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HACHAM Abdallah Somekh MP (1813 - 1889)

Hakham Abdallah (Ovadia) Somekh (1813–September 13, 1889) was a rosh yeshiva and posek of Iraqi Jewry. He was born in Baghdad to Abraham Somekh, himself a descendant of Nissim Gaon; he was the e...

Prof. Sasson Somekh MP

ששון סומך באתר פרס ישראל Sasson Somekh (Hebrew: ש&#x...

'abdallah Somekh (deceased)

Aaron (Haron) Somekh (Somech) (SOMEKH) (1853 - d.)

Aaron Henry Somekh (1891 - d.)

Abdullah Somekh (deceased)

Abraham Somekh (HA-SOMEKH) (c.1720 - d.)


Abraham Somekh (deceased)

Abraham Somekh (deceased)

Abraham Somekh (1847 - d.)

Abraham Somekh (deceased)

ABRAHAM-HAIM SOMEKH (c.1850 - 1930)

Aharon Somekh (deceased)

Aharon Somekh (HA-SOMEKH) (c.1789 - d.)


Albert Somekh (1932 - d.)

Albert Somekh (deceased)

Alec Somech/Somekh (deceased)

Avraham Yoseph Yehezkel Somech (b. - 1855)

Aziza Somekh (deceased)

Aziza Shuker (Somekh) (deceased)

Aziza Gareh/Garat (Somech/Somekh) (1861 - 1934)

Aziza Somekh (Zubeida) (deceased)

Barouch Somekh (deceased)

Bertha Lanyadoo (Somekh) (1924 - 2006)

Chahla Battat (Somekh) (1860 - 1975)

Chahla Shouker (Somekh) (deceased)

Charles Somech/Somekh (deceased)

Cora Somekh (nee Somekh) (1891 - 1982)

Daisy Gabbay (Somekh) (1917 - d.)

daughter Sehayek (Somekh)

David Somekh (deceased)

David Somech/Somekh (1857 - 1937)

David Somekh (deceased)

DAVID Somech/Somekh (SOMEKH) (1814 - d.)

David Somekh (1814 - d.)

David Somekh (deceased)

David Sassoon Somekh (1906 - 1999)

Davoud Somekh (deceased)

Edmond Somekh (1927 - 1987)

Edmund Somekh (1930 - 1940)

Eliahou Somekh (1819 - 1900)

Elihayu Somekh (deceased)

Elijahu Somekh (HA-SOMEKH) (c.1740 - d.)

Emile Somekh (1915 - 1984)

Dr. Emile Somekh emigrated to Israel from Baghdad, Iraq, in 1950. He soon noted an epidemic of bronchial asthma among the children of Iraqi Jews who had recently settled in Israel. While living in Iraq...

Ester Hadassa Somekh (Agassi) (1892 - 1988)

Ethel Lizzie Somech/Somekh (Bendon) (b. - 1940)

EZRA SOMEKH (1815 - 1885)

Ezra Somekh (deceased)

Ezra Somekh (1892 - 1956)

EZRA HA-SOMEKH (1783 - d.)

Ezra Somekh (deceased)

Farha Somekh (deceased)

Farha Somekh (Aghassi) (1888 - 1992)

Farha Bekhor (Somekh) (deceased)

Farha Somekh (Shukur) (deceased)

FARHA SOMEKH (1821 - d.)

Farha Somekh (deceased)

Farid "Fred" Somekh (deceased)

Farida Somekh (nee Somekh) (b. - c.1975)

Farida Silvera Somekh (Sassoon) (deceased)

Farkha Daud-Haim (Somekh) (1880 - d.)

Flora Somekh (deceased)

Flora Somekh (deceased)

FLORINE SOMEKH (1923 - 2002)

Fortunee Somech/Somekh (Shohet) (1891 - 1970)

Freida Somekh (deceased)

Gerald Somech/Somekh (deceased)

Gorgiyi Somekh (Moses) (deceased)

Gorgy Somekh (deceased)

Habiba Somech/Somekh (deceased)

Habiba Somekh (deceased)

Habiba Ezra (Somekh) (deceased)

Habiba Somekh (Nee somekh) (deceased)

Haim Massouda Somekh (Heskel) (deceased)

hanina somekh (deceased)

Hannah Somekh (deceased)

Hannah Somekh (Benjamin) (deceased)

Hannah Somekh (deceased)

Haron Somekh (1789 - d.)

Helene Somekh (Dangoor) (1924 - 1979)

Heskel Somekh (deceased)

HESKEL SOMEKH (deceased)

Heskel Ezra Somech/Somekh (b. - 1929)

Iraq Somech/Somekh (deceased)


Isaac Somekh (deceased)

Isaac Joseph Somekh (deceased)

Isidore Somekh (deceased)

Jacob Somekh (c.1800 - d.)

Jacob Somekh (1864 - 1933)

Jacob Somekh (1864 - 1939)

Jamila Somekh (deceased)

Jean Somekh (deceased)

JOSEPH Somech (SOMEKH) (deceased)

Joseph Somekh (deceased)

Joseph Ezra Somekh (deceased)

Joseph Heskel Somekh (deceased)

Yoseph Somech (c.1780 - d.)


Joyce Somekh (Hougie) (1924 - 1983)

Julie Somekh (Skinder) (deceased)