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Tool for copying genealogical data into Geni.

SmartCopy is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows advanced Geni users to copy information and profiles from various sources into Geni. It provides quick access to research links and HistoryLink tools.

// Download SmartCopy

Supported Sites

Usage & Access

The primary use is with a Geni Pro membership and MyHeritage Data subscription.

  • Geni Pro members can add profiles (tree-building) with SmartCopy. Basic members are limited by the Geni API to only updating profiles.
  • MyHeritage Data subscription is needed for most Matches, but can work with the free BillionGraves, and WikiTree Matches.

Curators can grant rights on SmartCopy for Geni Pro members allowing them to perform tree-building. A curator can also revoke these rights if they feel the user is not being responsible, such as creating large duplication in the world tree. Users are expected to review for duplicates and merge when able, and work through relationship conflicts that may arise.

Usage cautions

SmartCopy uses the Google API in an attempt to resolve the fields for location information. The detection of location can sometimes be inaccurate, so it is recommended that you review the location fields before Submitting the copy operation. If the interpretation that is suggested is incorrect or missing some information present in the original string, either edit the fields by hand (in the SmartCopy panel) or simply 'turn off' the geolookup (by clicking the little globe icon) for that field (so that it simply places the original string into the Place field of the Geni profile).

The locations returned from the Google API normally use the native language currently set for the user; however, SmartCopy forces the locations to English so that some helpful 'parsing' can be done on the fields. Since the location fields do not currently support multiple languages (vs. names, which do), there isn't currently any easy automatic work-around for this issue.

Also be aware that updates may be made at any time (notice will be posted in Discussions here). While Chrome extensions will eventually update automatically, you may want to update manually to get the latest fixes and features right away. This is done by clicking on the Chrome 'menu' at the far upper right, move down to 'Tools' (or 'More Tools'), and select 'Extensions'. Once on that new tab for the Extensions, enable the "Developer mode" checkbox (upper right of the page), and click the "Update extensions now" button. You should see the version change on the HistoryLink SmartCopy item (if there is a newer one). Then you can close that tab and you are ready to go with the updated version!


Please let us know when something doesn't work correctly, if something is not getting parsed, or could use improving. Please provide a link to the Match (or website page) when reporting an issue so that we can duplicate the issue and test a solution. We'd also love to hear if it's working well for you.



Hints & Other Tools

The SmartCopy extension's pop-up window also gives you quick "direct access" to:

  • Searching a variety of other on-line sites (e.g.: if you invoke SmartCopy from a Geni Profile page). Hint: Use the Control or Command key to easily start a bunch of them in separate tabs/windows.
  • HistorySearch: Investigate the profile's direct ancestors, Geni projects they may be related to, and investigate if there are potential 'problems' to be resolved in profiles & their relationships.
  • Ancestor Graph and Descendant Graph: Tools to view several aspects or 'dimensions' of the profile's ancestors or descendants in a "circular graph".

The HistoryLink Geni Project describes the latter 3 tools in more detail.

Clicking on the title area of the SmartCopy extension's pop-up window will open a new tab/window directly to this project page.