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David Tebele Efrati MP (c.1850 - c.1884)

David Tebele Efrati, 1850-1884, author of the genealogical work Toldot Anshei Shem, published in 1875. He was born in Merkine (Meretz). An exceptional student, he wrote books and articles from a young ...

Hanoch Heinich Efrati (Prozner) MP (c.1797 - 1866)

This may not be Henoch ben Abram Efrati (Prozner) based on the location and the alternate surname of Vilkovyski. Merkine, where Abraham Efrati, the father, was from is 15 miles SSW of Daugai, so it is ...

? Efrati (deceased)

Abraham Efrati (deceased)

EFRATI A Siauliai, Lith. Hamelitz #189 1895 EFRATI Siauliai, Lith. Hamelitz #254 1894 The Jewish Hospital was founded originally in 1891 in a wooden building with room for twelve beds. This was ...

Aharon (Ari) Efrati (b. - 1995)

Ahuva Efrati (b. - 2008)

Albert Frati(Efrati) (1904 - 1989)

Albert Efrati (deceased)

Arye Efrati (Sokolovitch) (deceased)

Asa Efrati (Sokolovitch) (b. - 1939)

Asher Efrati (deceased)

Asher Efrati (deceased)

Avigail Efrati (Margolin) (deceased)

Avishai Efrati (1943 - 2012)

Avishai Efrati (1943 - 2012)

סבו דוד באנציקלופדיה דוד תדהר

Avraham Efrati (Bachar) (1929 - 2014)

Bearl Efrati (1912 - 2009)

Bella Efrati (Kachuk) (1915 - 1979)

Benjamin Efrati (Pindrick) (1908 - d.)

Benzion Efrati (Prozner, of Suwalki) (1816 - d.)

The Unbroken Chain, page 21. Benzion Efrati of Suwalki, a wealthy businessman, born in 1816 in Suwalki, died ???. Married in January 1836 to Yente, daugther of ARyeh Leib Bialystotzki of Suwalki. She...

Binyamin Efrati (deceased)

Bluma Efrati (Weiss) (deceased)

Brajna Bejla Lewinsztejn (Efrati) (deceased)

According to Neil Rosenstein, the birth name of Jefromd for Braina Beila given in the JRI is a mistaken transcription. Her birth name was Efrati (or may be the variant Ephrath). November, 2013

Chana Efrati (Goldenbaum) (deceased)

Channa Efrati (Duitz) (1915 - 1997)

Chava Efrati (deceased)

Chaya Beker (Efrati) (deceased)

David Efrati (deceased)

Deborah Gitel Niviasky (Efrati (Prozner)) (deceased)

Doron Goldin efrati (1951 - 2012)

Dvora Efrati (Horenstein) (deceased)

EDA EFRATI (deceased)

Efraim Efrati (deceased)

Ehud Efrati (1973 - 2007)

Eleonora Efrati (deceased)

Eliezer Efrati (deceased)

Eliezer Efrati (deceased)

The Jewish Hospital was founded originally in 1891 in a wooden building with room for twelve beds. This was a small hospital for a large community. The businessmen of the city saw that there were g...

Eliezer Efrati (deceased)

Eliezer Efrati of Siauliai (c.1833 - d.)

The Unbroken Chain, page 20 Eliezer Efrati of Siauliai, a literary scholar, son of Menachem Mendel Efrati of Kalvarija ---------------------- Rabbi Eliezer Efrati came from an aristocratic fa...

Elihahu azaria efrati (deceased)

Elisheva Efrati (Gissin) (1884 - 1972)

אתר ראשוני פתח תקוה אתר בית על&...

Elkana Efrati (1928 - 2006)

Emma Efrati (deceased)

Esther Gittel Galazano (Efrati) (deceased)

Etil Efrati (deceased)

Etka Efrati (Efrat) (Unknown) (c.1825 - d.)

Hadasa Efrati (deceased)

Haim Itelson Efrat (Efrati) (c.1824 - 1854)

Revision List from Vilnius, Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania of May 25, 1858 lists the following household: EFRAT Khaim son of Abram Head of Household age 30. Died in 1854. EFRAT Etka daughter of Movs...

Haim Efrati (deceased)

Haim ("Jimmy") Efrati (deceased)

Hanni Efrati (deceased)

Haya Efrati (Deitsch) (1903 - 2001)

Ida Efrati (deceased)

Ilana Rosenkranz-Efrati (deceased)

Ilona Efrati (deceased)

Ioachim (Joachim) Efrat (Efrati) (1872 - d.)

bris on 16 November by Lipman Polyak; Family from Shavel

Ishay Efrati (1925 - 1993)

Ita Rivke Efrati (Lipschutz) (deceased)

Itsko (Isaac) Efrat (Efrati) (c.1853 - d.)

Birth in Vilnius, Lithuania of EFRAT, Khaym son of Itsko, grandson of Khaym. Mother is Sora Feyga, daughter of Abel. Born on October 25, 1873 (6 Cheshvan) in Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius; bris on 1 Nov...

Judith Efrati (Tolochinsky) (deceased)

Judith Efrati (deceased)

Kayla Unknown (Efrati) (c.1830 - d.)

Married in 1850.

Khaim (Haim) Efrat (Efrati) (1873 - d.)

Malka Efrati (1949 - 1975)

Menachem EFRATI (1925 - 1990)

Menachem Mendel Efrati (Prozner, of Kalvarija) (deceased)

Son of Rabbi Abraham Efrati of Meretz, 1767 - 1860. So Menachem may have been born in circa 1790. Menachem lived in Kalvarija, Lithuania. Menachem's son Eliezer lived in Siauliai and was a literary sch...

Menahem Efrati (Flatow) (1925 - 1990)

Michal Efrati (deceased)

Milka Efrati (Gershon) (1934 - 2009)

Miriam Efrati (deceased)

Mordechai Efrati (deceased)

Mordehay Efrati (deceased)

Morduch Efrati (1901 - 1991)

Moshe Efrati (Vinkler) (deceased)

רבי משה ראש ישיבה בברדיטשוב (deceased)

הג"מ רבי משה זצוק"ל ראש ישיבה בב&...

Movsha (Moshe) Efrat (Efrati) (c.1844 - d.)

In 1867 was excluded from Revision List; got status of teacher and became to work at Sauliai State Jewish School. EFRAT, Ioakim son of Moisey, grandson of Khaym. Mother is Rashel, daughter of Naum b...

Nahum Efrati (deceased)

Nahum Efrati (deceased)

Ninette Frati(Efrati) (Guez) (1908 - 2004)

NN Efrati (deceased)

Paula Efrati (Wolfson) (1909 - d.)

Pinchas Efrati (deceased)

Polet Sokolovitch (Efrati) (deceased)

Raanana Efrati (deceased)

Rahamin Efrati (deceased)

Rashel ben Naum Efrat (Efrati) (Unknown) (c.1852 - d.)

Rav Shimon Efrati (deceased)

Rav Yekutiel Efrati (deceased)

Rav Yosef Efrati (deceased)

Rina Efrati (deceased)

Rina Schrieber, Efrati (deceased)

Rivka Efrati (deceased)

Rocha (Rachel) Efrati (c.1837 - d.)

Ruth רותי Gilutz גילוץ (Efrati) (1923 - 1972)

דף זכרון באתר בית הספר הריאלי &#x...

Salomon Efrati (Aptroot) (1912 - 1965)

Naam Salomon (Sjelomo) Aptroot Andere naam later Sjelomo Efrati Geslacht Man Geboren Antwerpen, België, 16-05-1912 Overleden Yavne, Israël, 30-05-1965 Ouders Siemon Aptroot en Netje Sam...

Samina Efrati (deceased)

Sara Efrati (Unknown) (deceased)

Sara Efrati (deceased)

Sergio Efrati (deceased)

Sheina Efrati (Prozner) (c.1817 - d.)