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Clémence de Sablé (de Mayenne) MP (c.1145 - c.1190)

Her parentage is erroneously given by many secondary sources. She is known to have been a sister of Juhel de Mayenne, but the generation is not clear. Cawley and van de Pas both identify Clémenc...

Geoffrey de Sablé MP (1000 - 1036)

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable MP (c.1750 - 1818)

Feb. 27, 2016_Additional comment by William Arthur Allen: Versions of Wikipedia in three diferent languages provide slightly different information about Point du Sable and his marriage to Kitah...

Catherine Point du Sable MP (deceased)

I Feb. 27, 2016_Addition by William Arthur Allen According to , "du Sable and a friend, Jacques Clamorgan, traveled to Louisiana and Michigan , where he married a woman Potawatomi called Kittahaw...

Marguerite de Roches (de Sablé) MP (c.1183 - 1238)

Marguerite de Sablé, Dame de Sablé (c.1179- after June 1238), was a French noblewoman and one of the wealthiest heiresses in the counties of Anjou and Maine. She was the eldest daughter o...

Robert de Sablé, 11th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1150 - 1193)

Robert de Sablé was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193 and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Military record 2.1 Angevin Civil Wa...

(Candy) Ingledene Summer Love [Sable&White] (1982 - d.)

Gb Ch Ingledene Summer Love Breeder/Owner: Valerie & John Geddes Geddess, kennel Ingledene, UK

(Taylor) MULTI BISS CAN CH Tricounty's Dreamland Express [Sable TriFactor] (deceased)

? Sable (deceased)

Aaron Sable (1897 - d.)

Aaronwell Adorable Dora of Ferncott [Sable&White] (1990 - d.)

Abbot Of Arranbeck [Sable] (1948 - d.)

Abraham Sable (deceased)

Adelaide de Sable (c.1044 - d.)

Adelais de Sable (deceased)

Adeline Sable (1903 - d.)

Adrian Sable (1953 - 2008)

Adélaïde de Sablé (c.1045 - d.)

Adélaïde de Sablé (c.1045 - d.)

Adélaïde de Sablé (c.1045 - d.)

Agnes Sable (Michelas) (deceased)

Agness seleb (Sable) (deceased)

Agusta Kopaska (Sable) (1859 - 1923)

Agusta (Sable) Douglass (Sable) (b. - 1882)

Alan Sable (deceased)

Alexander Sable (deceased)

Alice Viola Sable (Weltsch) (1906 - d.)

Alvin Sable (deceased)

AM CH Twin Creeks True Grit [Sable TriFactor] (1971 - d.)

Amalie Designer Dream [Sable] (1996 - d.)

Amalie Hello Dolly [Dark Sable] (deceased)

Amalie Mild And Bitter [Dark Sable] (1989 - d.)

Amalie Such Fantasy at Delbar [Dark Sable] (1990 - d.)

Amelia Ruble (Sable) (1870 - 1950)

Born in West Prussia - then Germany, now part of Poland - Amelia immigrated before her parents did. They came in 1888.

Ana-Mae Weiss (Sable) (1928 - 2011)

Andrew Sable (deceased)

Anfield Model [Sable&White] (deceased)

photo taken from the book "Rough Collie of Distinction" Gb Ch Anfield Model Breeder: Owner: Born: 24/06/1902 Awards:

Ann Sable (Tanner) (c.1690 - d.)

Ann Marie Lullove (Sable) (deceased)

Ann Sable (Disler) (1923 - 2006)

Anna Sable (Schultz) (deceased)

Anna Sable (Lenasky) (1898 - 1988)

Birth: Oct. 1, 1898 City of Kiev, Ukraine Death: Sep. 6, 1988 Panorama City Los Angeles County California, USA Family links: Spouse: Martin Sable (1888 - 1965) Children: Jerome Lee Sable...

Anna Sable (Mogelewski) (deceased)

Annandale Extra [Sable&White] (1921 - d.)

Anne Sable (Ginsberg) (b. - 1992)

Anne Magdeleine Huchet (Sablé) (1771 - d.)

Annie Sable (deceased)

Arlene Apter (Sable) (b. - c.1960)

Arnold Paul Sable (Arnold Sazinsky) (1930 - 2012)

Arranbrook Cleopatra at Lynway [Sable Tri-factor] (1980 - d.)

Auguste François Marin SABLE (1848 - d.)

Augustina Sable (1832 - 1892)

Avaie of Arcot of Chancellorville [Sable&White] (1971 - d.)

Avise de Sable (deceased)

Avoie de Nevers (Sable) (deceased)

Backwoods Fellow [Sable&White] (1930 - d.)

Photo taken from the book “Rough Collie of Distinction” Gb Ch Backwoods Fellow Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 1930 Awards / Premios:

Balgreggie Baronet [Sable] (deceased)

Gb Ch Balgreggie Baronet

Balgreggie Baronet [Sable&White] (1901 - d.)

Gb Ch Balgreggie Baronet

Barnetta (Bobbie) Sable (1920 - 1995)

Barney Dofskey/Sable (b. - 1978)

Ben Sable (deceased)

Ben Sable (deceased)

Benjamin Sable (deceased)

Bernard de Sablé (1090 - d.)

Bertha (Becky) Habush (Sable) (1885 - 1971)

Bertha Sable (1884 - d.)

Bessie Sable (Kanterovitch) (deceased)

bessie Sable (white) (deceased)

Beulah's Golden Feather [Sable&White] (1936 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Feather Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 09/02/1936 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Flora [Sable&White] (1945 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Flora Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 25/02/1945 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Future [Sable&White] (1937 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Future Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 11/04/1937 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Futureson [Sable&White] (1943 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Futureson Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 28/02/1943 Awards / Premios:

Blanche de Sablé (1035 - 1067)

Bob Sable (deceased)

Boglewyck Lord Apollo [Sable] (deceased)

Brettonpark Benny Boy [Sable] (1981 - d.)

Brettonpark Bon-Bon [Dark Sable] (c.1974 - d.)

Brettonpark Country Tweed [Dark Sable] (1979 - d.)

Brettonpark Golden Dream at Pelido [Dark Sable] (1973 - d.)

Brettonpark HighlanderOf Dunsinane [Sable&White] (deceased)

Brettonpark Mischief Maker [Dark Sable] (1982 - d.)

Brettonpark News Flash [Dark Sable] (1987 - d.)

Brettonpark Orange Blossom [Sable] (1980 - d.)

Brettonpark Trace of Gold [Sable&White] (1976 - d.)

Brettonpark Trace of Gold [Dark Sable] (1976 - d.)

Brettonpark Vanity Fair [Dark Sable] (1969 - d.)

Brettonpark Vienna Charm [Sable] (1975 - d.)

Brettonpark Whoops-A-Daisy [Sable&White] (1977 - d.)

Brilyn Cachet at Chrisarion [Sable Tri-Factor] (deceased)

Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell [Sable&White] (1989 - d.)

Brylin Double Ace [Sable&White] (1988 - d.)

CAN CH Pebblebrook Dream At Tricounty [Sable&White] (deceased)

Photo and info taken from the Collie Club of Canada website CAN CH PEBBLEBROOK DREAM AT TRICOUNTY Breeder / Criador: Dieter & Marion Liebsch Owner / Propietario: Brian & Hazel Hampson Born / ...

Can.Ch. Tricounty's Centerfold [Sable&White] (deceased)

Carol Sable (Furioso) (1955 - d.)

Catherine Sable (c.1791 - d.)

CH Abbestone Ruby´s Love at Mybern [Sable&White] (1981 - d.)

CH Aberthorne Arrester [Sable] (1976 - d.)

CH Altricia Serene of Sandiacre [Sable&White] (1986 - 2001)

CH ALTRICIA SERENE OF SANDIACRE Breeder / Criador: Mrs. Pat Wilkinson Owner / Propietario: Mrs. Pat Wilkinson Born / Nacido: 29/07/1886 Awards / Premios:

CH Beauty Baby Gold Double Scotch [Dark Sable] (1990 - d.)

CH Brettonpark Whatzizname [Dark Sable] (1971 - d.)