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Carlos Peña Romulo MP (1898 - 1985)

Carlos Peña Rómulo was a Filipino diplomat, politician, soldier, journalist and author. In his youth, he was the King Consort to the 1922 Manila Carnival Queen, Virginia Llamas, who event...

Anacleto Monticillo Romulo (deceased)

Anelo Singefrido Romulo Badolati (deceased)

Bayani Romulo (deceased)

Caridad Valenzuela (Romulo) (deceased)

Carlos Romulo (deceased)

Consuelo Romulo (16 - d.)

Consuelo Masongsong (Romulo) (deceased)

Consuelo Masongsong (Romulo) (deceased)

Don Alberto Romulo (deceased)

Dona Juana Besacruz Romulo (deceased)

Eddie Romulo (deceased)

Elisa Maria Capobianco (Dias Rômulo) (deceased)

Enrique Peña Romulo (deceased)

Florentino Romulo (1837 - d.)

Fulgencio Roasa Romulo (c.1893 - d.)

Gilberto P. Romulo (deceased)

Greg Romulo (deceased)

Don Gregorio Romulo (deceased)

After the Philippine-American War, Gregorio Romulo served as the municipal councilor of Camalig, Tarlac; then as the town "presidente" (the equivalent of mayor) from 1906 to 1907. He served as the Gove...

Gregorio Vicente Romulo (deceased)

Irene Romulo (1920 - d.)

Jose Romulo (deceased)

Josefina Peña Romulo (deceased)

Maria Monticillo Romulo (1841 - d.)

Maria Pena Romulo (deceased)

Pablito Esperanza Romulo (deceased)

Regina Romulo (deceased)

Rosa Romulo (deceased)

Rufina Romulo (Narvaez) (deceased)

Salome "Sally/Omeng" Esperanza Peñalosa (Romulo) (1918 - 2003)

Soledad Romulo (c.1928 - d.)

Teresita Romulo (deceased)