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Tawes (deceased)

Abdel Hamid Tawes (deceased)

Agnes Tawes (Magill) (1933 - 1989)

Albert Daniel Tawes (deceased)

Ammar Tawes (deceased)

Annie Tawes (Cumming) (deceased)

Annie Tawes (Charnock) (deceased)

Dora Tawes (deceased)

Doris Ruth Gigliotti (Tawes) (1916 - 2007)

Edgar S. Tawes (deceased)

Edna Earle Tawes (deceased)

Elaid Tawes (deceased)

Elizabeth Tawes (deceased)

Ella Ruth Tawes (Harris) (1920 - d.)

Ellestine Eliza Tawes (deceased)

Ethel Tawes Smith (Coffman) (deceased)

Fathi Tawes (deceased)

Isaac Tawes (deceased)

James Beauregard Tawes (1865 - 1939)

J. Millard Tawes, Governor (1894 - 1979)

John Millard Tawes (April 8, 1894 – June 25, 1979), a member of the United States Democratic Party, was the 54th Governor of Maryland in the United States from 1959 to 1967. He remains the onl...

John Maurice Tawes (deceased)

John Pierson Tawes (deceased)

khadija Tawes (deceased)

Laura Maude Tawes (Evans) (deceased)

Leah Tawes (deceased)

Louise Manke-Tawes (deceased)

Lucy Tawes (deceased)

Mary Tawes (deceased)

Mary A. Tawes (deceased)

Messaouda Tawes (deceased)

Mildred Helpingstine (Tawes) (b. - 1989)

Mildred Kindred (Tawes) (deceased)

Mohamed Tawes (deceased)

Nancy Lawson (Tawes) (1836 - 1897)

Napoleon Wesley Tawes (1841 - 1912)

Noah Tawes (deceased)

Oliver Columbus Tawes (deceased)

Robert Lee Tawes (deceased)

Ruth Elizabeth Reese (Tawes) (1937 - d.)

Travis Tawes (1891 - 1941)

Unknown Tawes (deceased)

WIlliam Tawes (deceased)