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Al Roker MP

Albert Lincoln "Al" Roker Jr. (born August 20, 1954) is an American television personality, weather forecaster, actor, and book author. He is best known as being the weather anchor on NBC's Today . Fro...

Roxie Roker MP (1929 - 1995)

Roxie Albertha Roker (August 28, 1929 – December 2, 1995) was an American actress, best known for her role as Helen Willis on the CBS sitcom The Jeffersons (1975–85), half of the first interracial co...

Ahmedbhai Roker MP (deceased)

Yousuf Roker son of Ahmedbhai Roker

Albert Lincoln Roker, Sr. MP (deceased)

Albert Hubert Roker MP (1900 - 1988)

Alice Jane Rahming (Roker) MP (c.1888 - 1935)

Alma Keel (Roker) MP (1889 - d.)

Amy Johnson (Roker) MP (deceased)

Ann Paradise (Roker) MP (1832 - d.)

Beatrice Roker MP (1893 - 1980)

Bernice Daphne Roker (Brooks) MP (1922 - c.2003)

Catharine Ludowika Ellerhorst (Röker Roiken) MP (deceased)

charles roker MP (deceased)

Charlotte E Roker MP (deceased)

Charlotte Martin (Roker) MP (deceased)

Christiaan Roker MP (deceased)

Clara Eleanor Alexandersen Roker MP (1906 - 1991)

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David Roker MP (deceased)

Dietrich Roker MP (deceased)

Edna Henneman Roker MP (deceased)

Edna Roker MP (deceased)

Elisabet Roker MP (c.1826 - d.)

Elisabeth (Lijsabeth) Mantel (Roker) MP (1810 - 1869)

Eliza Roker (Hamberton) MP (1808 - 1890)

Eliza Jane Roker (Gadd) MP (c.1900 - 1976)

Elizabeth Tynes (Roker) MP (deceased)

Ellen O. Roker MP (1886 - d.)

Eric Roker MP (deceased)

Eric Roker, Jr. MP (deceased)

George Thomas Roker MP (c.1923 - c.1998)

George Roker MP (deceased)

George Chalmers Roker MP (deceased)

Hans Roker MP (deceased)

Jenny Roker MP (deceased)

Louise Emilie Roker MP (1887 - 1978)

Mabel Roker MP (c.1912 - d.)

Magdalena Levering (Roker) MP (deceased)

Margaret Roker MP (c.1780 - 1859)

Mary Perpall (Roker) MP (deceased)

Mary Jane Deveaux (Roker) MP (deceased)

Mary Keen Crawthorne Roker MP (deceased)

matilda roker (kerr) MP (deceased)

N.N. Roker MP (1880 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1884 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1875 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1870 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1877 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1882 - d.)

N.N. Roker MP (1888 - d.)

Prince Roker MP (deceased)

Reginald Roker MP (deceased)

Robert Roker MP (deceased)

Rosalie Newton-Roker (Fowler) MP (deceased)

Rose Roker MP (deceased)

Safiya Khalil (Roker) MP (deceased)

Samuel Francis Roker, Sr. MP (deceased)

Sarah Pascal (Roker) MP (1815 - 1877)

Sijgje/Sijchien/Sijgien Hendriks Roker Roher MP (1786 - 1862)

Templeton Roker MP (deceased)

Theunis Roker MP (deceased)

Thomas Roker MP (1802 - 1851)

Tulip Roker MP (deceased)

Tulip Roker MP (b. - 1867)

William Thomas Roker MP (c.1900 - c.1976)

Winifred Roker (Denial) MP (deceased)

Zainab Lavingia (Roker) MP (deceased)