Family Tree Tuesday – Ernest Hemingway

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Hemingway in uniform 1918.

Ernest Hemingway was an American novelist, short story writer and journalist. During World War I, Hemingway drove ambulances for the Red Cross until he was wounded. He was later a part of the 1920s expatriate community in Paris, which included other notable writers such as Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot. He, along with others of his generation, are referred to as the “Lost Generation.”  Coined by Gertrude Stein and popularized by Hemingway in his novel, The Sun Also Rises, the phrase is used to refer to the generation that came of age during World War I.

In 1953, Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.

His son, Jack Hemingway, also went on to become a writer.  And did you know that model Margaux Hemingway and actress Mariel Hemingway are his granddaughters?

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