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Consuelo M. Villamor MP (1911 - 2009)

Consuelo M. Villamor was crowned Miss Philippines at the 9th National Beauty Contest at the 1934 Manila Carnival. More here: .

"Don" Villamor (deceased)

? villamor mejuto (deceased)

? Villamor (deceased)

Adimo Villamor (deceased)

agrepino roy VILLAMOR (deceased)

Agustina De Puente Villamor (deceased)

Alejandra Villamor (deceased)

Alejandro Villamor (deceased)

Alejo Villamor (deceased)

Alfonso Cepeda Villamor (deceased)

Alicia Villamor Castiñeiras (deceased)

ambrocio villamor II (deceased)

Ambrose Garcia Villamor (deceased)

Ambrosia Moreno Villamor (deceased)

Amparo Villamor (deceased)

Ana Villamor (Pascual) (deceased)

ancia esdrilon dumdum (villamor) (1890 - d.)

andres olpindo villamor (alcantara) (deceased)


Aniceto Arias Villamor (deceased)

Anna Villamor (deceased)

ANTONIO VILLAMOR (1921 - 2012)

antonio villamor (deceased)

Aquilina Tañola (Villamor) (deceased)

Aquilino Chaves Villamor (deceased)

Aquilino Villamor (deceased)

Aquino Villamor (deceased)

Areli Villamor (deceased)

Arturo Villamor (deceased)

Arturo Villamor-Magdamit (deceased)

Artus Villamor, Sr. (1926 - 1997)

atang hizon-villamor (deceased)

Avelino Valera Villamor (4/22/1915), MD (b. - 2003)

Baldomero Villamor (deceased)

Bartolome Villamor (deceased)

Basilio Villamor (deceased)


Belen Villamor (deceased)

Benito Villamor (deceased)

Benting Amican (Villamor) (deceased)

Bernabé Loredo Villamor (1706 - d.)

Bernardo Garcia Villamor (deceased)

Bonifacia Villamor Pérez (deceased)

Camarines Norte Villamor (deceased)

Carlos Villamor (deceased)

carmen villamor mejuto (deceased)

Castora Espares y Villamor (deceased)

catalina villamor (deceased)

Cecilio Villamor (deceased)

Cecilio Villamor (deceased)

Concha Villamor Castiñeiras (deceased)

Concordia Sola Carranza (Villamor) (1900 - 1984)

Consolacion Villamor (deceased)

Corazon Villamor (deceased)

Corazon Villamor (deceased)

Coreng Villamor (deceased)

Cosme Loredo Villamor (1721 - d.)

Daet Villamor (deceased)

Dalma Rejuso (Villamor) (deceased)

Danilo villamor (deceased)

Dante Villamor (deceased)

Delariarte Villamor (deceased)

Domiciano Villamor (deceased)


Domingo Villamor (deceased)

Domingo Flores Villamor (deceased)

Don Eulalio Villamor (deceased)

Dr. Paulina Borromeo Villamor (Borromeo) (deceased)

Eduardo Magtangub Villamor, Jr. (1978 - d.)

Eduardo Seludo Villamor (1948 - d.)

efren Villamor (deceased)

Efren Villamor (deceased)

Elena Magtangub Villamor (Magtangub) (1948 - d.)

Emilio Villamor (deceased)

Enrique Millan Villamor (deceased)

Erick Robert Magtangub Villamor (-1979 - d.)

Esmael Villamor (deceased)

Estefania Villamor (deceased)

Eugene Villamor (deceased)

Eugenia Ulid (Villamor) (deceased)

Eusebia Casals (Villamor) (deceased)

Eusebia Villamor Casals (Villamor) (deceased)

eutiqio dumdum villamor (deceased)

Eva Balanay (Villamor) (deceased)

Evaristo Villamor (deceased)

Felicidad Villamor (deceased)

Felisa Macatangay Villamor (Macatangay) (deceased)

Felomina Acto (Villamor) (deceased)

Fevronia Villamor (deceased)

FLORA Villamor (deceased)

Florencio Flores Villamor (1907 - 1999)

Francisca Villamor Angeles (Francisca Villegas Villamor) (1924 - 2011)

francisca villamor (deceased)

Francisco Villamor (deceased)

Francisco Villamor (deceased)

francisco dumdum villamor (deceased)

Francisco del Valle y Villamor (deceased)

Francisco Villamor (deceased)

Francisco Loredo Villamor (1703 - d.)