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A D SHAMSI (deceased)

Abdul hameed Shamsi (deceased)

Abdul Kareem Shamsi (deceased)

Abdul Munam Bashir Shamsi (b. - c.1997)

Abdulla al shamsi (deceased)

AbdullaBhai Shamsi (b. - c.1967)

Abdullah bin Talib Ali Shamsi (deceased)

Ahmad shamsi (deceased)

Ahmeddin Shamsi (deceased)

Ahmeddin Shamsi (b. - c.2005)

Akbarali Shamsi (deceased)

AkberAli Shamsi (deceased)

Akhtarunnisa binte Talib Ali Shamsi (1890 - 1912)

Akhtarunnisa Zauja-e-Niyaz Ali Shamsi (c.1856 - c.1883)

Need information of her parents & siblings. Source: Mahir (April 2014)

Alaauddin Khan Shamsi (b. - 1989)

Ali al shamsi (deceased)

Ali Al Shamsi (deceased)

Ali Shamsi (deceased)

Ali Al Shamsi (deceased)

Alia al shamsi (deceased)

aliasgar shamsi nesari (deceased)

Allow Uddin Shamsi (deceased)

Anjum Almas (b. - 2003)

Amana al shamsi (deceased)

Amena binte Mansoor Ali Shamsi (1898 - 1919)

Amena binte Talib Ali Shamsi (deceased)

Amin El Shamsi (1833 - 1913)

Amin Pasha Shamsi (b. - 1913)

Arif Shamsi (deceased)

Arif Shamsi (deceased)

Arif Shamsi (deceased)

Ashor Shamsi (deceased)

Mulla Ashraf Ali bin Najmuddin Shamsi (1893 - 1973)

Mulla of Surat

ASMA SHAMSI (deceased)

AsmaBai Shamsi (deceased)

Asmaeil Shamsi zadeh (deceased)

Ateka Mehboob Humza (Shamsi) (1945 - 1993)

Atiq Shamsi (deceased)

Aziz Shamsi (deceased)

Azizunnisa binte Niyaz Ali Shamsi (c.1878 - d.)

Azizunnisa binte Najmuddin Shamsi (1902 - 1911)

Badar Jahan Shamsi (deceased)

Badrunnisa binte Abdul Halim (1873 - 1913)

BanuBai Shamsi (deceased)

BanuBai Master (Shamsi) (1920 - 2016)

Bashir Baquer Shamsi (1944 - 2001)

Bashir Ahmed Dr. Mohammed Sajjad Shamsi (c.1919 - d.)

Bashiruddin Shamsi (1944 - 1945)

BiBi Shamsi (deceased)

Binam Shamsi (deceased)

Chunna mian Shamsi (deceased)

dadi Shamsi (deceased)

Davood Shamsi (deceased)

dia al deen shamsi basha (deceased)

Diana al shamsi (deceased)

Dr. Mohiuddin Shamsi (deceased)

EmranAli Shamsi (deceased)

Emranali Shamsi (deceased)

eshrat vafa (deceased)

Fa? Dr. Mohammed Sajjad Shamsi (deceased)

Fadel Al Shamsi (deceased)

Fakhruddin Mohammad Shamsi (Kako) (deceased)

Fakhruddin Shamsi (deceased)

Fakhruddin Md. Shamsi (Kako) (deceased)

FakhruddinBhai Shamsi (c.1911 - 2008)

Fasih Shamsi (deceased)

Fatema Shamsi (Varawala) (deceased)

Fatema Shamsi (Japanwala) (deceased)

Fatemabai Shamsi (deceased)

FatemaBai Shamsi (deceased)

FATIMA SHAMSI (deceased)

fehemunnisa Shamsi (deceased)

Feroz Ahmed Shamsi (deceased)

Ghayasunnisa binte Mansoor Ali Shamsi (1886 - 1914)

GolBahar Shamsi (deceased)

Habib Khan Shamsi (deceased)

Hadif Al Shamsi (deceased)

Hafeeza binte Talib Ali Shamsi (deceased)

Hafiz Haakeem--ud-Deen Shamsi (deceased)

Haider Ali bin Niyaz Ali Shamsi (c.1876 - d.)

haji mohd yahya shamsi (deceased)

haji mohd zakaria shamsi (deceased)

Haji Muhammad Ismail Shamsi (deceased)

Hajra Shamsi (deceased)

Halima Sultan Muljibhoy (Shamsi) (1922 - 2014)

Hamad al shamsi (deceased)

Hameeda binte Mulla Gowher Ali Hakim (c.1902 - d.)

Hamid Nasir Ali Japanwala (c.1921 - 2013)

Hamida Nasir (Shamsi) (deceased)

Hamida Shamsi (deceased)

HamzaBhai Shamsi (1922 - d.)

HASHIM SHAMSI (deceased)

hashmi begam shamsi (deceased)


Hayatima Shamsi (deceased)

Hazza Al Shamsi (deceased)

Hidayah Al Shamsi (deceased)

Humaid Al Shamsi (deceased)

Humaid Al Shamsi (deceased)

HusainaBehn Kazi (Shamsi) (deceased)