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Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, 1st Baronet (1 November 1798–19 May 1868) was an Irish brewer and philanthropist. Brewer Born in Dublin, he was the third son of the second Arthur Guinness, and ...

1/2/2008 11/5/2015

R' Joseph Osher Horowitz (1861 - 1947)

"Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -No. H122- chart no. 2-A & chart no. 11

8/7/2007 10/21/2015

R' Jacob Halevi Horowitz (1830 - 1885)

"Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -No. H12- chart no. 2-A

8/7/2007 10/21/2015

Paul Eugene Prudhomme MP (1940 - 2015)

"Gene Autry Prudhomme", "Chef Paul Prudhomme"

Paul Prudhomme (July 13, 1940 – October 8, 2015), also known as Gene Autry Prudhomme, was an American celebrity chef whose specialties were Creole and Cajun cuisines; he was credited with popula...

4/12/2013 10/12/2015

James Carson Gardner, a Representative from North Carolina; born in Rocky Mount, Nash County, N.C., April 8, 1933; educated in the public schools of Rocky Mount, and North Carolina State University a...

8/30/2015 8/30/2015

Henry John Heinz II, best known as Jack Heinz, (1908–1987) was an American business executive and CEO of the H. J. Heinz Company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He was the grandson a...

10/24/2011 8/29/2015

John Avery McIlhenny (1867 - 1942)

OCCUPATION: He was a businessman, soldier and politician. Education: He was educated at first privately at Avery Island. He later attended Holbrook Military Academy, Ossining, New York; Phillips Acad...

8/22/2007 8/14/2015

* . * BGen USMCR; Navy Cross -Battle of Guadalcanal WWII; President of the McIlhenney Co., makers of the world-famous Tabasco Sauce. Walter Stauffer McIlhenny is listed in R. Whitney Tucker's "The Desc...

2/24/2008 8/14/2015

Isaac "Ike" W. Bernheim (1848 - 1945)


Isaac Wolfe Bernheim (November 4, 1848 – April 1, 1945) was an American businessman notable for starting the I. W. Harper brand of premium bourbon whiskey (a historically important brand current...

12/7/2009 8/6/2015

Paul C.P. McIlhenny (1944 - 2013)

The McIlhenny Company announced its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Paul Carr Polk McIlhenny, 68, passed away Feb. 23, 2013. A sixth-generation member of the family to live on Avery I...

4/19/2008 7/22/2015

Henry Osborne Havemeyer (October 18, 1847 – December 4, 1907) was an American entrepreneur who founded and became president of the American Sugar Refining Company in 1891. Background Henry...

6/11/2011 5/18/2015

Joseph Burnett MP (1820 - 1894)

Joseph Burnett, son of Charles and Keziah Pond Burnett of Southboro, married Josephine Rebecca Cutter, the daughter of Edward and Ruth Torrey Cutter of Boston. They were married March 20, 1848 at Churc...

6/7/2013 4/18/2015

Bernard Manischewitz MP (1913 - 2003)

Bernard Manischewitz, Last in Family Firm, Dies at 89 By DOUGLAS MARTIN Published: September 23, 2003 EMAIL PRINT Bernard Manischewitz, the last member of his family to preside over the worldwide k...

1/26/2012 4/10/2015

Morrie R. Yohai MP (1920 - 2010)

Morrie Robert Yohai (pronounced yo-high; March 4, 1920 – July 27, 2010) was an American food company executive best known for his creation of Cheez Doodles, a cylindrical baked cornmeal puff mos...

8/8/2010 4/8/2015

Margaret Rudkin (1897 - 1967)

Margaret Rudkin (née Fogarty) (September 14, 1897 – June 1, 1967), of Fairfield, Connecticut, was the founder of Pepperidge Farm. Born in Manhattan, she was the eldest of five childre...

3/29/2015 3/29/2015

Moses Ludmir MP (deceased)

3/19/2015 3/19/2015

A.J. Bush (1867 - 1946)

In 1904, A. J. (Andrew Jackson) Bush partnered with the Stokely family to open a tomato cannery in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee. His cannery proved so profitable that, by 1908, he was able to buy out the S...

3/16/2015 3/16/2015

Samuel Bert, Sr. MP (deceased)

Known as "King Sammie," he is credited with inventing the snow cone. He first sold snow cones at the Texas State Fair in 1919 Served in U.S. Army in France during World War I.

3/15/2015 3/16/2015

Stanley L. Evans (1941 - 2014)


Stanley L. "Stan" Evans II, 73, Bidwell, Ohio, peacefully passed away Thursday, August 7, 2014 at his residence surrounded by close family. He was born February 27, 1941 at Gallipolis, Ohio, son of Jew...

3/8/2015 3/8/2015

Bob Evans (1918 - 2007)


Bob was born 30 May, 1918, in Sugar Ridge, Wood County, Ohio. Due to family hardships, Bob attended four different first grades in his first year of grammar school and as a result, he never learned to ...

3/8/2015 3/8/2015

Herman Lay (1909 - 1982)

Herman Warden Lay (1909 – 1982) was an American businessman who was involved in potato chip manufacturing with his eponymous brand of Lay's potato chips. He started H.W. Lay Co., Inc., now par...

3/4/2015 3/4/2015

James Arthur Fitzgerald (1872 - 1944)

Entry From 'The Book of Detroiters'-FITZGERALD, James Arthur, restauranteur, born, Dayton, O., Mar. 8, 1872; son of James Edward and Josephus (Dunn) Fitzgerald; educated public schools, Dayton; married...

2/20/2015 2/20/2015

Charles Francis Tetley (1848 - 1934)

Charles Francis Tetley (1848–1934) - the eldest of Francis William's six surviving sons, was born at Foxhill, Weetwood, near Leeds, on 24 October 1848. Unlike his father and grandfather, about w...

3/13/2008 2/19/2015

President of Joshua Tetley & Sons Ltd, brewers, &c. Brigadier James Noel Tetley , DSO, TD, DL, LLD (30 December 1898 – 25 December 1971) was a member of a prominent Yorkshire brewing family ...

11/26/2011 2/19/2015

Peter Folger, Sr. MP (1905 - 1980)

Find a Grave Birth: Dec. 26, 1905 San Francisco San Francisco County California, USA Death: Aug. 27, 1980 Redwood City San Mateo County California, USA Philanthropist, financier. A native of Ca...

9/29/2011 2/14/2015

James Athearn Folger, II MP (1864 - 1921)

Husband of Clara E Luning FolgerParents: James A. Folger (1835 - 1889) Eleanor Laughran Folger (1837 - 1906)Founders of the Folger Coffee Company in San Francisco, Calif.Coffee Merchant died of cancerI...

9/29/2011 2/14/2015

James Athearn Folger, I MP (1835 - 1889)

"Jim", "J. A. Folger"

Find a Grave Birth: Jun. 17, 1835 Nantucket Nantucket County Massachusetts, USA Death: Jun. 26, 1889 Oakland Alameda County California, USA Businessman. Born in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the so...

11/13/2008 2/14/2015

Tim Horton MP (1930 - 1974)

Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton (January 12, 1930 – February 21, 1974) was a Canadian professional ice hockey player, a defenceman for 24 seasons in the National Hockey League. He played for the Toro...

6/16/2008 2/12/2015

Joy Sterling Morton (1855 - 1934)

Joy Morton (September 27, 1855 – May 10, 1934) Business magnate, philanthropist, founded the Morton Salt Company and The Morton Arboretum. Family and Personal Life Morton grew to manho...

2/8/2012 2/10/2015

Paul Smucker (deceased)

The second generational transfer of power at Smucker's began in the late 1950s, when son Paul joined Willard in drawing up a plan for future growth and diversification. Like his father, Paul had starte...

2/8/2015 2/8/2015

Willard E. Smucker (1891 - 1970)

J.M. Smucker, founder of J.M. Smucker Company, began to delegate authority to son Willard, who directed the establishment of Smucker's first facility outside Ohio in 1935. The plant was located in the ...

2/8/2015 2/8/2015

Adolph Joseph Zang (1855 - 1949)

Brewery magnate for the Zang Brewing Company, the oldest brewing company in Colorado. He was son of company founder Philip Zang. He commissioned the construction of two buildings within in Denver that ...

1/18/2015 1/18/2015

Philip Zang (1826 - 1899)

Brewing Magnate in Denver. Owner of first brewery in Denver, Rocky Mountain Brewery, which was also the largest west of the Mississippi from 1880 to the start of prohibition. Arrived in the USA in 1853...

1/18/2015 1/18/2015

1/13/2015 1/13/2015

John Beauchamp Coppedge, a country boy from Williamson, Ga., moved north to Atlanta at the end of the 19th century, married a woman named Sophie Mae and started making candy. The Sophie Mae Candy Co. o...

1/13/2015 1/13/2015

Michael von Clemm MP (1935 - 1997)

Michael von Clemm from. wikipedia Memorial at Canary Wharf Dr Michael von Clemm (1935–1997) was an American businessman, restaurateur, anthropologist and President of Templeton College, ...

8/22/2013 1/10/2015

Charles Leiper Grigg (1868 - 1940)

Charles Grigg was the inventor of 7 Up. He invented the drink in October 1929. Grigg became acquainted with the carbonated beverage business after moving to St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to inventing 7 Up...

1/3/2015 1/3/2015

James Keiller (1775 - 1839)

12/11/2014 12/11/2014

E. E. Smith (1890 - 1965)

Edward Elmer Smith PhD (also E. E. Smith, E. E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith, "Skylark" Smith, or—to his family—Ted) (May 2, 1890 – August 31, 1965) was an American food engineer (spec...

12/6/2014 12/6/2014

John Sackville Labatt MP (1880 - 1952)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via father John Labatt by SmartCopy : Nov 28 2014, 7:40:43 UTC From Wikipedia :

11/27/2014 11/27/2014

John Labatt MP (1838 - 1915)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via father John Kinder Labatt by SmartCopy : Nov 28 2014, 7:34:40 UTC

10/22/2011 11/27/2014

John Kinder Labatt MP (1803 - 1866)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees by SmartCopy : Nov 28 2014, 7:34:40 UTC Notes : John Kinder LabattSon Of The LateValentine Knightley ChetwodeLabattof Kings C2 IrelandBorn 1803Died Oct. 26, 1866E...

4/8/2009 11/27/2014

Donald Frederick Karcher MP (1927 - 1992)

From Los Angeles Times : ANAHEIM — Donald F. Karcher, who went from washing dishes in his brother Carl's barbecue joint to become president of the Carl's Jr. international fast-food chain, die...

4/18/2010 11/23/2014

Dorothy Louise Karcher MP (1927 - 2014)

Karcher, Dorothy (Dolly) was reunited with her husband Donald in Heaven on November 17, 2014 after battling multiple myeloma for ten years. She was born on April 19, 1927 in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and w...

4/18/2010 11/23/2014

Balfour Kendrick Gibson (1948 - 2000)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 15, 1948, USA Death: Feb. 23, 2000, USA Born Balfour Kendick Gibson AKA Ken Gibson. Ken was the son of Anita Baldwin Winter Gibson. She was the great-granddaughter of E...

6/1/2012 10/20/2014

Balfour Charles Gibson (1914 - 1993)

Balfour C. Gibson's B-17 was shot down on February 9, 1943, after a running, bloody battle with eight Japanese Zeros that wounded all nine members of the crew. Three members of the crew were awarded th...

1/24/2012 10/20/2014

Anita Baldwin Gibson (1921 - 2008)

"Anita Baldwin Winter Gibson"

Find a Grave Birth: May 10, 1921 Pasadena Los Angeles County California, USA Death: Jul. 17, 2008 San Francisco San Francisco County California, USA Anita Baldwin Winter Gibson passed away July...

1/24/2012 10/20/2014

Guy Hutchinson Terrell (1908 - 1991)

Find a Grave Birth: Sep. 26, 1908 Salida Chaffee County Colorado, USA Death: Dec. 3, 1991 Delta Millard County Utah, USA Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - December 5, 1991 Deceased Name: Guy H. Ter...

8/30/2008 10/16/2014

Harrison Woodhull Crosby MP (1814 - d.)

From Wikipedia (English) : Harrison Woodhull Crosby of Jamesburg, New Jersey was the first to can tomatoes commercially in 1847. He worked as the chief gardener at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, ...

8/9/2014 8/9/2014

Franklin C. Mars MP (1883 - 1934)

"Frank C. Mars"

Franklin Clarence Mars (September 24, 1883 – April 8, 1934), sometimes known as Frank C. Mars, was an American business magnate who founded the food company Mars, Incorporated, which makes mos...

9/9/2012 7/30/2014

Forrest Mars, Sr. MP (1904 - 1999)

. Forrest Edward Mars, Sr. (March 21, 1904 – July 1, 1999) was an American businessman and the driving force of the Mars candy empire. He is best known for inventing M&M's and the Mars bar, as...

9/9/2012 7/30/2014

Forrest "Fuzzy" Bernard Raffel MP (1922 - 2008)


From Newcastle News : Forrest “Fuzzy” Raffel, 86, of North Miami Beach, Fla., born May 14, 1922, passed away Sept. 19, 2008. He is survived by his loving family, his wife of 44 years,...

8/11/2013 7/30/2014

Slade Gorton (1832 - 1892)

Founder of Gorton Fish Cakes of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Source:

4/18/2012 7/22/2014

John Dwight (1819 - 1903)

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE: CHD) is a major U.S. manufacturer of household products that is based in Princeton, New Jersey. While it manufactures many items, it is by far best known for its Arm & ...

10/1/2007 7/12/2014

Dr. Austin Church (1799 - d.)

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE: CHD) is a major U.S. manufacturer of household products that is based in Princeton, New Jersey. While it manufactures many items, it is by far best known for its Arm & ...

10/1/2007 7/12/2014

Mari Hulman George, born Mary Antonia Hulman on December 26, 1934, in Terre Haute, Indiana, is the daughter of Anton "Tony" Hulman and Mary Fendrich Hulman, prominent Indiana philanthropists and busine...

6/14/2014 6/14/2014

Tony Hulman Jr (1901 - 1977)

"Tony Hulman Jr"

Find a Grave Birth: Feb. 2, 1901 Death: Oct. 27, 1977 Businessman. Yale-educated, he inherited a multimillion-dollar company, Hulman and Company, when his father died in 1942. "Clabber Girl" ba...

6/14/2014 6/14/2014

Tony Hulman Sr. MP (1864 - 1942)


Find a Grave Birth: Oct. 4, 1864 Death: Feb. 9, 1942 Father of Anton Hulman Jr. He willed Hulman & Co., a multimillion-dollar business, to his son, who was also a successful businessman and gen...

6/14/2014 6/14/2014

Jerome Monroe Smucker (1858 - 1948)

Jerome Monroe Smucker was an American farmer and businessman who founded The J.M. Smucker Company in 1897, selling apple butter from the back of a horse-drawn wagon. He was of Swiss descent. Smucker, s...

2/21/2008 6/8/2014

William Underwood (1787 - 1864)

The William Underwood Company, founded in 1822, was an American food company best known for its flagship product, Underwood Deviled Ham, a canned meat spread. The company also had a key role in time-te...

2/8/2009 6/8/2014

ARTHUR CALBRAITH DORRANCE was the younger brother of Dr. John T. Dorrance, a brilliant scientist who after taking a position with the Joseph Campbell in Camden in 1887, invented the condensed soup th...

6/4/2014 6/4/2014

John T. Dorrance Jr. was the chairman of the Campbell Soup Company from 1962 to 1984, He was the son of Dr. John T. Dorrance, the company's first president and the inventor of canned condensed soup...

12/31/2013 6/4/2014

John Thompson Dorrance (1873 - 1930)

John Thompson Dorrance (November 11, 1873 – September 21, 1930) was an American chemist who discovered a method to create condensed soup and served as president of the Campbell Soup Company fr...

5/20/2013 6/4/2014

Slane, Leinster, Ireland

Alexander Burton Conyngham, Earl of Mount Charles (b 1975), is married and has a daughter and son, Rory Nicholas Burton Conyngham, styled Viscount Slane (b 2010). References from HOTELS NEAR SLAN...

7/24/2010 6/2/2014

The Most Hon. Henry Vivien Pierpont Conyngham, 8th Marquess Conyngham (born 25 May 1951), is an Anglo-Irish nobleman who holds a title in the United Kingdom Peerage of Ireland. The Marquess Conyngham...

7/24/2009 5/30/2014

Wilton Peter Husch (1943 - 1992)


Tony and Gretchen founded the first winery in the Anderson Valley, California, in 1971. See The first Pinot Noir planted in the Anderson Valley was by Wilton (Tony) Husch in 1968. Husch had been expo...

5/7/2014 5/18/2014

Find a Grave Birth: Sep. 18, 1848 Rome Floyd County Georgia, USA Death: Nov. 13, 1919 Salt Lake City Salt Lake County Utah, USA Jeremiah was born on September 18, 1848 in Rome, Georgia. Rome is...

7/19/2012 5/14/2014

R. Eloise Brown (1933 - 2014)

Eloise was a life-long resident of Knox County. She was a member of the Milford Church of Christ, Centerburg and the owner and operator of Eloise’s Snack Bar and later the Heart of Ohio Restaura...

2/24/2014 3/5/2014

Isaac William Taussig (1850 - d.)

From Wikipedia: The son of German [sic]immigrants, Taussig was born on July 30, 1850 in New York City . He had as siblings: Samuel Taussig, and Noah H. Taussig . Taussig became a sugar refiner with Ame...

1/27/2010 1/28/2014

See "Media" for image sources Walter S. Mack, Who Made Pepsi The No. 2 Cola Maker, Dies at 94 By PETER B. FLINT Published: March 19, 1990 Walter S. Mack, the former president of Pepsi-Cola who made...

1/28/2014 1/28/2014

William Beverly Murphy (1907 - 1994)

William Beverly Murphy (June 19, 1907 – May 29, 1994) was a U.S. food businessman. He was the president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company between 1953 and 1972. From 1942 to 1945 he was on leav...

1/11/2014 1/11/2014

Ruth Wakefield (1903 - 1977)

from: Wikipedia Wakefield was educated at Framingham State Normal School Department of Household Arts in 1924. Then, she worked as a dietitian and lectured about foods. In 1930, she and her husband K...

3/29/2007 1/6/2014

The ever-popular hot-weather treat known as the Popsicle™ was invented by Frank Epperson, when he was just eleven years old. Born in 1894 and raised in San Francisco, Epperson mixed a soft drink...

10/18/2009 1/6/2014

Ezra Joseph Warner (1841 - 1910)

Consolidated Foods Corp. from: The Electronic Encyclopedia of Chicago © 2005 Chicago Historical Society, (This entry is part of the Encyclopedia's Dictionary of Leading Chicago Businesses (1820-...

10/23/2011 1/6/2014

Henry J. Heinz MP (1844 - 1919)

Henry John Heinz (October 11, 1844 – May 14, 1919) was an American businessman who founded the H. J. Heinz Company. Early life Heinz was one of eight children born to John Henry Heinz and ...

10/24/2011 1/2/2014

Ray Kroc MP (1902 - 1984)

Raymond Albert "Ray" Kroc (October 5, 1902 – January 14, 1984) was an American businessman. He joined McDonald's in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world....

10/18/2013 12/30/2013

Jimmy Ray Dean MP (1928 - 2010)

Jimmy Ray Dean (August 10, 1928 – June 13, 2010) was an American country music singer, television host, actor and businessman. Although he may be best known today as the creator of the Jimmy D...

10/8/2011 12/30/2013

Sir Henry Tate, 1st Baronet MP (1819 - 1899)

Sir Henry Tate, 1st Baronet (11 March 1819 White Coppice near Chorley Lancashire – 5 December 1899) was an English sugar merchant and philanthropist, noted for establishing the Tate Gallery, Lon...

11/3/2011 12/23/2013

Abram Lyle MP (1820 - 1891)


Abram Lyle (1820–1891) is noted for founding the sugar refiners Abram Lyle & Sons which merged with a rival to become Tate & Lyle in 1921. He was born in the seaport of Greenock in Scotland, a...

1/6/2009 12/23/2013

John Cadbury MP (1802 - 1889)

John Cadbury in 1841 England & Wales Census Gender: Male Birth: Between 1802 and 1806 Warwickshire, England Residence: 1841 Calthorpe Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England Age: 35 - 39 ...

7/16/2009 12/21/2013

Simon van den Bergh MP (1819 - 1907)

Simon van den Bergh (October 26, 1819 in Geffen - April 6, 1907 in Rotterdam) was a Dutch businessperson. He founded a margarine factory in the Netherlands that became world-famous. In 1888, the same...

1/22/2009 12/21/2013

Hon. James H. Stark MP (1792 - 1873)

James Hart Stark (July 30, 1792 – May 22, 1873) was an American businessman, horticulturalist, judge, politician, surveyor, and founder of Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Company, the mark...

10/13/2013 10/13/2013

Glen Bell MP (1923 - 2010)

Glen William Bell, Jr. (September 3, 1923 – January 16, 2010) was an American businessman who founded the fast food chain Taco Bell. Born in Lynwood, California and growing up in California,...

8/15/2013 10/6/2013

Clarence A. Crane (1875 - 1931)

Inventor of Life Saver Candies. Inventor. In 1903 in Warren, Ohio, Crane started what became the largest maple sugar producer in the world at the time. He would sell the business in 1909 and make c...

10/6/2013 10/6/2013

Edward Avery McIlhenny (1872 - 1949)


When his brother John left to enlist in the Spanish-American War in 1898, he assumed the presidency of the company that manufactures Tabasco Sauce and served in that position for 51 years. He changed t...

8/22/2007 8/7/2013

Edmund McIlhenny (1815 - 1890)

He founded, in 1868, at Avery Island, LA, the McIlhenny Company, producer of Tabasco® brand products. Family tradition holds that he bought some hot pepper seeds from a traveler from Central A...

8/22/2007 8/7/2013

Theodore Havemeyer assisted his brother, Henry Osborne Havemeyer (1847 – December 4, 1907), who was an American entrepreneur who founded and became president of the American Sugar Refining Compa...

9/19/2008 8/2/2013

Henry Osborne Havemeyer (1847 - 1907)

Henry Osborne Havemeyer (1847 – December 4, 1907) was an American entrepreneur who founded and became president of the American Sugar Refining Company in 1891.

7/25/2011 8/2/2013

Ethel Stuckey (1909 - 1991)

Ethel Mullis Stuckey took excess pecans from her husband's roadside pecan stand and made homemade pecan candies, including the famous Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll and Stuckey's Pecan Divinity. Tourists beg...

6/11/2013 6/11/2013

Williamson Sylvester Stuckey, Sr. (1909 - 1977)

"W. S. Stuckey", "W. Frank Stuckey"

Williamson Sylvester Stuckey, Sr. (March 26, 1909 – January 6, 1977) was an American businessman and the founder of the Stuckey's chain of stores prominent on US Interstate highways. Sources: ...

6/26/2009 6/11/2013

John Burroughs, Governor (1907 - 1978)

) John Burroughs (April 7, 1907 – May 21, 1978) was a New Mexican businessman and the 18th Governor of New Mexico. Burroughs, a Democratic served only one-term and is remembered for honest gov...

6/6/2013 6/6/2013

John Galardi MP (c.1938 - 2013)

John Galardi, was the founder of Wienerschnitzel, The Original Hamburger Stand and Tastee Freez. Galardi got his start in the fast food business working at Taco Tia under Taco Bell founder Glen Bell. D...

4/15/2013 4/15/2013

. John Young Brown, Jr. (born December 28, 1933) is a politician, entrepreneur, and businessman from the U.S. state of Kentucky. He served as the 55th governor of Kentucky from 1979 to 1983, although...

3/21/2013 3/21/2013

Edward Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 1st Earl of Iveagh. Edward Cecil Guinness, 1st Earl of Iveagh, KP, GCVO, FRS (November 10, 1847 - October 7, 1927) wa...

1/2/2008 3/18/2013

Walter Edward Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne DSO and Bar PC (29 March 1880 – 6 November 1944) was a British politician and businessman. He was assassinated in Cairo by the Zionist group Lehi, known i...

1/2/2008 3/18/2013

Elias Kahn (c.1835 - 1899)

Originally from Alberschweiler in Bavaria, Germany, 45 year old Elias Kahn immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1880 with his wife and nine children. Cincinnati, also known as "Porkopolis", had previousl...

11/14/2011 1/10/2013

Philip Danforth Armour (1832 - 1901)

Founder of Armour & Company. was born in Stockbridge, New York to Danforth Armour and Juliana Ann Brooks. He was one of eight children and grew up on his family's farm. Armour was mostly of Scottis...

2/11/2009 1/10/2013

Louis Franklin Swift (1861 - 1937)

Funeral services for Louis Franklin Swift, former president and chairman of the board of Swift & Co., will be held at 3:30 p.m. today in the Lake Forest Presbyterian church. The services will be cond...

1/9/2013 1/9/2013

Gustavus Franklin Swift (1839 - 1903)

Gustavus Franklin Swift (June 24, 1839 – March 29, 1903) founded a meat-packing empire in the Midwest during the late 19th century, over which he presided until his death. He is credited with ...

2/28/2008 1/9/2013

Paul Hoy Helms MP (1889 - 1957)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Paul Hoy Helms (September 19, 1889 – January 5, 1957) was an American executive in the baking industry and sports philanthropist. He founded the Helms Bak...

11/18/2012 11/19/2012