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Rebekka van Bengal, SM/PROG MP (deceased)

Slave girl brought from Bengal to South Africa. Divon Lan 20/2/2013: Rebekka is my direct maternal ancestor (8th ggm through an all-female line), and my maternal haplogroup is R30a, which is exclusiv...

Anna van Bengal, PROG (deceased)

Carel Jansz van Bengal, SV/PROG (b. - 1744)

(Divon Lan) it is not clear when Carel Jansz was freed from slavery, but he was already a free citizen in 1712, as he appears on the "Muster roll of the free settlers at the Cape" from 31/12/1712: (D...

Domingo van Bengal, SV/PROG (c.1640 - d.)

The first slaves at the Cape and the challenges faced Of the first twelve slaves in the Cape up to 1657, four were children under the age of 12, and of the adults, six were from India. These we...

Edward van Bengal (1840 - d.)

Elizabeth van Bengal (1840 - d.)

Flora van Bengal (1774 - 1834)

Floris van Bengal (1769 - 1834)

Hettie van Bengal (c.1773 - 1834)

Johannes van Bengal (deceased)

Maria van Bengal, SM/PROG (c.1660 - d.)

eGGSA:page 1 Cape Town Baptisms 1696 17 Junij 1696 gedoopt het kint van Ariaentie vande Cust onder getuygen van Maria van Bengale genaemt - Sophia eGGSA:page 82:Burgher Slave Bapt...

Rosetta van Bengal (c.1800 - 1840)