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Anne Nicoll (van Rensselaer) MP (1665 - 1715)

Catharine Schuyler (Van Rensselaer) MP (1734 - 1803)

Catherine Van Rensselaer was born 1734. She was the eldest daughter of John Van Rensselaer and his wife Engeltie Livingston. Her father was lord of the lower or Claverack Van Rensselaer Manor. "Kitty...

Catherine Livingston Van Rensselaer Westerlo MP (1745 - 1810)

Birth: Aug. 25, 1745 Death: Apr. 17, 1810 daugther of a Congreesman mother of two Congressmen 1st Marriage Jan 23, 1764 2nd marriage July 19, 1775 Family links: Parents: Philip Livingston (1...

Cornelia van Rensselaer (Paterson) MP (1780 - 1844)

Cornelia was the daughter of William Paterson, signer of the U.S. Constitution, and wife of General Stephen Van Rensselaer, III. She was one of three children Paterson had by his first wife, Cornelia B...

Elizabeth van Rensselaer (Groesbeck) MP (1707 - 1756)

Elizabeth Groesbeck was born in August 1707. She was the daughter of Albany leaders Stephanus and Elizabeth Lansing Groesbeck. She grew up in a State Street businessman's home with several siblings who...

Elizabeth Van Rensselaer MP (1768 - 1841)

Elizabeth Van Rensselaer MP (1734 - 1813)

Engeltie 'Angelica' Van Rensselaer (Livingston) MP (1698 - 1747)

'known as ; Engeltie & Angelica, Engeltie Livingston was born in July 1698. She was the first child born to of Robert Livingston, Jr. and his wife Margarita Schuyler - daughter of Albany's first mayo...

Jeremias Kiliaen van Rensselaer MP (1632 - 1674)

Birth: May 18, 1632, Netherlands Death: Oct. 12, 1674 Rensselaer Rensselaer County New York, USA He suceeded his brother Jan Baptist van Rensselaer as director of the colony Sept 24 1658. and hel...

Jeremias Van Rensselaer MP (1705 - 1745)

) Jeremias van Rensselaer (March 18, 1705 – 1745) was the eldest son of Kiliaen van Rensselaer and Maria van Cortlandt. Manor of Rensselaerwyck He was the sixth patroon of Rensselaerwyck from 172...

Johannes Van Rensselaer MP (1708 - 1783)

Johannes Van Rensselaer was born in January 1708. He was the son of Hendrick and Catharina Van Brugh Van Rensselaer of Albany and the lower Manor. He married Engeltie Livingston at the Albany Dutch c...

Kiliaen K. Van Rensselaer MP (1663 - 1719)

) Kiliaen Van Rensselaer (August 24, 1663 – 1719), the eldest child of Jeremias and Maria van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer was born in Rensselaerwyck. Life He was patroon of Rensselaerwyck from 1687 ...

Kiliaen Hendrik van Rensselaer MP (c.1585 - 1643)

Kiliaen van Rensselaer - Wikipedia - English Kiliaen van Rensselaer (c. 1585 – 7 October 1643 (buried)), was a Dutch merchant who was heavily involved in the Colonial American trade market. He was ...

Margarita Van Rensselaer (Schuyler) MP (1758 - 1801)

Birth: Sep. 24, 1758 Albany Albany County New York, USA Death: Mar. 14, 1801 Albany Albany County New York, USA first wife of Stephen Van Rensselaer m. June 6, 1783 at Saratoga, New York and daug...

Maria Schuyler (van Rensselaer) MP (1673 - 1713)

Maria Van Rensselaer was born in October 1673. She was the daughter of Jeremias and Maria Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer. Her father was the lord of Rensselaerswyck but died the year after her birth....

Maria Van Rensselaer (Van Cortlandt) MP (1680 - 1730)

Maria Van Cortlandt was born in April of 1680. She was the fifth child born to Manhattan merchant and landholder Stephanus Van Cortlandt and his wife, Geertruy Schuyler of Albany. In October 1701, sh...

Nicholas Van Rensselaer MP (1636 - 1678)

Nicholas Van Rensselaer was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1636. He was the fifth son of West India Company director and Rensselaerswyck founder Killiaen Van Rensselaer. His mother was Van Rensselaer's ...

Stephen van Rensselaer, I MP (1707 - 1747)

Stephen Van Rensselaer (aka Stephanus) was born in March 1707. He was the son of Kiliaen and Maria Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer. His father was the Patroon and he grew up at the Van Rensselaer Manor ...

Maj. Gen. Stephen Van Rensselaer, III MP (1764 - 1839)

General Stephen Van Rennselaer was a Major General in the New York State Militia during the War of 1812, and he commanded troops along the northern frontier. Stephen Van Rensselaer was badly defeated...

Stephen van Rensselaer II MP (1742 - 1769)

Stephen Van Rensselaer II was baptized in the Albany Dutch church in June 1742. He was the sixth and last child of Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer and his wife, Elizabeth Groesbeck. With the death of ...

Alexander Van Rensselaer MP (1814 - 1878)

Alexander Taylor Mason Van Rensselaer MP (1892 - 1962)

Alexander Van Rensselaer MP (1850 - 1933)

Alexander Van Rensselaer was an American philanthropist, sportsman and patron of Princeton University. A member of a prominent Philadelphia family, he played both tennis and cricket at high levels. A...

Alice Cogswell Hodge (Van Rensselaer) MP (1846 - 1878)

Alida Kane (Van Rensselaer) MP (bef.1772 - 1799)

findagrave - placque of many family members buried in tomb... findagrave.... ;

Alida Rutsen / Van Rensselaer (Livingston) MP (1716 - 1798)

Alida Van Rensselaer (Bradt) MP (1742 - 1795)

Alida Van Kleeck (Van Rensselaer) MP (deceased)

Alida Maria Carroll (van Rensselaer) MP (1801 - 1832)

Andreesken van Rensselaer (van Oldenbarnevelt) MP (deceased)

Angelica Van Rensselaer (Livingston) MP (deceased)

Angelica van Rensselaer MP (1770 - 1833)

Ann Van Rensselaer MP (1795 - 1845)

Ann Eliza Hoff (Van Rensselaer) MP (1825 - 1910)

Ann Eliza Van Rensselaer Birth: 1825 Death: 1910 (85) Immediate Family: Daughter of John Sanders Van Rensselaer and Ann Van Rensselaer Wife of Colonel Alexander Hoff (USA) Mother of Colon...

Anna Van Rensselaer MP (1773 - d.)

Anna Hendrikse Douw (Van Rensselaer) MP (1696 - 1756)

Captain Petrus Douw married, at Albany, October 8, 1717, Anna Van Rensselaer, born at her father's home, known as Fort Crailo, Greenbush (Rensselaer, N. Y.); was baptized February 2, 1696, and died...

Anna van Rensselaer MP (b. - 1554)

Anna van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Anna Van Rensselaer (Jenkins) MP (deceased)

Anna Harriman Masten (Van Rensselaer) MP (1877 - d.)

Anna Maria van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Annatje Schuyler (Van Rensselaer) MP (1719 - c.1791)

Annie Ingland Van Rensselaer (Harriman) MP (1846 - 1920)

Anthony van Rensselaer MP (1742 - 1794)

Anton Rijkaard van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Ariaantie Van Rensselaer (Schuyler) MP (1720 - 1763)

'Genealogical notes of New York and New England families 127. Abraham A., son of (47) Abraham Abrahamse Lansingh and (72) Catharine, daughter of (13) Jacob Gerritse Lansing, was born July 24, 175...

Ariaantje Van Rensselaer (Schuyler) MP (deceased)

Ariaantje Van Rensselaer MP (1768 - d.)

Ariaantje (Harriet) Van Rensselaer MP (1775 - d.)

Arietta Van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Arthur Mason Van Rensselaer MP (1888 - 1939)

Arthur Mason Van Rensselaer Place of Burial: Albany Rural Cemetery, Albany, Albany, New York, United States Birth: June 29, 1888 Albany, Albany, New York, United States Death: April 18, 1939...

Barbara Van Rensselaer MP (1908 - 1944)

Barent Van Rensselaer MP (1801 - d.)

Bernard Sanders Van Rensselaer MP (1886 - 1977)

Bernard Sanders Van Rensselaer MP (1866 - 1870)

Betye van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Bye van Rensselaer MP (b. - bef.1594)

Caroline Elizabeth Van Rensselaer (Fitz Gerald) MP (1871 - d.)

Catharine Westerlo Van Rensselaer (Bleecker) MP (1809 - 1886)

Catharine Van Rensselaer (Glen) MP (deceased)

Catharine Wendell (Van Rensselaer) MP (deceased)

Catharine Van Cortlandt Van Rensselaer MP (1834 - 1912)

Catherine Van Rensselaer (Vanrensselaer) MP (1691 - c.1743)

Catherine Van Rensselaer MP (1827 - 1909)

Catherine Ledyard Van Rensselaer (Cogswell) MP (1811 - 1882)

Catherine Schermerhorn (Van Rensselaer) MP (1773 - 1846)

Catherine Schuyler (Van Rensselaer) MP (1781 - 1867)

Catherine Schuyler (Van Rensselaer) MP (deceased)

Catherine Annetje Van Rensselaer (Van Brugh) MP (bef.1665 - 1730)

Birth: Apr. 19, 1665, USA Death: Dec. 6, 1730 Greenbush Schoharie County New York, USA Born in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Daughter of Johannes Pieterse van BRUGH 1624 – 1699 and Trijntje ...

Catherine Goodhue Atterbury (Van Rensselaer) MP (deceased)

Charles Chauncey Van Rensselaer MP (1842 - 1843)

Charles Van Rensselaer Holmes MP (1839 - 1920)

kilde: Find a grave Charles Van Rensselaer Holmes also his wife Abbie Amsdell. Father of: Charles Percy Holmes, Virginia Abbie Holmes (m. John H. Stacey), Mabel A. Holmes (m. Marvine R. Stewart), B...

First Officer Charles W. Van Rensselaer (SS Central America) MP (1823 - 1857)

Charles Watkins van Rensselaer (January 29, 1823 – September 12, 1857) was the first officer and paymaster serving on board the U.S. mail ship SS Central America (later also known as the "Ship of Gol...

Charles Augustus Van Rensselaer MP (1902 - d.)

Charles Augustus Van Rensselaer MP (1867 - d.)

Christina Shenah Van Rensselaer MP (1815 - d.)

Claes van Rensselaer MP (b. - c.1608)

Cornelia Van Rensselaer (Rutsen) MP (1746 - 1790)

Cornelia Livingston Strong (Van Rensselaer) MP (1879 - 1956)

Cornelia Patterson Thayer (Van Rensselaer) MP (1823 - 1897)

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Cornelia Rutsen Granger (Van Rensselaer) MP (1798 - 1823)

Cornelia Van Rensselaer (Schuyler) MP (1817 - 1843)

Cornelia Kennedy (Van Rensselaer) MP (1836 - 1864)

Cornelia Erving (Van Rensselaer) MP (1841 - 1913)

Cornelia Georgiana Vail (Van Rensselaer) MP (1840 - d.)

Cornelia Josepha Van Rensselaer (Codwise) MP (1810 - 1890)

Cornelia Neilson Van Rensselaer MP (1868 - d.)

Cornelius Van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

Cornelius Glen Van Rensselaer MP (1801 - 1871)

Cornelius Glen Van Rensselaer MP (1869 - d.)


Capt. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer, Jr. MP (1838 - 1864)

Princeton Class of 1858. Captain in Thirteenth Infantry, U.S. Army. Died at Nashville from wound received in the battle of Mission Ridge.

Rev. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer MP (1808 - 1860)

Children: Cortlandt Van Rensselaer (1838 - 1864)* Philip L. Van Rensselaer (1839 - 1873)* Ledyard Van Rensselaer (1843 - 1892)* Alice Cogswell Van Rensselaer Hodge (1846 - 1878)* Elizabeth Van Ren...

Cortlandt Schuyler Van Rensselaer MP (1900 - 1972)

Cortlandt Schuyer Van Rensselaer MP (1859 - 1927)

Cullen Van Rensselaer MP (1843 - 1844)

David Semons Van Rensselaer MP (deceased)

David Van Rensselaer MP (1749 - 1798)

David Van Rensselaer MP (1797 - 1880)

Eliza van Rensselaer (Rogers) MP (deceased)

Eliza Elmendorf (van Rensselaer) MP (deceased)