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Alexander St. Clair Tennille (1838 - d.)

Major Algernon Tennille (1803 - 1890)

Algernon Sidney Tennille (c.1844 - d.)

Amanda Jane Tennille (Billings) (1840 - 1916)

George Culver Tennille's wife Amanda, continued living on the ranch until she married James Monroe "Doc" Bockius in 1884. After her 2nd husband's death in 1909, Amanda moved to Roswell, NM to live with...

Annie Clements (Tennille) (1858 - 1936)

They had 11 children ---------------- Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 for Ann C. Clements Name: Ann C. Clements Death Date: 14 Oct 1936 Death Place: San Antonio, Bexar, Texas Gender: Female R...

Ann Bell Tennille (Jordan) (1815 - 1848)

Benjamin Tennille (deceased)

Benjamin Tennille (deceased)

Benjamin Sidney Tennille (1800 - 1819)

Clara Tennille (Tuttle) (1847 - 1920)

Clara Harlow Tennille (Shehee) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tennille (1802 - 1819)

Francis Tennille, Lieutenant Colonel (1725 - 1779)

Lt. Col. Francis Tennille (c.1747 - 1812)

Source: Lieut. Francis Tennille, was the son of a French Huguenot, who emigrated from France after the Edict of Nantes, settling in Virginia. He was born in Virginia, in Prince William county, and ca...

Francis Tillman Tennille (1799 - 1877)

Source: Francis Tillman Tennille (1799-1877) Francis became a colonel. He was a resident of Washington County, GA. Francis and Ann were married August 16, 1836. Their children: 1. William Ale...

George Culver Tennille, Sr (c.1772 - 1850)

TENNILLE. George Tennille, An Early Texas Pioneer by Ronald Howard Livingston. Born in the period of 1768-1772 (sources differ), George Tennille (a farmer from Missouri) arrived in Texas sometime durin...

Corp. George C. Tennille (CSA) (1825 - 1874)

Soon after his birth the family relocated to Texas with Stephen F Austin's third colony. He and his wife Mary Jane had five children. He became an essential member of the Taylor faction of the Sutton-T...

Hannah Simmons Tennille (1798 - d.)

Hettie Duderstadt (Tennille) (1861 - 1914)

John Wesley Hardin connection to the Tennille Family: Fred Duderstadt and his wife Henrietta "Hettie" Tennille (daughter of George Culver Tennille) allowed John and his family to stay on their ranch ...

Jane St. Clare Tennille (1792 - 1882)

Jane (deceased)

Jacob Zumwalt moved with his brothers Adam, Andrew, Christopher and John from Bourbon Co, KY between 1796-1798 where they became citizens of Spain and received grants of land from the Spanish governmen...

John Tennille (deceased)

Julia Tennille (deceased)

Louisa Dunbar Tennille (Roe) (1812 - 1880)

Madison Hall Tennille (1809 - 1832)

Margaret St. Clare Tennille (1784 - 1811)

Mary Bacon Tennille (Dixon) (1774 - 1848)

Mary Ann Bacon Cullens (Tennille) (1801 - 1844)

Source: Born 1804 - Died ----, married Wiley W. Cullens. Their children were: Augusta C., William A. Frederick, Francis T., Elizabeth W., Winifred H. B., Mary Ann Bacon, Wiley W., Frederick W., Lula ...

Mary Elizabeth Pound (Tennille) (1825 - d.)

Melinda Tennille (1803 - 1883)

Mira St. John Tennille (1790 - d.)

Nancy Tennille (1793 - d.)

Nannie Tennille (Cobb) (1856 - 1927)

Prascilla Tennille (Jordan) (deceased)

Rachel St. Julienne Tennille (1796 - d.)

Robert Francis Tennille (1805 - 1810)

Robert Tennille (1801 - 1867)

Sallie Clements (Tennille) (1856 - 1934)

Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Tennille (Davis) (c.1795 - 1858)

Thomas Conley Tennille (1860 - 1925)

Tom Tennille was born in Gonzales, Texas on February 22, 1852. His father, George Tennille, was killed in the Taylor-Sutton Feud. Tom Tennille grew up in Texas. His parents were cattle ranchers and the...

William Augustus Tennille (1792 - 1864)

Source: William Augustus was a colonel and Secretary of State of Georgia.

William Alexander Tennille (1840 - 1905)

William Alexander Tennille (1840-1905) Spouse: Clara Tuttle (1847-1920) William Alexander was born July 3, 1840; died Jan. 11, 1905; interred at Woodlawn, NY. He became a captain. William Alexa...

Winifred Haynie Patterson (Tennille) (deceased)