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Miami Salvador MP (b. - 1972)

Carmen "Miami" Salvador was a famous dancer during the Golden Age of "Bodabil" in the Philippines. Resources Alejandro, Reynaldo G. "Sayaw: Philippine dances". Manila: National Bookstore, Inc. an...

Francis Salvador MP (1747 - 1776)

Francis Salvador From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Francis Salvador (1747 – August 1, 1776) was a young English planter in the colony of South Carolina from the Sephardic Jewish community ...

Joseph Salvador MP (deceased)

Juan Fernández Lindo Zelaya Presidente de El Salvador y de Honduras MP (1790 - 1857)

Lou Salvador, Sr. MP (1905 - 1973)

Luis "Lou" Salvador was a Filipino basketball player, stage actor and talent manager. As a player for the Philippine national basketball team during the 1923 Far Eastern Games, he scored 116 points in ...

Lou Salvador Jr. MP (1941 - 2008)

Lou Salvador Jr. was a Filipino film actor, dubbed as "The James Dean of the Philippines". Resources Lou Salvador. Bitly Bindles. . Date accessed: 05 May 2013. Luis C Salvador. "California, Div...

Phillip Salvador MP

Phillip "Ipe" Reyes Salvador is a multi-award-winning Filipino actor. More here: .

SALVADOR (1752 - d.)

"Chit" Salvador (deceased)

* Salvador (deceased)

... Salvador (deceased)

? Adler (Salvador) (deceased)

? Salvador (deceased)

? Salvador ? (deceased)

? Salvador (deceased)

? Salvador Rios (deceased)

? SALVADOR (deceased)

??? Salvador (deceased)

??? Salvador (deceased)

___ Salvador (deceased)

Abigail de Paiba (Salvador) (b. - c.1733)

Abigail Salvador (1740 - 1812)

Abraham Levi Haim Cohen-Salvador (deceased)

Abraham Salvador (deceased)

Abraham Lévy-Salvador (1759 - 1829)

Abraham Salvador (1782 - 1866)

Adan Salvador Maradiaga (Adan Salvador Maradiaga Cerro) (deceased)

Adelaida Javier Salvador (deceased)

Adelia Salvador (deceased)

Adelino Antonio Lopes Salvador (deceased)

Adolfo Reitze Precht (Salvador Adolfo Reitze Precht) (deceased)

Adolfo Salvador Monasterio (c.1883 - d.)

Adriana Salvador (c.1864 - d.)

Sources: Francisco Faustino and Adriana Salvador's Marriage Register (Church): Francisco Faustino and Adriana Salvador's Marriage Register (Civil):

Adriano Jose Maria Salvador (1912 - d.)

Adriano Salvador (deceased)

Aecio de SOUZA SALVADOR (deceased)

Afonso do Salvador, frei da Província da Piedade (1711 - 1740)

Agnes Frances Cassidy (Salvador) (1871 - 1923)

Her daughter, Ruby Myrtle Mary Josephine Cassidy married her cousin William Ernest Alfonso Salvador - 1919

Agriana Salvador (deceased)

Agueda Salvador (deceased)

Agustin Mateos Salvador (deceased)

Agustina Salvador (1910 - d.)

Agustina Escobedo y Fernandez de San Salvador (1825 - d.)

Agustín Salvador Monasterio (c.1897 - d.)

Agustín Salvador (deceased)

Agustín de Santa Pomposa Fernandez de San Salvador y Montiel (deceased)

Aires Salvador (deceased)

Albano da Silva Salvador (1940 - 1972)

Albert Salvador (deceased)

Albert Salvador (deceased)

Albert Cahen (dit Cahen-Salvador) (1868 - 1938)

Alberta Salvador Creix (deceased)

Alberta Salvador (deceased)

Alberto Salvador (deceased)

alberto salvador (deceased)

Alberto Salvador (deceased)

Alberto Salvador Larrea (deceased)

Albina de Rossi Salvador (deceased)

Albino Urbeta Salvador (1871 - 1946)

Albino salvador (1926 - 1926)


Alceu Salvador (deceased)

Alegría Fernández-Salvador (deceased)

Alejandra Tuma Salvador (deceased)

Alejandra Nebre (Salvador) (deceased)

Alejandra Salvador (deceased)

Alejandro Rafanan Salvador (deceased)

Alejandro Pascual Salvador (1903 - d.)

Alejandro Salgado Salvador (deceased)

Alejandro Salvador y Martínez (deceased)

Alejandro Salvador (deceased)

Alex Salvador (deceased)

Alexandre José Salvador (1899 - c.1908)

Alexandre Salvador (Salvador Caetano) (deceased)

Alexandre José Salvador (1899 - 1908)

alfredo Salvador (deceased)

Alfredo Salvador Larrea (deceased)

alfredo salvador (deceased)

Alfredo Salvador (deceased)

Alice Salvador (deceased)

Alonso Miguel Salvador (deceased)

Amador Salvador (1913 - 1985)

Amando Salvador del Rio (deceased)

Amando Salvador (deceased)

Amantina Salvador (deceased)

Amelia querubin salvador (Querubin) (deceased)

Amelia SALVADOR CUCINO (deceased)

Americo Salvador Urbani (deceased)

Amilcar Dabel Salvador (c.1969 - d.)

Amparo Salvador (Javier) (deceased)

Amélie Junker (Salvador) (deceased)

Ana Brazão Salvador (Brazão) (1883 - 1959)

Ana Salvador (deceased)

Ana SALVADOR (deceased)

Ana Rosa Salvador (deceased)

Ana Salvador (deceased)

Ana Luisa de Salvador y Lagos (deceased)

Ana María Salvador (deceased)

Anastacia Canlas Salvador (deceased)

André Salvador de Quatrefages (deceased)