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Ambrose Rous, MP MP (c.1568 - 1620)

Family and Education b. by 1570,1 1st s. of Sir Anthony Rous* (d. Nov. 1620) of Halton and Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Southcote† of Bovey Tracey, Devon and coh. to her mother Grace; bro. of Francis*.2 ed...

Sir Anthony Rous MP MP (c.1559 - 1620)

Family and Education b. bef. 1560, 1st s. of Richard Rous of Rogate, Suss. by Elinor, da. of Sir Edmund Marvyn. m. (1) Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Southcote of Bovey Tracey, Devon, 5s. 1da.; (2) aft. Jan....

Arthur J. Rous MP (c.1886 - 1912)

Mr Arthur J. Rous Age: 26 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 18 Radcliffe Road Southampton Hampshire England - Map Occupation: Plumber Last Ship: Olympic Engine crew ...

Charlotte Maria, Countess of Stradbroke MP (1769 - 1856)

Frances Juliana Rous (Warter-Wilson) MP (b. - 1790)

Frances Anne Juliana Hotham (Rous) MP (b. - 1859)

Francis Peyton Rous, Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, 1966 MP (1879 - 1970)

(Francis) Peyton Rous (October 5, 1879 – February 16, 1970) born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1879 and received his B.A. and M.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He was involved in the discovery of the rol...

Sir Francis Rous, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons MP (c.1581 - 1659)

Family and Education b. c.1581,1 4th s. of Sir Anthony Rous* (d.1620) of Halton, St. Dominick, Cornw. and his 1st w. Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Southcote† of Bovey Tracey, Devon; bro. of Ambrose*, step...

Hawisa Le Rous (unknown) MP (c.1271 - d.)

Hawisa le Rous (le Rush) MP (deceased)

Henry Le Rous, of Harescombe MP (c.1207 - c.1248)

From Transactions - Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society (Volume 10) → online text (page 9 of 38) Henry son of Roger Fitz Alan now comes before us in con-

Hester Rous (Temple) MP (b. - 1620)

Isolde de Audley (le Rous) MP (c.1270 - 1328)

Roger le Rous settled the manor of Eastington on Walter de Balun and Isolde in June 1287: 8 June 1287, 15 Edward I, Gloucester. One week from Trinity. Walter de Balun and Isolda his wife, querents, b...

Jane Norreys (Rous) MP (b. - 1713)

John Le Rous, Knight MP (c.1267 - c.1311)

Sir John Rous, Knight MP (c.1298 - c.1346)

John Rous, 1st Earl of Stradbroke MP (1750 - 1827)

Family and Education b. 30 May 1750, o. s. of Sir John Rous, 5th Bt. educ. Westminster 1764-7; Magdalen, Oxf. 1768. m. (1) 26 Jan. 1788, Frances Juliana (d. 1790), da. and h. of Edward Warter Wilson of...

Sir John Rous, MP, 2nd Baronet MP (c.1656 - 1730)

Family and Education b. c.1656, o.s. of John Rous I. educ. St. Catherine’s, Camb. 1672. m. (1) by 1676, Philippa (d.1685), da. of Thomas Bedingfield of Darsham, Suff. and coh. to her bro. Thomas, 2s. (...

Sir John Rous, MP MP (1586 - 1652)

Family and Education b. 3 June 1586,1 1st s. of Sir Thomas Rous of Henham and Parnel, da. of Sir John Goodwin of Upper Winchendon, Bucks.2 educ. G. Inn 1604.3 m. by 1605, Elizabeth (bur. 20 Mar. 1634),...

Sir John Rous 1st Baronet of Henham Hall MP (1608 - 1670)

Sir John Rous was a Cavalier during the time of England's Civil war and when the Parliamentarians came searching for him he hid inside a tree for several days, his wife secretly bringing him food and w...

Sir John Rous, MP MP (c.1573 - 1645)

Family and Education b. c.1573,1 o. s. of Edward Rous of Rous Lench and Mary, da. of Miles Haselrigge of Noseley, Leics.2 m. 21 Nov. 1605,3 (with £1,500),4 Hester (bur. 12 Aug. 1620), da. of Sir Thomas...

Sir John Rous, MP, 5th Baronet MP (c.1728 - 1771)

Family and Education b. ?1728, o. surv. s. of Sir Robert Rous, 4th Bt., by Lydia, da. and coh. of John Smith of Holton, Suff. educ. Trinity, Camb. 30 Oct. 1744, aged 16. m. 5 June 1749, Judith, da. a...

Sir John Rous, MP, 3rd Baronet MP (c.1678 - 1731)

Family and Education b. aft. 1676, 1st s. of Sir John Rous, 2nd Bt.†, of Henham by his 1st w. Philippa, da. of Thomas Bedingfield of Darsham Hall, Suff. and coh. to her bro. Thomas Bedingfield. educ. S...

Judith Rous (Bedingfield) MP (deceased)

Juliana Mylle (le Rous) MP (1358 - 1422)

Reference: Juliana Mill formerly Rous aka le Rous Born 12 Jun 1358 in Harescombe, Gloucestershire, Englandmap Daughter of Thomas (Rous) le Rous and [mother unknown] [sibling(s) unknown] Wif...

Mrs. Henry Le Rous MP (c.1207 - d.)

Richard Rous, MP MP (c.1621 - c.1672)

Family and Education b. c.1621, 2nd s. of William Rous† of Halton by Mary, da. of Richard, 1st Baron Robartes of Truro. educ. Gloucester Hall, Oxf., matric. 16 Nov. 1638, aged 17. m. lic. Jan. 1668, Ma...

Sir Robert Rous, 4th Baronet MP (b. - 1735)

Roger Le Rous MP (c.1237 - 1294)

Sir Thomas Le Rous MP (c.1328 - c.1359)

unknown de Rous MP (c.1330 - 1375)

William Rous, MP MP (c.1595 - 1635)

Family and Education b. c.1595, 1st s. of Ambrose Rous* of Edmerston, Devon and Magdalen, da. of Peter Osborne of Chicksands, Beds.1 educ. Broadgates Hall, Oxf. 1612 aged 17; M. Temple 1614.2 m. 24 Apr...

(Unknown) Rous MP (deceased)

- Rous MP (deceased)

-♂- Rous MP (1877 - 1877)

-♂- Rous MP (1894 - 1894)

???? Rous MP (deceased)

Aagje Rous MP (c.1918 - 1941)

Admonition Rous MP (deceased)

Admonition Rous MP (1667 - d.)

Adolf Rous MP (1894 - d.)

Adolphe Olivier Pierre de Rous de La Mazeliere MP (1865 - 1942)

Adriana Rous MP (1848 - d.)

Adriana Jacoba Rous (Tanis) MP (1888 - 1941)

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Adrianus Johannes Rous MP (1880 - d.)

Agatha Maria Rous MP (deceased)

Agnes Rous (Denton) MP (deceased)

Agnes Rous (Blennerhassett) MP (1499 - d.)

Agnes Howell (Rous) MP (deceased)

Agnes Rous (Denton) MP (deceased)

Alexa Susan Cole MP (1839 - 1892)

Alice Rous (Sulyard) MP (1473 - d.)

Alice Rous (?) MP (c.1290 - d.)

Alice Rous MP (deceased)

Alicia Rous MP (deceased)

Aloice Rous (Sulyard) MP (1743 - d.)

Alois Rouš MP (c.1904 - c.1986)

Alois Rouš MP (1876 - 1946)

Alois Rouš MP (c.1904 - c.1986)

Ambrose Rous MP (deceased)

Amy Morris (Rous) MP (1888 - 1963)

Ana Škarda (Rous) MP (deceased)

Ana Rous (Trykareva) MP (deceased)

Anastázie Rous (Valíčková) MP (deceased)

Anastázie Rous (Pašková z Řeneč) MP (deceased)

Andre Theodore de Rous de La Mazeliere MP (1820 - 1873)

Ane Marthe Johannesdatter Rous MP (1796 - d.)

Anežka Rous MP (1904 - d.)

Angelbert Rous MP (c.1715 - d.)

Ann Rous (Scaley) MP (1773 - 1826)

Ann Bacon (Rous) MP (c.1483 - d.)

Ann Susan Rous (Fuller) MP (deceased)

South African Commercial Advertiser 1854 - 4 - October to December Written by Sue Mackay. Posted in The South African Commercial Advertiser 1824-1856 Saturday 16 December 1854 MARRIAGE In St.Geor...

Anna Rous (Duchek) MP (1844 - d.)

Anna Rous MP (deceased)

Anna Rous MP (1866 - 1949)

Anna Rous MP (1879 - d.)

Anna Štolcbart (Rous) MP (1867 - d.)

narozena svatba

Anna Rous (Honzíková z Černic) MP (deceased)

Anna Rous MP (deceased)

Anna Rous (Hachová z Nazbavětic 18) MP (deceased)

Anna Havel (Rous) MP (1900 - c.1986)

9.2.1929 se provdala za Václava Havla z domu č.42 a roku 1935 otec Václava (také Václav Havel z Losiná 42) koupil dům Losiná č.5 (U Martinů) a ten jim potom předal

Anna Šmolík (Rous) MP (c.1821 - d.)

1845 svatba

Anna Nielsdatter Rous MP (1791 - d.)

Anna Kovanda (Rous) MP (deceased)

Anna Eva Rous MP (1903 - 1904)


Anna Jacoba Cornelia Rous MP (deceased)

Anna Louise Flemmer MP (1874 - 1941)

Anne Rous MP (deceased)

Anne Rous MP (deceased)

Anne Rous (Hare) MP (1615 - 1702)

Anne Rous (Wood) MP (deceased)

Anne Bacon (Rous) MP (1483 - d.)

Anne Rous MP (1742 - d.)

Anne Rous (Bacon) MP (deceased)

Sir Anthony Rous MP (b. - 1545)

Sir Anthony Rous lived at Dennington, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England. b. by 1502, 1st s. of Sir William Rous of Dennington by Alice, da. of Sir John Sulyard of Wetherden; bro. of Sir Edmund. m. by 15...

Anthony Rous, MP MP (c.1605 - 1677)

Family and Education b. c.1605, 1st s. of Robert Rous of Wotton by Jane, da. of Alexander Pym of Brymore, Som.; bro. of Robert Rous. educ. M. Temple 1621. m. Mary, da. of William Bradshaw of Lancs., 2s...

Antoine Rous MP (deceased)

Antoine Rous MP (1706 - d.)

Antoine Rous MP (1703 - d.)

Antoinette Pradet (Rous) MP (1798 - 1832)