Highlights From RootsTech 2017

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We had a fantastic time at RootsTech 2017. Each year the conference gets bigger and bigger, and this year was no exception with an estimated 30,000 attendees!

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

RootsTech 2017

We always have a wonderful time getting to see old friends and meeting new people enthusiastic to learn more about collaboration in genealogy. This year curators Anne Brannen and Ashley Odell joined the Geni team at the booth to help introduce Geni to new visitors. Their genealogy expertise was invaluable in helping us spread the word on why everyone should be doing genealogy in the World Family Tree.

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

Many people were eager to learn more about collaboration in Geni’s World Family Tree

It was a lot of fun introducing new users to Geni and we often had success connecting them to the World Family Tree right at the booth! Geni curator Adam Brown also stopped by to lend his DNA expertise to a curious attendee.

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

Free Geni water bottles!

And everyone was eager to grab their own Geni water bottle before we ran out!

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

Ashley helped connect this very happy gentleman from South Africa to the World Family Tree

We had some great success stories from people who were ecstatic to find themselves connected to over 113 million people in Geni’s World Family Tree. With attendees from all over the world, it’s no surprise that Geni was able to quickly find their connections. We had one gentleman from South Africa who was so excited to get connected that he gave out a high five and then bowed down in awe. Another woman was certain that we wouldn’t find her tree on Geni only to discover that she had two living second cousins that she never knew she had!

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

Cousins Anne and Kitty! See the family resemblance?

We love every opportunity to see our friend and geneablogger Kitty Cooper. After meeting for the first time, Anne and Kitty quickly discovered that they shared Norwegian roots. A quick relationship path search on Geni showed that they are 10th cousins thrice removed! It turns out their common ancestor comes from the tiny town of Mandal in Norway.

Highlights From RootsTech 2017 | Geni

Fun times at the MyHeritage RootsTech After-Party

Another big highlight of RootsTech was the MyHeritage RootsTech After-Party. Everybody had a blast playing games, munching on food and singing karaoke. MyHeritage also gave away some awesome raffle prizes including MyHeritage DNA kits and tablets!

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We had an amazing time at RootsTech and we can’t wait to see everyone again at RootsTech 2018!

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