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Benjamín Romero (deceased)

Benjamín Tomás Solari Romero (1867 - d.)

Benny Romero (1910 - d.)

Bentura Romero (deceased)

Bentura Romero (deceased)

Benturo Romero (1715 - 1792)

Berenice Faría Romero (deceased)

Bern*Do Joseph Romero Diaz (1729 - d.)

Bernabe Romero (deceased)

Bernadine Romero (Russick) (deceased)

Bernard Michel Victoire Romero (1784 - 1816)

bernard faustin Romero jr (1806 - 1863)

bernard faustine Romero III (1833 - d.)

Bernarda Romero (deceased)

Bernarda Romero (deceased)

Bernarda Romero (deceased)

Bernarda Tomasa Romero (b. - 1807)

Bernardina Dominguez Romero (deceased)

Bernardina Romero (deceased)

Bernardina Romero (deceased)

Bernardino Romero (deceased)

Bernardino Romero (deceased)

Bernardino Romero Guzman (deceased)

Bernardino Romero (deceased)

Bernardino Romero Vidigal (Vidigal) (deceased)

Bernardino Antonio del Carmen Soto Romero (1791 - d.)

Bernardino Batistis Romero (c.1906 - c.1997)

Bernardins Romero (1889 - d.)

Bernardita Romero Romero (1894 - d.)

Bernardo Cobos Romero (1942 - 2001)

Bernardo Reprieto Romero (1920 - 1987)

Bernardo Teodelin Romero (1869 - d.)

Bernardo Díaz Romero (1707 - d.)

Bernardo Romero (1842 - d.)

Bernardo Abad Romero Medina (1863 - d.)

Bernardo Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Camacho Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Pereda Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Antonio de Echeverz y Subiza Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Jose Ramon Parra Romero (deceased)

Bernardo Joseph Chabes Romero (1765 - d.)

Bernaria Ecarnacion Romero (deceased)

bernice mertley romero (1920 - 1987)

bernie romero (deceased)

Bersabe Romero (deceased)

Bersebe Romero (deceased)

bert colima romero (1902 - 1979)

Berta Elena Romero (Castillo) (1924 - d.)

Berta Romero (deceased)

Berta Mendez Romero (1917 - 2003)

Berta Abrego Romero (deceased)

Berta Eugenia Romero Moreno (1878 - d.)

Bertha Romero Echavez (1919 - 1986)

Bertha Romero (Amy) (1879 - 1983)

Bertha Wassmer Romero (deceased)

Bertha Romero (Reynolds) (deceased)

Bertha Borda Romero (deceased)

Bertha Eugenia Romero Nuñez (1913 - 1985)

Bertila del Carmen Aguirre Romero (deceased)

Bertilda Romero (deceased)


Beto Romero (deceased)

Betsy Romero (deceased)

Betty Letts Romero (1947 - 1969)

Betty Esperanza Romero Olmos (1954 - 1954)

Betty Lee Romero (Payne) (1926 - 2000)

Betty Romero (Talens) (deceased)

Auntie S told me that Uncle Corny liked her and wanted to marry her, however, she had children already in the PI and did not want to live here

Betty Jo Romero (deceased)

Beulah Romero (Hanks) (1923 - 2007)

Beverly Romero (Modderman) (deceased)

Bhoy Romero (deceased)

Bibiana Filomena Jaime Romero (1874 - d.)

Bibiano Romero (deceased)

Bill Romero (deceased)

Bill Romero (deceased)

Billy Romero (deceased)

Bislumino Romero (deceased)

Blanca Rafaela Romero (1941 - 2009)

Blanca Maria Romero Cifuentes de Alba (1913 - d.)

Blanca Mendaro Romero (1910 - 2000)

Blanca Romero (deceased)

Blanca Isturiz (Romero) (deceased)

Blanca Gagliani Romero (deceased)

Blanca Ruiz Romero (deceased)

Blanca Romero (deceased)

Blanca Romero (deceased)

Blanca Alix Romero (deceased)

Blanca Iris Estepa,Romero (deceased)

Blanca Maria Romero, Fernandez (deceased)

blanca rosa romero maldonado (deceased)

Blanca Sofia Romero (deceased)

blank Romero (deceased)

Blas Vázquez Romero (deceased)

Blas Calero Romero (deceased)

Blas Hernández Romero (deceased)

Blas de Miranda y Romero (deceased)

Blas Jesus Romero (1805 - d.)

Blas Jossef Sanchez Romero (deceased)