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Alice Cotton (Thornburgh) MP (c.1482 - d.)

Alice Thornburgh1,2 F, #144386, b. circa 1493 Father John Thornburgh, Esq.3,2 b. c 1465 Alice Thornburgh was born circa 1493 at England.1 She married Sir Robert Cotton, son of Sir Thomas Cotton a...

Ann (Thornburg) Preston MP (1492 - 1524)

Anne Thornburgh1,2,3 F, #33793, b. circa 1487 Father William Thornburgh, Esq.2,3 Mother Elizabeth Broughton Anne Thornburgh was born circa 1487 at of Hampsfield, Lancashire, England.4,5 She mar...

Ann Yeates (Thornburgh) MP (1727 - 1788)

Ann Thornbury (or Thornberry) was the daughter of John Thornburgh (also known as John Thornbury) and wife Elizabeth Tayloe. She was born c. 1727 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died c.1788 in Wilkes...

Charles Thornburg of Methrop MP (1635 - 1669)

Charles Thornburgh , son of William Thornburgh and Catherine Langtree, was born 19 Jul 1635 in Methop, England, and died in 1669 in England. He married Elizabeth Leyburne, daughter of Thomas Leyburne a...

Edward Thornburgh MP (1742 - 1790)

.Birth1741 Frederick, Virginia, United States Death1790 13 Oct — Age: 49 Randolph, Indiana, United States

Edward Thornburgh MP (1691 - 1734)

Edward Thornburgh was born in 1691 in Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland and died December 28, 1734 in Warkwick, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married Jean Brookbank and had ten children. Jean Bro...

Elizabeth Thornburgh (Mendenhall) MP (1750 - 1800)

Her married name was Thornburgh. Elizabeth Mendenhall was born on 2 March 1750/51 at Guilford County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Stephen Mendenhall and Sarah ? Elizabeth Mendenhall married...

Hannah Griffith (Thornburgh) MP (1772 - 1857)

Hannah Thornburgh was the daughter of Benjamin Eli Thornburgh and second wife Mary Brooks. She was born in 1772 in Berkeley County, Virginia and died in 1857 in Mahaska County, Iowa. She married John G...

Jane Thornburgh MP (1754 - 1763)

Jean Thornburgh (Brookbank) MP (c.1688 - c.1734)

Jean Brookbank was born c. 1688 in Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland and died December 28, 1734 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. She married Edward Thornburgh, son of Robert Thornburgh and Sarah Jackson....

John Thornbury (Thornburgh) MP (c.1680 - 1735)

John Thornburgh , also known as John Thornbury or Thornberry, was born between 1670 and 1690 in Baltimore County, Maryland. His date and place of death are unknown. He married Elizabeth Tayloe. One kno...

Joseph Thornburg (Thornburgh) MP (1728 - 1800)

Birth: Jan. 7, 1728 Frederick County Virginia, USA Death: Jun. 25, 1800 Joseph Thornburg was born into Hopewell Monthly Meeting, Frederick County, Virginia to Edward and Sarah Mary Hannah Haman Tho...

Judith Miller (Thornburgh) MP (c.1689 - d.)

Judith Thornburgh was the daughter of Robert Thornburgh and wife Sarah Jackson. She was born c.1689 in Cootehill, County Caven, Ireland. She married Alexander Miller. She and Alexander are believed to ...

Margaret Thornburgh (Beeson) MP (1708 - 1775)

Margaret Beeson was born c. 1708 and died on March 19, 1775 at New Garden, Guilford County, North Carolina. She married Walter Thornburgh of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Walter Tho...

Margaret Hoggatt (Thornbugh) MP (1767 - 1843)

Margaret Thornburg was born on 10 January 1767 in Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Joseph Thornburg and Ann Armfield. She married Stephen Hoggatt, son of William Hoggatt and Hannah Beals, at New...

Margaret Thornburgh (Middleton) MP (1500 - 1570)

Margaret Middleton1 F, #61929, b. circa 1488, d. 21 January 1570 Father Sir Geoffrey Middleton1 b. c 1462 Mother Margaret Kirkham2 b. c 1464 Margaret Middleton was born circa 1488 at of Middlet...

Mary Turner (Thornburgh) MP (1742 - 1820)

Mary Thornburgh (Landsdowne) MP (1791 - 1876)

Mary Landsdown was born October 11, 1791 and died April 20, 1876 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. She married A. I. Thornburgh, son of Benjamin Thornburgh and wife Sarah Hayes. They had eleven children....

Olivia Ann Thornburgh (Dyer) MP (1815 - 1875)

Rachel Mendenhall (Thornburgh) MP (1777 - 1841)

Richard Thornburgh MP (c.1658 - 1715)

Richard Thornburgh was born c. 1658 in Methrop, Lancashire England and died after 1715. One source has him dying in England. This is not proven. Other sources have him emigrating to Maryland. This is a...

Dick Thornburgh, Governor, U.S. Attorney General MP

Richard Lewis "Dick" Thornburgh (born July 16, 1932) is an American lawyer and Republican politician who served as the 41st Governor of Pennsylvania from 1979 to 1987, and then as the U.S. Attorney G...

Richard Thornburgh MP (c.1643 - d.)

May have died as a child. One researcher has date of death as 1644, but with no proof.

Robert Thornburgh MP (c.1661 - aft.1717)

Robert Thornburgh was the son of Charles Thornburgh and Elizabeth Leyburne. He was born in c.1661 in Lancashire, England and died in Cootehill, County Caven, Ireland. He married Sarah Jackson on 1686 i...

Sir Roland Thornburgh MP (1438 - 1521)


Rowland Thornburgh of Hampsfield MP (c.1582 - c.1611)

William THORNBURGHE died 5 October last (1608) and Roland THORNEBURGH is his son and heir, aged 26 years at his father's death . Court of Wards Inq., p.m., vol. 43, n. 105. 1612 Inquest taken at Kend...

Rowland Thornburgh MP (1487 - 1535)

William Thornburgh died in 1521 holding messuages and lands called Hampsfield in the vill of Broughton of James Gregg, Prior of Cartmel, by the yearly rent of 13s. 4d. He was succeeded by a son and hei...

Sarah Thornburgh (Jackson) MP (c.1666 - 1715)

Sarah Jackson was the daughter of Anthony Jackson. She was born c. 1666 in Cootehill, Co. Cavan, Ireland. She married Robert Thornburgh in 1686. He was the son of Charles Thornburgh and Elizabeth Leybo...

Sarah Alice Woodward (Thornburgh) MP (1737 - 1818)

Sarah Alice Thornburgh was born c1737 in Pennsylvania and died in 1818 in Miflin County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Thomas Amos Thornburgh and wife Sarah Mary Haman. She married James Woodwa...

Thomas Thornburgh MP (1715 - 1791)

ID: I08143 Name: Thomas Thornburgh Sex: M Birth: 10 JUL 1715 in Cootehill, Lurgan Province, Ireland Birth: ABT 1717 Death: 9 MAR 1797 in New Garden MM, Guilford County, North Carolina Burial: 11 MAR 17...

Thomas Amos Thornburgh, Sr. MP (1690 - 1758)

Thomas Amos Thornburgh was born c. 1690 in Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland, and died in 1758 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Mary Haman or Hamman in Cootehill. There were seven children. Sarah Mar...

Thomas Thornburgh MP (c.1761 - 1832)

Thomas Thornburg was the son of Benjamin Eli Thornburg and second wife Mary Brooks. He was born c.1761 in Berkeley County, Virginia and died in 1832 in Liberty Corners, Delaware County, Indiana. He mar...

Walter Thornburgh MP (1724 - 1783)

Has basic info on Walter, along with lengthy discourse about Quaker history prior to the Revolutionary War. Children of Walter Thornburgh and Margaret Beeson Henry Thornburgh d. 24 Apr 1804 W...

Walter Thornburgh MP (c.1688 - d.)

Walter Thornburgh was the son of Robert Thornburgh and wife Sarah Jackson. He was born c.1680 in Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland. He emigrated to America c.1717. He is believed to have died in Guilfor...

William Thornburgh, Esq. (1599-1651) MP (1599 - 1651)

*Thornburgs in England Selside Hall Pedigree of Thornburgs in England Name Birth Spouse 1. Ivo de Taillebois 1036 (Gondreda, Lucy) 2. Eldred de Culwen 1055 (Adigitha) 3. Ketel de Culwen ...

William Thornburgh, Esq. MP (aft.1290 - d.)

William Thornburgh, Esq.1 M, #34904 Father John Thornburgh, Esq. Mother Elizabeth Pierpoint William Thornburgh, Esq. was born at of Hampsfield, Lancashire, England. He married Catherine Hilton ...

William Thornburgh, of Hamsfeld MP (1452 - 1521)

William Thornburgh, Esq.1,2,3 M, #33796 Father William Thornburgh, Esq. Mother Eleanor Musgrave b. c 1434 William Thornburgh, Esq. was born at of Hampsfield, Lancashire, England. He married Eli...

William Thornburgh of Hampsfield MP (c.1512 - 1552)

William's grandfather, William Thornburgh died in 1521. He was succeeded by a son and heir Rowland, twenty-four years old. Rowland was dead in 1544, This would put Rowland's birth about 1497. This woul...

William or Henry Thornburgh MP (1430 - 1454)

William Thornburgh, Esq.1 M, #34147 Father Henry Thornburgh, Esq. Mother Elizabeth Boothe William Thornburgh, Esq. married Eleanor Musgrave, daughter of Sir Richard Musgrave and Elizabeth Beeth...

William Thornburgh MP (deceased)

William Thornburgh1 M, #62581 Father William Thornburgh, Esq. Mother Catherine Hilton Citations 1.[S8264] Unknown author, Visitations of Westmoreland, 1615, p. 26., p. 26. From: _________...

Uriah Thornburgh MP (1790 - 1868)

irth: 1825 Death: unknown Family links: Spouse: Mary Thornburgh (1835 - 1880)* Children: Elizabeth L Thornburgh Miller (1861 - 1941)* Calculated relationship Burial: Paint Townshi...

? Thornburgh MP (deceased)

? Thornburgh MP (deceased)

? Thornburgh (Seitz) MP (deceased)

A Z Thornburgh MP (1889 - d.)

Aily Thornburgh MP (1793 - 1883)

A.I. was Tanner, Postmaster, Merchant, born in New Market, Tennessee. His parents were Benjamin and Sarah Hays Thornburgh. A.I. is one of the early settlers of New Market before the Railroad was ...

Abraham Thornburgh MP (1754 - d.)

Abraham Thornburgh MP (1807 - 1879)

Addie C Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Adeline Thornburgh (Meek) MP (1831 - 1893)

Adigal Thornburgh (Brown) MP (b. - 1780)

Albanah Thornburgh (Dodd) MP (1757 - d.)

Albany Della Rien Thornburgh (Samuel) MP (1838 - 1918)

Albert Thornburgh MP (1860 - 1860)

Alice Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Heraldic Visitation of the Northern Counties in 1530 By Thomas Tonge Pg.98 THIS YS THE PETIGRE OF ROWLAND THORNBOROUGH, ESQUIER. WILLYAM THORNBOROUGH(2) of Selsheyd, maried Alianore, daugh...

Alice Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Alice Thornburgh MP (1855 - 1900)

Allen Thornburgh MP (c.1845 - 1883)

Alma Virginia Young (Thornburgh) MP (1908 - 1974)

Amy F Thornburgh Dennis MP (1870 - 1904)

Alonzo Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Amanda E Thornburgh MP (1856 - 1941)

Amelia Gooch (Thornburgh) MP (1824 - 1918)

Amos Thornburgh MP (1827 - 1915)

Amos Thornburgh MP (c.1770 - d.)

Amy R. Thornburgh MP (1861 - d.)

Amy Munsey (Thornburgh) MP (1837 - d.)

Andrew Everett Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Andrew Lafayette Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Ann Thornburgh (McFadden) MP (deceased)

Ann Thornburgh MP (c.1751 - d.)

Ann Thornburgh (Gowdy) MP (deceased)

Ann Monical (Thornburgh) MP (deceased)

Ann Preston (Thornburgh) MP (1490 - 1524)

Anna Elizabeth Thornburgh (Luthy) MP (1874 - 1969)

Anna Shaffer (Thornburgh) MP (1823 - 1847)

Anna C (Lehr) Thornburgh MP (1872 - 1921)

Birth: Jan. 19, 1872 Mount Carroll Carroll County Illinois, USA Death: Oct. 25, 1921 Okmulgee Okmulgee County Oklahoma, USA Family links: Parents: George Lehr (1841 - 1919) Anna Marie Miller ...

Anne Thornburgh (Thornburg) MP (c.1618 - d.)

William THORNBURGHE died 5 October last (1608) and Roland THORNEBURGH is his son and heir, aged 26 years at his father's death. Court of Wards Inq., p.m., vol. 43, n. 105. 1612 Inquest taken at Kenda...

Anne Thornburgh (Mauleverer) MP (c.1260 - d.)

Anne Preston (Thornburgh) MP (deceased)

Anne de Ros (Thornburgh) MP (1460 - 1497)

Anne Thornburgh1 F, #90235, b. circa 1460 Anne Thornburgh was born circa 1460 at England.1 She married Thomas Roos circa 1479.1 Family Thomas Roos b. c 1430 Child Anne Roos+1 b. c 1480 ...

Annie Cooney (Thornburgh) MP (1882 - d.)

Arabella D. (Thornburgh) Dunn MP (1836 - 1917)

CLICK ON MEDIA TAB FOR ADDITIONAL IMAGES, INCLUDING HISTORICAL MARKER RELATING TO THE BLIZZARD OF 1888. She married Eliphalet on August 26, 1855. The morning after their wedding, Eliphalet and Arabel...

Arie Edna Nanney (Thornburgh) MP (1886 - 1970)

Arthur Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Asa Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Asaeil Thornburgh MP (1792 - 1892)

Asahel T. Thornburgh MP (1792 - 1892)

The findagrave memorial for Asahel and wife Rebecca claims that they were born in the "State of Franklin." While both were born in Green County (Asahel in 1792 and Rebecca in 1796), Franklin had alread...

Asahel or Asail F Thornburgh MP (1840 - 1862)

Audrey Marie Thornburgh MP (1957 - 1957)

Benjamin Ashby Thornburgh MP (1844 - 1912)

Benjamin Eli Thornburgh MP (c.1730 - bef.1795)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A114724 ID: P8312 Birth: 1735 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States _APID: 1,7836::1217293 1 _APID: 1,4725::4833745 2 ...

Benjamin Thornburgh MP (1820 - 1888)

Benjamin Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Benjamin N. Thornburgh MP (1766 - c.1835)

Benjamin Thornburgh MP (deceased)

Benjamin Thornburgh MP (1817 - 1880)

Bertha Agnes Thornburgh (Monroe) MP (1890 - 1961)

Beulah May Thornburgh MP (b. - 2010)

Byron Thornburgh MP (deceased)