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Nicknames: "Gundoald", "Gundwald"
Birthplace: Lower Bavaria
Death: Died in Asti, Piedmont, Italy
Cause of death: Shot with an arrow
Occupation: Duke of Asti
Managed by: Cecilie Nygård
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About Gundoald de Asti (Agilofing), duke of Asti

Gundoald or Gundwald (c.565–616) was a Bavarian nobleman of the Agilolfing family, a son of Duke Garibald I and Walderada, and the Duke of Asti from sometime around 589.

When Childébert of Metz broke his engagement to Gundoald's sister Theudelinda, Gundoald removed to Italy with his property. In 588 Theudelinda was engaged to the king of the Lombards, Authari. The potential marital alliance with the Lombards sparked an invasion by the Bavarians' overlords, the Franks, in 589. There Theudelinda married Authari in May. Gundoald was invested with the duchy of Asti and the hand of a granddaughter of King Wacho in marriage. With her had two children, Gundpert and Aripert.

According to a Frankish chronicle, Gundoald became too popular with the Lombard nobles, so his sister and her husband plotted to have him killed. Gundoald was killed by an arrow in 616 while sitting on a stool defecating.

FMG says:

"Fredegar records that "Gundoaldus" invaded part of the kingdom of Guntram King of the Franks in Nov [584] [Fredegar, IV 2, MGH SS rer Merov II, p. 124.].  The Liber Historiæ Francorum records that the Burgundians and Austrasians entered "paygo Suessionico cum Gundoaldo et Wintrione" and were defeated at "Brinnacum villam" and fled after the battle, dated to soon after the accession (in 592) of Childebert II as king in Burgundy [Liber Historiæ Francorum 36, MGH SS rer Merov II, pp. 304 and 306.].  The Annales Ducum Bavariæ name "Gundoaldo" as son of "Garibaldo rege Baiorionem" when recording that he and his father fled to Authari King of the Lombards in 593 [Annales Ducum Bavariæ 593, MGH SS XVII, p. 365].  Duke of Asti.  The Origo Gentis Langobardorum records that "Theudelenda frater…Gundoald" accompanied his sister to Italy and was installed as "ducem in civitatem Astense" by his brother-in-law King Authari[Origo Gentis Langobardorum 6, MGH SS rer Lang I, p. 6.].  Fredegar records the death of Gundoald "shot with an arrow while he was relieving nature" [Fredegar, IV, 34, MGH SS rer Merov II, p. 134, "ad ventrem purgandum in faldaone sedebat, sagitta saucius moritur".].  Paulus Diaconus records that "Gunduald…germanus Theudelindæ reginæ…dux in civitate Astensi" was killed by an arrow [Pauli Historia Langobardorum IV.40, MGH SS rer Lang I, p. 133.]. "

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