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Aurea Mendoza Tanchangco MP (c.1890 - 1958)

Aurea Tantangco-Hernando was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She was sent to Colegio de la Concordia, living with relatives in Binondo while finishing her education. She was known to be excellent i...

Eugenia Mendoza Tanchangco MP (c.1871 - 1969)

Eugenia "Genia" Tanchangco-Reyes was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She studied at Colegio de la Concordia in Manila. It is recorded that she met Rizal at a baptismal party in Malolos in 1888, pri...

Tomas Tantoco Tanchangco MP (c.1849 - c.1889)

Tomas Tantoco Tanchangco, a staunch reformist, was the gobernadorcillo of the town of Malolos in 1879. More here: .

Antonio Tanchangco (c.1817 - d.)

Aurea Tanchangco (deceased)

Crispina Mendoza Tanchangco (deceased)

Felipe Mendoza Tanchangco (deceased)

Felipe Mendoza Tanchanco served as Municipal Treasurer for Hagonoy, an adjoining municipality of Malolos. According to family lore, a clerical error omitting the g from his surname resulted in the a "d...

Francisco Mendoza Tanchangco (deceased)

Pedro Mendoza Tanchangco (deceased)