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Seider MP (deceased)

? Seider MP (deceased)

?? Seider MP (deceased)

[Vahesauna] Jüri Seider MP (c.1797 - 1845)

Harmi PR 1834-1848 Harmi PR 1848-1869 lesk ja lapsed 1811 HL Ojasoo, Uueveski, Kubja N7 Prosa Jüri poeg ---> Harmi, Jago-Tõnno N19

Adam Seider MP (deceased)

Adam Seider MP (deceased)

Adolph Seider MP (deceased)

Alexander Seider MP (1878 - 1948)

Alexander was born around 1878 in Kurshan in the District of Kovna, Lithuania. He learnt the trade of watchmaking from his father. Once his father became ill, Alexander left with his brother Shlomo Yos...

Alexander Seider MP (1877 - 1948)

Alice Bindeman (Seider) MP (deceased)

Ann Schwartz (Seider) MP (1947 - d.)

Ann (Chana Rosa) Grossman (Seider) MP (1901 - 1941)

Anna Isison (Seider) MP (deceased)

Anna Seider MP (deceased)

Anna Byers (Seider) MP (1782 - 1861)

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Anna Margaret Seider-Menzel MP (1838 - 1872)

Anna Seider (Rodenberg) MP (1852 - d.)

Saaga EAA.1232.1.234:94

Anna Siider (Seider) MP (deceased)

Anna Barbara Seider (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Anna Magdalena Seider (Oye) MP (deceased)

Anna Seider MP (1875 - d.)

Anna Cohen (Seider (Zeider)) MP (1876 - d.)

Anne Seider (Kornacker) MP (deceased)

Anton Seider MP (deceased)

Archie Seider MP (deceased)

Augusta Seider MP (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchak Seider (Zeider) MP (deceased)

Barbara Seider MP (1769 - d.)

Barnett Seider MP (b. - 1962)

Barney Seider MP (deceased)

Beatrice Seider MP (deceased)

Ben Zion Seider/Zeider MP (1878 - 1937)

Benjamin Seider MP (1878 - 1937)

Betty Seider MP (deceased)

Betty Seider MP (deceased)

Birdie Fuchs (Seider) MP (deceased)

Bryna Seider MP (1874 - d.)

She was born in 1874 in Kurshan, Lithuania. She passed away in Southport, England.

Bubbie Granach (Seider) MP (1871 - 1956)

Bubble/Shaina Seider/Zeider MP (1871 - c.1956)

Camille Paul Henry Seider MP (1919 - 2001)

Sargent in the US Army’s Company C 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion and was wounded in Italy during World War II

Carlos Seider MP (deceased)

Catalina Seider MP (deceased)

Chana Seider (Zeider) (Seigel) MP (deceased)

Chana Seider/Zeider (Seigel) MP (1850 - d.)

Chana OR Rivka Leah Heselson (Seider) MP (1867 - d.)

charles seider MP (1871 - d.)

Clare (Chana) Posner (Seider) MP (1903 - d.)

Clare Seider MP (1910 - 2005)

Daniel Seider MP (deceased)

Darrell Wayne Seider MP (1933 - 2005)

Dora Seider MP (deceased)

Dorothea Seider MP (deceased)

Dorothea Fredericka Beil (Seider) MP (1753 - 1823)

Edward Seider MP (deceased)

Elemen Kline (Seider) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Seider MP (1760 - d.)


Elizabeth Seider MP (1788 - 1871)

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Ellen Janny Marie Seider MP (1899 - d.)

Elvira Leona Seider MP (deceased)

Emery Ellis Seider MP (1920 - d.)

Emery Seider MP (deceased)

Ernestine (Esther) Seider (Yaller) MP (1879 - 1916)

Esther Moroshanu (Seider) MP (1892 - d.)

Esther Seider/Zeider (Yaller) MP (c.1879 - 1916)

Esther Seider (Zeider) MP (1893 - 1988)

Esther Rothchild (Seider) MP (1916 - d.)

Ethel seider MP (deceased)

Ethel Luchansky (Seider) MP (deceased)

Ethel Rosenberg (Seider) MP (deceased)

Ethel Kurtchman (Seider) MP (deceased)

Ethel Rosenberg (Seider (Zeider)) MP (b. - 1944)

Eva (Chava) Seider (Zeider) MP (1890 - 1962)

Evelyn Seider MP (deceased)

Fae Ann Seider (Estridge) MP (1919 - 1991)

Fanny Seider (Moskowitz) MP (deceased)

Feige (Fanny) Seider (Zeider) MP (1887 - c.1960)

Ferdinan Seider MP (deceased)

Frank Seider MP (deceased)

Frank Seider MP (deceased)

Gary R. Seider MP (1953 - 2015)

October 8, 2015 - Springville Journal Staff Gary R. Seider, 62, of Springville, passed away October 2, at Buffalo General Hospital. Gary was born on July 9, 1953 to the late Camille “Cam” and Olive...

Georg Sider (Seider) MP (1730 - 1802)

George Seider MP (1756 - d.)

Gertie Fanny Nurick (Seider) MP (deceased)

Gertrude Blackman (Seider) MP (c.1898 - 1954)

I believe Gertrude grandmother, my grandmother, was born in 1900 - not 1898 and died in 1955

Gertrude BLACKMAN (Seider), MOTHER MP (deceased)

Gerty Seider MP (deceased)

Gitta Seider MP (1866 - d.)

Gitta was born in Kovna in 1868. She was the eldest of Raphael and Bassa’s children. She lived in Ireland when she got married to a Mr. Tomkin. She had six children. She passed away on the 10th May 193...

Gittel Seider (Seigel) MP (deceased)

Gl.oria Seider MP (deceased)

Haja Tauba Birman (Seider) MP (1885 - d.)

Hannah Seider MP (deceased)

Hannah Seider (Diamond) MP (deceased)

Henri Frederik Seider MP (1924 - 1993)

Henrietta Seider (Drucker) MP (1883 - 1952)

Henrietta Seider (Drucker) MP (deceased)

Henrietta Seider (Josias) MP (1900 - d.)

Henry Seider MP (deceased)

Henry Seider MP (deceased)

Henry Seider MP (deceased)