remulla (c.1871 - c.1924)

Beatriz Remulla (c.1907 - aft.1953)

Source:* Primo Bárzaga and Beatriz Remulla's Marriage Register:

Bestra Saique Remulla (Saique) (deceased)

Bienvenido Reyes Remulla (1928 - d.)

Emmanuel Remulla (deceased)

Emmanuel del Rosario Remulla (c.1943 - c.2003)

Fidela Remulla (1921 - 1992)

United States social security application

Signature taken from

Francisca Papa (1854 - 1900)

Pension claim * Baptismal certificate * Marriage certificate

Israel Remulla (deceased)

José Remulla (deceased)

Ludeo Reyes Remulla (1923 - 1995)

Macaria Genido (Remulla) (deceased)

Norverta Remulla (b. - bef.1895)

Osacar Remulla (deceased)

Paula Ilas Remulla (c.1870 - d.)

Remigio Reyes Remulla (1932 - d.)

Vicenta Remulla (c.1894 - d.)

Sources:* Antonio Viña and Vicenta Remulla's Marriage Certificate: Antonio Viña and Vicenta Remulla's Marriage Certificates Index (Female): Antonio Viña and Vicenta Remulla's Marriage Certificates Inde...

Victor Remulla (deceased)

Victor Remulla (deceased)