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Dorcas Edna Shelby (n) MP (c.1890 - d.)

Dorcas Colon Shelby MP (deceased)

Dorothy Anna Shelby (Huff) MP (1918 - d.)

Dorothy Faye Shelby MP (1911 - 1985)

Dorothy Ann Borgfeldt (Shelby) MP (1919 - 2001)

DOROTHY SHELBY BORGFELDT Dorothy Shelby Borgfeldt, 81, died March 30, 2001, at Air Force Village West, a retirement community in Southern California. Ms. Borgfeldt, born in Bayonne, N.J., to John...

Dorothy Shelby DeMaris MP (1916 - d.)

Dorothy Ann Ward (Shelby) MP (1942 - 1994)

Dorothy Glowacki (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Dorothy Marie Adams MP (1914 - 1996)

Dorthy Jane Dorrance Jr. (Shelby) MP (deceased)

E Shelby (Hickman) MP (1817 - 1837)

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E.B. Shelby MP (1917 - d.)

Earl Shelby MP (deceased)

Earl Shelby MP (1910 - 1974)

Earl Ligear Shelby MP (deceased)

Buddy Shelby MP (1917 - 1998)

Ed Shelby MP (deceased)

Ed Shelby MP (deceased)

Eddie Shelby (Martin) MP (deceased)

Edith Viola Maddox MP (1908 - d.)

Edith Alexander (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Edith Selby (Shelby) MP (1891 - d.)

Edmund Pendleton Shelby MP (1833 - 1917)

Edmund Shelby MP (c.1841 - d.)

Edmund Harrold Shelby MP (1872 - 1906)

Edna Love (Shelby) MP (1908 - 1954)

Edward Shoblaske (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Edward Shelby MP (1877 - d.)

Edward M. Shelby MP (1890 - d.)

Eileen Shelby (Eggenton) MP (1921 - 2012)

Elder Shelby MP (deceased)

Eleaner Selina Shelby MP (1817 - 1900)

Eleanor Shelby MP (deceased)

Eleanor Pope (Shelby) MP (c.1780 - c.1852)

Eleanor was born in NC and married her husband while in NC. After her husband, Charles, Jr. died in 1829, Eleanor moved to Georgia and died there in 1852.

Eleanor Shelby MP (deceased)

Eleanor Shelby MP (1755 - d.)

Eleanor Shelby MP (1792 - 1814)

Eleanor Shelby MP (1730 - 1803)

Eleanor Carothers (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Eleanor Polk (Shelby) MP (1730 - d.)

Elenor Hales (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Eli Shelby MP (1787 - bef.1839)

Eli was 15 years old when his mother died in 1802, as recorded here: (Report of the Appraisers, translated-CKS) "Following the above mentioned instructions, we went from the town of New Madrid to the...

Eli Shelby MP (1793 - 1854)

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Eli C. Shelby MP (1864 - c.1917)

Eli C. Shelby MP (1793 - 1854)

Eli C. Shelby was morn in Mecklenburg County, NC. and was 17 years old when he, his parents and most of his siblings moved from NC to TN. After marrying Rebecca, he and his (then small) family settled ...

Eliza Jane Shelby MP (1847 - 1908)

Eliza Shelby MP (1824 - d.)

Eliza Shelby (Bell) MP (1845 - 1897)

The Late Mrs. SELBY. Mrs. Eliza SELBY of West Essa died at her residence on Tuesday, aged 56 years. She leaves a family of one son and five daughters to mourn her loss. A remarkable incident occu...

Eliza Jane Bunting (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Eliza Shelby (Franklin) MP (1871 - 1955)

Eliza Shelby (Myers) MP (deceased)

Eliza Jane Milburn (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Eliza Jane Shelby MP (1850 - 1899)

Elizabeth Taylor (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby (Campbell) MP (1827 - 1897)

Elizabeth Shelby MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby (Balla) MP (1740 - c.1783)

David Shelby emigrated from Wales to Pennsylvania and married Elizabeth Balla in Bougert's, Ohio. She was his first wife. In 1772, David migrated to Green County, Pennsylvania, where Elizabeth died s...

Elizabeth Owens Shelby MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Howell (Shelby) MP (1696 - 1750)

Elizabeth Shelby (Jones) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby MP (c.1857 - d.)

Elizabeth Shelby MP (1857 - d.)

Elizabeth Shelby MP (1790 - d.)

Elizabeth "Betsy" Trull Shelby MP (1795 - d.)

Elizabeth Pindell Shelby MP (1814 - 1815)

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Elizabeth Fontaine Kinkead (Shelby) MP (1824 - 1898)

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Elizabeth Burns (Shelby) MP (1778 - d.)

"Shelby had by his first marriage with Elizabeth Bala two living children, who are James Shelby, aged twenty-nine and dwelling in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and Elizabet...

Elizabeth Shelby (Trull) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby (Hostetter) MP (1840 - 1927)

Elizabeth Shelby (Pile) MP (c.1750 - 1821)

Elizabeth WEBER (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby (Neel) MP (1763 - 1819)


Elizabeth Shelby (Bryan) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Elliot Kirtley (Shelby) MP (1814 - d.)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shelby (Ramsey) MP (1857 - 1879)

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Elizabeth Shelby (Neafus) MP (1866 - d.)

Elizabeth "Betsey" Shelby MP (1794 - 1872)

Elizabeth "Betsey" Shelby MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Caroline Shelby (WINCHESTER) MP (1802 - 1827)

Elizabeth Shelby (Blocker) MP (1802 - d.)

Elizabeth Malone Shelby (Cobb) MP (1842 - 1917)

Elizabeth Shelby (Brigham) MP (1774 - 1838)

Elizabeth Young (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Shelby (Barnett) MP (deceased)

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Elizabeth Shelby MP (1767 - d.)

Elizabeth Ann Shelby (Byrd) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Katherine Shelby (Bartlett) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Dunnagan (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Dunnagan (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Leeper (Shelby) MP (deceased)

Betsy Shelby (Trull) MP (deceased)

She married William Shelby in 1814.Note: b* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jun 13 2017, 16:34:31 UTC

Betsy Annie Kissiah (Shelby) MP (1833 - 1886)

She married Thomas Allison Keziah / Kissiah on May 22, 1856 in Union Co., N.C. I believe that the A is for Annie as she is listed as Annie Kissiah on the death certificate for her son, Eliss Leander ...

Elizabeth Shelby (Love) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth "Betsy" Shelby MP (1794 - 1872)

Elizabeth "Bettie" Nancy Shelby MP (1841 - c.1929)

as found on General Joseph O. Shelby (1830-1897); husband to Elizabeth Nancy Shelby, great-granddaughter of Governor Isaac Shelby; Jo. O. Shelby of Lex. KY noted on back

Ella Shelby (Mitchell) MP (deceased)

Ella Shelby MP (1853 - 1870)

Ella Shelby (Miller) MP (deceased)

Ella Mae Porter (Shelby) MP (1926 - 2003)

Ellen Shelby (Oswalt) MP (deceased)