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Audofledis of the Salian Franks MP (c.470 - 526)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Merovingians (covering her birth family): 1. CHILDERICH (-Tournai [481/82], bur Tournai). Gregory of Tours records that Merovech was the father ...

Judith of Swabia MP (c.1047 - 1092)

Judith Salian (1) F, #114581, b. 1047, d. circa 1100 Last Edited=11 Dec 2005 Judith Salian was born in 1047. (1) She was the daughter of Heinrich III, Holy Roman Emperor and Agnes de Poitou. (1) ...

Ragnachar, King of the Salian Franks at Cambrai MP (465 - 509)

Summary: Parents: Unknown (Frankish relatives of Clovis, whose parents were Childeric I, King of the Franks, and Basina, former wife of Basinus of the Thuringi who left the Thuringian king to be with...

Ricchar of the Salian Franks (de Arras) MP (c.470 - 509)

Rignomer of the Salian Franks (Mérovingien) MP (463 - 510)

Achutha Salian (deceased)

Aittappa Salian (deceased)

Anayya Pakeera Salian (deceased)

Angarey Salian (deceased)

Annappa Salian (b. - 2005)

Asha (deceased)

Ashok Salian (deceased)

Ashok Salian (deceased)

Babbu Salian (deceased)

Babu Salian (deceased)

Babu Salian (deceased)

Bagya Salian (deceased)

Basappa Salian (deceased)

Basappa Salian (B) (deceased)

Bhoja Salian (deceased)

Chandappa P Salian (deceased)

Chandu Salian (deceased)

Chenamma Salian (Molya) (deceased)

Chinnaiah Salian (deceased)

Chlodwig I King of the Salian Franks (deceased)

Cunigunde Azo (Salian) (1020 - 1044)

Cunigunde of Este (Salian) (1020 - 1044)

Daddu Salian (deceased)

Dayananda Salian (deceased)

Deju Salian (deceased)

Devaki Salian (deceased)

Domba Salian (deceased)

Dr. Manampady Padmanabha Salian (1927 - 2007)

Duma Salian (deceased)



Girija Salian (deceased)

Gopal Salian (deceased)

Gulli Salian (deceased)

Harish Salian (deceased)

Ishvar Salian (deceased)

Iswari (Asha) Salian (Dadlani) (deceased)

Jabba Salian (deceased)

Jaya Salian (b. - 2013)

Kalyani Salian (deceased)

Karanjara Salian (deceased)

Kesari Salian (deceased)

Keshava Salian (deceased)

King Childeric Merovigan de Salian Tourani De Franks, I (436 - 481)

King Merovech de Salian Tourani Cologne de Franks, I (411 - 458)

Koraga Salian (deceased)

Koraga Salian (deceased)


Korapolu Salian (deceased)

Krishna Salian (deceased)

Krishnappa Salian (deceased)

Kudpa Salian (deceased)

Kudpa Salian (deceased)

Kurapallu Salian (deceased)

Kusu Salian (deceased)

Lalaji Salian (b. - 1986)

Lalitha Salian (b. - 1989)

Laxmi Salian (deceased)

Laxmi Salian (deceased)

Leela Salian Salian (deceased)

LINGA SALIAN (deceased)

Lingappa Salian (deceased)

Lokayya Salian (deceased)

Monappa Salian (deceased)

Monappa Salian (deceased)

Monnapa Salian (deceased)

Muthaiya Salian (deceased)

muttakka salian (deceased)

Mutti Salian (deceased)

Nagappa Salian (deceased)

Narasappa Salian (deceased)

Narasappa Salian (deceased)

Narayan Salian (deceased)

Narayan Salian (deceased)

Narayan Salian (deceased)

Narayanappa Salian (deceased)

Narsakka Sadu Salian (deceased)

Narsi Salian (deceased)

Padma Kashinath Kanchan (Salian) (deceased)

Padmanabh Salian (deceased)

Padmavathi Salian (b. - c.2015)

Pushpa Salian (Aman) (deceased)

Puttayya Salian (deceased)

Ragu Salian (deceased)


Ramaiah Salian (deceased)

Ramani Salian (deceased)

Ramappa Salian (deceased)

Ramchandra Salian (deceased)

Ramesh Chandappa Salian (deceased)

Rangappa Salian (deceased)

Sanjeeva Salian (deceased)

Saraswathi Salian (deceased)

Seenappa Salian (deceased)

Sheena Salian (deceased)