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Clémence de Sablé (de Mayenne) MP (c.1145 - c.1190)

Her parentage is erroneously given by many secondary sources. She is known to have been a sister of Juhel de Mayenne, but the generation is not clear. Cawley and van de Pas both identify Clémence de Ma...

Geoffrey de Sablé MP (1000 - 1036)

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable MP (c.1750 - 1818)

Feb. 27, 2016_Additional comment by William Arthur Allen: Versions of Wikipedia in three diferent languages provide slightly different information about Point du Sable and his marriage to Kitah...

Catherine Point du Sable MP (deceased)

I Feb. 27, 2016_Addition by William Arthur Allen According to , "du Sable and a friend, Jacques Clamorgan, traveled to Louisiana and Michigan , where he married a woman Potawatomi called Kittahaw...

Marguerite de Roches (de Sablé) MP (c.1183 - 1238)

Marguerite de Sablé, Dame de Sablé (c.1179- after June 1238), was a French noblewoman and one of the wealthiest heiresses in the counties of Anjou and Maine. She was the eldest daughter of Robert de Sa...

Robert de Sablé, 11th Templar Grand Master MP (c.1150 - 1193)

Robert de Sablé was the Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193 and Lord of Cyprus from 1191 to 1192. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Military record 2.1 Angevin Civil War 2.2...

(Candy) Ingledene Summer Love [Sable&White] MP (1982 - d.)

Gb Ch Ingledene Summer Love Breeder/Owner: Valerie & John Geddes Geddess, kennel Ingledene, UK

(Taylor) MULTI BISS CAN CH Tricounty's Dreamland Express [Sable TriFactor] MP (deceased)

? Sable MP (deceased)

Aaron Sable MP (1897 - d.)

Aaronwell Adorable Dora of Ferncott [Sable&White] MP (1990 - d.)

Abbot Of Arranbeck [Sable] MP (1948 - d.)

Abraham Sable MP (deceased)

Adelaide de Sable MP (c.1044 - d.)

Adelais de Sable MP (deceased)

Adeline Sable MP (1903 - d.)

Adrian Sable MP (1953 - 2008)

Adélaïde de Sablé MP (c.1045 - d.)

Adélaïde de Sablé MP (c.1045 - d.)

Adélaïde de Sablé MP (c.1045 - d.)

Agnes Sable (Michelas) MP (deceased)

Agness seleb (Sable) MP (deceased)

Agusta Kopaska (Sable) MP (1859 - 1923)

Agusta (Sable) Douglass (Sable) MP (b. - 1882)

Alan Sable MP (deceased)

Alexander Sable MP (deceased)

Alice Viola Sable (Weltsch) MP (1906 - d.)

Alvin Sable MP (deceased)

AM CH Twin Creeks True Grit [Sable TriFactor] MP (1971 - d.)

Amalie Designer Dream [Sable] MP (1996 - d.)

Amalie Hello Dolly [Dark Sable] MP (deceased)

Amalie Mild And Bitter [Dark Sable] MP (1989 - d.)

Amalie Such Fantasy at Delbar [Dark Sable] MP (1990 - d.)

Amelia Ruble (Sable) MP (1870 - 1950)

Born in West Prussia - then Germany, now part of Poland - Amelia immigrated before her parents did. They came in 1888.

Ana-Mae Weiss (Sable) MP (1928 - 2011)

Andrew Sable MP (deceased)

Anfield Model [Sable&White] MP (deceased)

photo taken from the book "Rough Collie of Distinction" Gb Ch Anfield Model Breeder: Owner: Born: 24/06/1902 Awards:

Ann Sable (Tanner) MP (c.1690 - d.)

Ann Marie Lullove (Sable) MP (deceased)

Ann Sable (Disler) MP (1923 - 2006)

Anna Sable (Schultz) MP (deceased)

Anna Sable (Lenasky) MP (1898 - 1988)

Birth: Oct. 1, 1898 City of Kiev, Ukraine Death: Sep. 6, 1988 Panorama City Los Angeles County California, USA Family links: Spouse: Martin Sable (1888 - 1965) Children: Jerome Lee Sable...

Anna Sable (Mogelewski) MP (deceased)

Annandale Extra [Sable&White] MP (1921 - d.)

Anne Sable (Ginsberg) MP (b. - 1992)

Anne Magdeleine Huchet (Sablé) MP (1771 - d.)

Annie Sable MP (deceased)

Arlene Apter (Sable) MP (b. - c.1960)

Arnold Paul Sable (Arnold Sazinsky) MP (1930 - 2012)

Arranbrook Cleopatra at Lynway [Sable Tri-factor] MP (1980 - d.)

Auguste François Marin SABLE MP (1848 - d.)

Augustina Sable MP (1832 - 1892)

Avaie of Arcot of Chancellorville [Sable&White] MP (1971 - d.)

Avise de Sable MP (deceased)

Avoie de Nevers (Sable) MP (deceased)

Backwoods Fellow [Sable&White] MP (1930 - d.)

Photo taken from the book “Rough Collie of Distinction” Gb Ch Backwoods Fellow Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 1930 Awards / Premios:

Balgreggie Baronet [Sable] MP (deceased)

Gb Ch Balgreggie Baronet

Balgreggie Baronet [Sable&White] MP (1901 - d.)

Gb Ch Balgreggie Baronet

Barnetta (Bobbie) Sable MP (1920 - 1995)

Barney Dofskey/Sable MP (b. - 1978)

Ben Sable MP (deceased)

Ben Sable MP (deceased)

Benjamin Sable MP (deceased)

Bernard de Sablé MP (1090 - d.)

Bertha (Becky) Habush (Sable) MP (1885 - 1971)

Bertha Sable MP (1884 - d.)

Bessie Sable (Kanterovitch) MP (deceased)

bessie Sable (white) MP (deceased)

Beulah's Golden Feather [Sable&White] MP (1936 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Feather Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 09/02/1936 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Flora [Sable&White] MP (1945 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Flora Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 25/02/1945 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Future [Sable&White] MP (1937 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Future Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 11/04/1937 Awards / Premios:

Beulah's Golden Futureson [Sable&White] MP (1943 - d.)

Gb Ch Beulah's Golden Futureson Breeder / Criador: Owner / Propietario: Born / Nacido: 28/02/1943 Awards / Premios:

Blanche de Sablé MP (1035 - 1067)

Bob Sable MP (deceased)

Boglewyck Lord Apollo [Sable] MP (deceased)

Brettonpark Benny Boy [Sable] MP (1981 - d.)

Brettonpark Bon-Bon [Dark Sable] MP (c.1974 - d.)

Brettonpark Country Tweed [Dark Sable] MP (1979 - d.)

Brettonpark Golden Dream at Pelido [Dark Sable] MP (1973 - d.)

Brettonpark HighlanderOf Dunsinane [Sable&White] MP (deceased)

Brettonpark Mischief Maker [Dark Sable] MP (1982 - d.)

Brettonpark News Flash [Dark Sable] MP (1987 - d.)

Brettonpark Orange Blossom [Sable] MP (1980 - d.)

Brettonpark Trace of Gold [Sable&White] MP (1976 - d.)

Brettonpark Trace of Gold [Dark Sable] MP (1976 - d.)

Brettonpark Vanity Fair [Dark Sable] MP (1969 - d.)

Brettonpark Vienna Charm [Sable] MP (1975 - d.)

Brettonpark Whoops-A-Daisy [Sable&White] MP (1977 - d.)

Brilyn Cachet at Chrisarion [Sable Tri-Factor] MP (deceased)

Brilyn Solid Gold at Aaronwell [Sable&White] MP (1989 - d.)

Brylin Double Ace [Sable&White] MP (1988 - d.)

CAN CH Pebblebrook Dream At Tricounty [Sable&White] MP (deceased)

Photo and info taken from the Collie Club of Canada website CAN CH PEBBLEBROOK DREAM AT TRICOUNTY Breeder / Criador: Dieter & Marion Liebsch Owner / Propietario: Brian & Hazel Hampson Born / ...

Can.Ch. Tricounty's Centerfold [Sable&White] MP (deceased)

Carol Sable (Furioso) MP (1955 - d.)

Catherine Sable MP (c.1791 - d.)

CH Abbestone Ruby´s Love at Mybern [Sable&White] MP (1981 - d.)

CH Aberthorne Arrester [Sable] MP (1976 - d.)

CH Altricia Serene of Sandiacre [Sable&White] MP (1986 - 2001)

CH ALTRICIA SERENE OF SANDIACRE Breeder / Criador: Mrs. Pat Wilkinson Owner / Propietario: Mrs. Pat Wilkinson Born / Nacido: 29/07/1886 Awards / Premios:

CH Beauty Baby Gold Double Scotch [Dark Sable] MP (1990 - d.)

CH Brettonpark Whatzizname [Dark Sable] MP (1971 - d.)