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  • Thurbrand the Hold (b. - c.1024)
  • Tostig Godwinson, Earl of Northumbria (c.1025 - 1066)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tostig Godwinson (1026? – September 25, 1066) was an Anglo-Saxon earl of Northumbria and brother of King Harold II of England, the last crowned Anglo-...
  • Aethelwine, Sheriff of Warwickshire (c.1030 - 1083)
    From Wikipedia: The Arden family is, according to an article by James Lees-Milne in the 18th edition of Burke's Peerage/Burke's Landed Gentry, volume 1, one of only three families in England that can...
  • Ingelric "The Saxon" (c.1006 - 1060)
    Ingelric, a nobleman of Norman origin, his family background is unknown. Ingelric is a Continental-Germanic name. Several historians think "Ingelric the Saxon" is a myth, see links below. Some have t...
  • Picot (c.1065 - 1111)
    1. COLSWEIN of Lincoln . m ---. The name of Colswein´s wife is not known. Colswein & his wife had one child: a) PICOT (-after May 1111). “Picotus filius Colwani Linc. cum uxore et quo...

The venerable Bede wrote: Those who came over to England were of the three most powerful nations of Germany - Saxons, Angles, and Jutes. From the Jutes are descended the people, of Kent, and of the Isle of Wight, including those in the province of the West-Saxons who are to this day called Jutes, seated opposite to the Isle of Wight. From the Saxons, that is, the country which is now called Old Saxony, came the East-Saxons, the South-Saxons, and the West Saxons. From the Angles, that is, the country which is called Angulus, and which is said, from that time, to have remained desert to this day, between the provinces of the Jutes and the Saxons, are descended the East-Angles, the Midland-Angles, the Mercians, all the race of the Northumbrians, that is, of those nations that dwell on the north side of the river Humber, and the other nations of the Angles.

Kingdom of Kent Cantwarena The 'Men of Kent' — 15,000 hides

Kingdom of Sussex Suþsexena The South Saxons — 7,000 hides

Kingdom of Essex East sexena The East Saxons — 7,000 hides

Kingdom of East Anglia East engle The East Angles — 30,000 hides

Kingdom of Northumbria

Kingdom of Mercia in 655 southern Mercia consisted of 5,000 families, Bede reports, while northern Mercia was populated by 7,000 families, and the two were divided by the River Trent. -30,000 hides

Kingdom of Wessex Westsexena The West Saxons — 100,000 hides

Kingdom of the Hwicce The territory of the Hwicca was assessed at 7000 hides in the Tribal Hidage, giving it a similar sized economy to the kingdoms of Essex and Sussex.

Archbishops of Canterbury

Archbishops of York


12 Law Men of Lincoln from reign of Edward the Confessor to William the Conqueror