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Abelardo Tinio MP (deceased)


Abilardo Tinio MP (deceased)

Agaton Tinio MP (deceased)

Agon Tinio (Dizon) MP (deceased)

AGONIA TINIO MP (deceased)

Ala Tinio (Domingo) MP (deceased)


Alejandro Tinio MP (deceased)

Amparo (Amparing) Alinea Tinio (Mora) MP (deceased)

Andres Tinio MP (deceased)

Armin Tinio MP (deceased)

Belen Tinio MP (deceased)

Bernarda Tinio MP (deceased)

Bernarda Tinio MP (deceased)

Carlo Tinio MP (deceased)

Carlos Tinio MP (deceased)

Casimiro Bundoc Tinio MP (deceased)

Casimiro Tinio was known as "Capitan Beron". He owned the great "Hacienda Berteze". General Manuel Tinio and Colonel Casimiro "Kapitan Berong" Tinio of Nueva Ecija, led the Tinio Brigade that campaig...

Casimiro (Kapitan Berong) Tinio MP (deceased)

Catalina C. Tinio MP (deceased)

Catalino Tinio MP (deceased)

Cecilio Tinio MP (deceased)

Consuelo Tinio MP (deceased)

Cristino Tinio MP (deceased)

Cruza Tinio MP (deceased)

Delfin Tinio MP (deceased)

Dolores Huerta Tinio MP (deceased)

Dominador Tinio MP (deceased)

Dony Tinio MP (deceased)

Effrocina Tinio MP (deceased)

Eligio Tinio MP (deceased)

Encarnita Tayengko (Tinio) MP (deceased)

Enrique Tinio MP (deceased)

Eustaquio TINIO MP (deceased)

Fe Tinio MP (deceased)

Fe Tinio MP (deceased)

Felisa Tinio MP (deceased)

Florencia Tinio MP (deceased)

Gloria Manaloto (Tinio) MP (1927 - 1997)

Gloria del Rosario Tinio MP (1924 - 1994)

Herminia Tan (Tinio) MP (1913 - 1983)

Honorata Goingco TINIO MP (deceased)

Isabelo Santos Tinio MP (1914 - 2000)

Juan Tinio MP (1916 - 1991)

Juan Tinio MP (deceased)

Juan Tinio MP (deceased)

Juan TINIO MP (deceased)

LAURA de los Angeles TINIO (DE LOS ANGELES) MP (deceased)

Levi Tinio MP (deceased)

Lily Tinio (Vallesca) MP (deceased)

Loreta Tinio MP (deceased)

Manuel Pangindian Tinio (Maneng) MP (deceased)

Maj. Manuel "Manolo" Quijano Tinio MP (1902 - 1977)

Maj. Manuel "Manolo" Tinio took over the management of Tinio Hacienda in 1924 after the death of his father, Governor Manuel Tinio. The Tinio Hacienda was later divided among the 12 children of Governo...

Manuel Bundoc Tinio MP (1877 - 1924)

Manuel Bundoc Tinio was the youngest General of the Philippine Revolutionary Army and in 1907, elected Governor of the Province of Nueva Ecija. Aside from being an haciendero with significant land hold...

Marcelina Eugenio Tinio MP (deceased)

Marciano Tinio, Jr. MP (deceased)

Marciano Tinio MP (deceased)

Mr. Marciano Turla Tinio MP (1934 - 2012)

Margarita Bulaon (Tinio) MP (deceased)

Maria Tinio MP (deceased)

Maria Gutierrez (Tinio) MP (deceased)

Maria Salome Tinio (Valdes) MP (deceased)

Maria de Jesus Tinio MP (1884 - 1967)

Mariano Tinio MP (deceased)

Mariano Quijano Tinio MP (1900 - d.)

Mariano Quijano Tinio was a judge of the Circuit Justice of the Peace Court of the Municipalities of Santo Domingo and Quezon, Nueva Ecija. He also served as the Grand Master of Masons in the Philippin...

Mariano Tinio MP (b. - 1889)

Mariano Tinio and his siblings took the surname "Tinio" (their mother's maiden name) in 1849, after the release of the Claveria decree. Manuel was the cabeza de baranggay of Licab, Nueva Ecija, Philipp...

Rafael Tinio MP (1909 - 1928)

Rafael Tinio's maiden surname was Tiño as reflected on his birth certificate. He was a student when he died in his home in Sampaloc, Manila due to pulmonary tuberculosis. Sources: Mariano Rafael ...

Martin Tinio MP (1919 - 2009)

Sources: ETinio. " Martin Huerta Tinio (1919Nov11 - 2009April07) ". Retrieved 2014-11-18. Martin H. Tinio's Birth Certificate:

Maximiana Bundoc Tinio MP (deceased)

Maximo Tinio MP (deceased)

Mercedes Tinio MP (deceased)

Micaela Quiambao (Tinio) MP (deceased)

Milagros Lilles Guanzon Tinio MP (deceased)

Moises Tinio MP (deceased)

Natividad Tinio (Francisco) MP (deceased)

Nicanor Tinio MP (deceased)

Nicholas Tinio Felisarta MP (deceased)

Nicolas Tinio MP (deceased)

Paciencia Tinio MP (deceased)


Pedro Tinio MP (deceased)

Petronila Tinio MP (1916 - 2005)

Pio Tinio MP (1912 - d.)

Source: Pio Laureano Tinio's Birth Certificate:

Ramon Tinio MP (1923 - d.)

Ramon Tinio MP (deceased)

Ramon Ruben Tinio MP (deceased)

Raoul Antonio Guanzon Tinio MP (deceased)

Raymunda Tinio (Tungol) MP (deceased)

Remigio Tinio MP (deceased)

Remigio Tinio, Jr. MP (deceased)

Rogelio Tinio MP (deceased)

Rolando Santos Tinio MP (1937 - 1997)

Rolando Santos Tinio was a Filipino poet, dramatist, director, actor, critic, essayist and educator, posthumously awarded a National Artist for Theatre and Literature.

Roy Tinio MP (deceased)

Ruben Tinio MP (deceased)

Senen Tinio MP (deceased)

Silveria Huerta Tinio MP (deceased)

Bertila Tinio MP (1910 - d.)

Source: Silveria Bertila Tinio's Birth Certificate:

soledad Tinio MP (deceased)

Teodoro Huerta Tinio MP (b. - 1927)

Teodoro P. Pineda Tinio MP (1884 - 1954)