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Abu Zakri Yaḥyā (Yehudah) ben Shlomo HaKohen al-fasi MP (c.993 - d.)

Yahya's father, Solomon, in his first public act as gaon was to write a letter of lavish praise for the Karaite nasi Hezekiah ben David in which he repeatedly expresses the hope of returning from Egypt...

Gedalia גדליא ben Shlomo ibn Yaḥyā haZaken, Don MP (1295 - 1385)

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by Eliakim Carmoly, Printed in Frankfort am Main/Rodelheim, Published by: Isak Kaufman, 1850. Genealogy of, and biographical work ...

Maṣliaḥ ben Shlomo haKohen, Gaon al-Damasq, Raʾīs al-Yahūd al-Fustat MP (c.1075 - d.)

Maṣliaḥ ben Solomon ha-Kohen was a scion of a family of priestly geonim that controlled the yeshiva of Palestine over the course of several turbulent generations. His grandfather Elijah ben Solomon ha-...

Nehemiah ben Shlomo ibn Kaspi (ben Abba Mari ibn Kaspi) MP (c.1365 - d.)

Rabbi Ovadyah HaDayan ben Shlomo, רבי עובדיה הדיין בן שלמה MP (deceased)

Shemaya I ben Shlomo, Exilarch MP (c.-140 - -129)

Shemaiah , son of Shlomo and nn to: nn 1) David to: nn

Ya'akov ben Shlomo, Exilarch MP (c.75 - d.)

This Jacob was presumably the descendant of King David of the Jews, but we have no documentation about that. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )-------------------- J...

Yakob Ben Shlomo HaKohen al-Fasi MP (c.992 - c.1040)

Yitzhak ben Yakob HaKohen al-Fasi (Ben Shlomo al-Fasi), ‎ ר' יצחק אלפסי MP (c.1013 - c.1103)

Isaac ben Jacob al-Fāsī (1013–1103) is commonly known by the acronym Rif (Rabbi Isaac of Fez). He was a Talmudist and posek (decider in matters of halakha - Jewish law) and is best known for his work o...

5 sisters 5 sons in law (ben Shlomo Zalman) (deceased)

Bat ben Shlomo Zalman (deceased)

Rabbi Eliyahu the Gaon of Vilna / הרב אליהו הגאון מוילנא (1720 - 1816)

Hannah Ben Shlomo Zalman Vilner (Bat Yehuda Leib) (1724 - 1782)

1st Wife of Ya'akov ben Shlomo (deceased)

Obediah ben Yehudah (ben Shlomo) (deceased)

Pinches Moshe Charif ben Shlomo NN (deceased)

Uzziah Hazaken? Ben Solomon Ben-Shlomo (deceased)

wife Uzziah Hazaken ben Shlomo Hazaken אשת עוזיה הזקן בן שלמה הזקן (deceased)

Yehudah ben Shlomo (ben Azariah) (deceased)

Yehudah ben Shlomo (ben Moshe) (deceased)