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The gens Aurelia was a plebeian family at Rome. They claimed descent from Agamemnon. The family was originally Sabine, having come to Rome from Sabinum only in the third century BCE. They anchored their Sabinity on their hereditary control of the of the cult of Sol, and their grandiose genealogy from the proto-Sabine Orestes. (Gary D. Farney, Ethnic identity and aristocratic competition in Republican Rome (Oxford Univ. Pr. (2007)).

The name appears to derive from aureus (golden). The cognomina used by members of the gens include Orestes, perhaps suggesting an early tradition that the family was descended from Orestes, a Greek hero and member of the famous Greek family Atreides.

The emperor Marcus Annius Verus, who became Roman emperor, and a famous philosopher, under the name Marcus Aurelius.


The goal of this project is to resolve duplicates, standardize naming conventions, and ensure the quality of the profiles in the family tree of the Aurelii.

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