Look Who’s Related: George Washington and all the Presidents

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The biggest strength of the world family tree is the ability to find out how everyone’s related. Last week, I showed you how Vice President Joe Biden is related to President John Adams. Today, I want to show you how George Washington, the first US President, is related to every other US President.

John Adams

John Adams is George Washington’s 10th cousin once removed

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is George Washington’s 8th cousin thrice removed

James Madison

James Madison is George Washington’s wife’s sister’s 2nd husband

James Monroe

James Monroe is George Washington’s 12th cousin once removed

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams is George Washington’s 10th cousin twice removed

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is George Washington’s 12th cousin

Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren is George Washington’s 17th cousin thrice removed

William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison is George Washington’s half sister-in-law’s husband’s nephew

John Tyler

John Tyler is George Washington’s 11th cousin once removed

James K. Polk

James K. Polk is George Washington’s 11th cousin 6 times removed

Zachary Taylor

Zachary S. Taylor is George Washington’s third cousin once removed

Millard Filmore

Millard Filmore is George Washington’s 11th cousin twice removed

Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce is George Washington’s 9th cousin once removed

James Buchanan

James Buchanan is George Washington’s 11th cousin

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is George Washington’s 10th cousin four times removed

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is George Washington’s 9th cousin four times removed

Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant is George Washington’s 10th cousin thrice removed

Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes is George Washington’s 10th cousin once removed

James Garfield

James A. Garfield is George Washington’s 7th cousin thrice removed

Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur is George Washington’s 10th cousin once removed

Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland is George Washington’s third cousin four times removed

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison is George Washington’s fifth cousin thrice removed

William McKinley

William McKinley is George Washington’s 9th cousin four times removed

Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt is George Washington’s 6th cousin four times removed

William Howard Taft

William H. Taft is George Washington’s third great grandfather’s wife’s 7th great granddaughter’s husband

T. Woodrow Wilson

T. Woodrow Wilson is George Washington’s 11th cousin five times removed

Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding is George Washington’s 9th cousin five times removed

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge is George Washington’s 9th cousin twice removed

Herbert Hoover

Herbert C. Hoover is George Washington’s 9th cousin four times removed

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt is George Washington’s third cousin 9 times removed

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman is George Washington’s 11th cousin five times removed

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower is George Washington’s 10th cousin five times removed

John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is George Washington’s 11th cousin thrice removed

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson is George Washington’s 8th cousin 6 times removed

Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon is George Washington’s 8th cousin five times removed

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford is the only US President not yet connected to the big tree. If you’re an expert on the Ford family, feel free to get him connected.

Jimmy Carter

James E. Carter is George Washington’s 9th cousin 6 times removed

Ronald Reagan

Ronald W. Reagan is George Washington’s 8th cousin thrice removed

George H. W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush is George Washington’s fourth cousin 9 times removed

Bill Clinton

William J. Clinton is George Washington’s third cousin 6 times removed’s husband

George W. Bush

George W. Bush is George Washington’s fourth cousin 10 times removed

Barack Obama

Barack H. Obama is George Washington’s 9th cousin 6 times removed

We strive to have the most authoritative genealogical data in the world. If you ever find an error in any of these paths, we whole heartedly encourage you to correct it and let us know. The more you work on the data, the more useful Geni becomes.


  • Pliska

    Ford wasn’t directly elected to the office. Loophole

    • GARTHS

      So how are they related to KEVIN BACON

      • Anonymous

        You got it!

    • Eingriff

      Nobody was directly elected to the office. (Quibble; I take your meaning.)

  • Guest


  • godblessamerica

    Does this basically mean that every white caucasian person in America is descended from President George Washington?

    • Prolastic

      Actually, George Washington had NO descendents. Most of these relations a “cousins” meaning they are related to his ancestors.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mosesmoses.awwesome MosesMoses MosesMoses Awwesome

        Yes he does, he had children from a slave, it was on NBC no to long ago.

    • Anonymous

      We’re all related to each other. People of similar ethnic backgrounds are particularly closely related. :-)nnProlastic makes a great point that George Washington had no children. It is speculated, so I have read, that he was sterile.

      • big moe

        he had kids from the slav women….but the odds of all the presidents related ..billions to oneu00a0

    • seahag54

      well with interacial relationships caucasian is only one of many possibilities….

    • Paul O’Neal

      Actually, most of us descended from Charlemagne….

  • http://twitter.com/rolando Rolando

    Pretty cool stuff. Interesting how few are not related by blood (only Madison, WH Harrison, Taft, Ford (?), Clinton). I only needed to figure out that I don’t have a path to Washington, to know that I don’t have a path to the rest of these guys, either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591235000 Ryan X. Walton

      I have a path to George Washington and most of these presidents. My 7th great grandfather is Nathaniel Pope, who’s daughter Anne Pope married John Washington, and had a son named Lawrence, who had a son named Augustine, who is George’s father. I’m also related to Robert E. Lee because he married George’s stepson John’s daughter Mary. I have other famous relatives in the same line, like Archibald “Wild Archie” McNeil, who some could consider the Billy The Kid of the East, and Harriet McNeil, who was Archibald’s neice. She went on to be a early pioneer in modern medicine. If you go way back into your family history, you will most definitely find some really significant people in your ancestry.

      • camott

        I’m related to Washington and Kennedy except I dont feel comfortable upgrading to geni plus(i dont like revealing credit card #s) but i would love to see the paths.

  • http://twitter.com/rolando Rolando

    Pretty cool stuff. Interesting how few are not related by blood (only Madison, WH Harrison, Taft, Ford (?), Clinton). I only needed to figure out that I don’t have a path to Washington, to know that I don’t have a path to the rest of these guys, either.

  • Cgarner10

    What does “removed” mean anyway? Does that mean they got kicked out of the family?? LOL

    • http://twitter.com/rolando Rolando

      It means that, relative to the ancestor the two individuals share, they’re in different generations. E.g. you share an ancestor with your mother’s first cousin. It’s your great-grandparent and their grandparent.

    • Anonymous
  • Tony Myers

    Wishing all my cousins, a nice day:nnGeorge Washington, 1st President of the USA is your 7th cousin 8 times removed.nnJohn Adams, 2nd President of the USA, Signer of the Declaration of Independence is your 10th cousin 7 times removed.nnThomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the USA is your 11th cousin 7 times removed.nnJames Madison, 4th President of the USA is your 7th cousin 9 times removed.nnJames Monroe, 5th President of the USA is your 6th great grandmother’s husband’s first cousin once removed’s wife’s grandson. (about as indirect as you can get)nnJohn Quincy Adams, 6th President of the USA is your 11th cousin 6 times removed.nnAndrew Jackson, 7th President of the USA is your 13th cousin 6 times removed.nnMartin Van Buren, 8th President of the USA is your 21st cousin thrice removed.nnWilliam Henry Harrison, 9th President of the USA is your 10th cousin 6 times removed.nnJohn Tyler, 10th President of the USA is your 11th cousin 6 times removed.nnJames K. Polk, 11th President of the USA is your 18th cousin once removed.nnZachary S. Taylor, 12th President of the USA is your 8th cousin 9 times removed.nnMillard Filmore, 13th President of the USA is your 10th cousin five times removed.nnFranklin Pierce, 14th President of the USA is your 11th cousin 6 times removed.nnJames Buchanan, 15th President of the USA is your 11th cousin 8 times removed.nnAbraham Lincoln, 16th President of the USA is your 12th cousin five times removed.nnAndrew Johnson, 17th President of the USA is your 14th cousin four times removed.nnUlysses S. Grant, 18th President of the USA is your fifth cousin 13 times removed.nnRutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the USA is your 12th cousin four times removed.nnJames A. Garfield, 20th President of the USA is your 6th cousin 12 times removed.nnChester A. Arthur, 21st President of the USA is your 11th cousin 6 times removed.nnGrover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the USA is your 12th cousin thrice removed.nnBenjamin Harrison, 23rd President of the USA is your 12th cousin four times removed.nnWilliam McKinley, 25th President of the USA is your 13th cousin four times removed.nnTheodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, 26th President of the USA is your 15th cousin thrice removed.nnWilliam H. Taft, 27th President of the USA is your 6th great grandmother’s husband’s third cousin twice removed’s husband’s first cousin four times removed’s 1st husband. (about as indirect as you can get)nnT. Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the USA is your 15th cousin twice removed.nnWarren G. Harding, 29th President of the USA is your 14th cousin four times removed.nnCalvin Coolidge, 30th President of the USA is your 12th cousin thrice removed.nnHerbert C. Hoover, 31st President of the USA is your 10th cousin 10 times removed.nnFranklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the USA is your 10th cousin thrice removed.nnHarry S. Truman, 33rd President of the USA is your 16th cousin thrice removed.nnDwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the USA is your 14th cousin 6 times removed.nnJohn Kennedy, 35th President of the USA is your 11th cousin 8 times removed.nnLyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States is your 14th cousin twice removed.nnRichard M. Nixon, 37th President of the USA is your 13th cousin thrice removed.nnGerald Ford, 38th President of the USA (No Relationship)nnJames E. Carter, 39th President of the USA is your 15th cousin once removed.nnRonald W. Reagan, 40th President of the USA is your 13th cousin four times removed.nnGeorge Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the USA is your 12th cousin once removed.nnWilliam J. Clinton, 42nd President of the USA is your 6th great aunt’s great aunt’s husband’s brother’s wife’s 6th great niece’s husband. (about as indirect as you can get)nnGeorge W. Bush, 43rd President of the USA is your 13th cousin.nnBarack H. Obama, 44th President of the USA is your 15th cousin.n

    • Eingriff

      Query whether Chester Alan Arthur should be counted. He was not eligible to the Office of President. When he was born, his father was not yet an American citizen. Hence Chester was not a natural born U.S. citizen. He was born in the U.S.A., but not to two U.S. citizen parents,nnHe’s like Obama in being ineligible, but at least Chester Alan Arthur was not an enemy agent or a flaming communist.

      • Jack

        What do you mean Obama is ineligible? Wasn’t he born in Hawaii?

    • Camott14

      If you’re related to all them, you’re also related to: Winston Churchill(British Prime Minister), General Robert E. Lee, General Stonewall Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio(and his family), Andrew Carnegie and many others. For the past three months I have done extensive research about John F. Kennedy and found out he is related to all these people plus the presidents. I created an account on ancestry.com and put all this information into it. It’s a huge tree! I am a distant cousin of some people in the tree.

      • Camott14

        I forgot to mention, Thomas Edison and Amelia Earhart are also distantly related to all the presidents, though I can’t find a geneaology path from Theodore Roosevelt to Edison or from Lincoln to Earhart. There is another unknown path from Ulysses Grant to Brooke Shields(the actress). Harry Truman is somehow a cousin of former V.P. Richard Cheney, as is Barack Obama. Norman Rockwell is related to the Bush’s somehow. But, as I said, these paths are unknown. Maybe geni.com users can find these paths. I need the paths for my family tree on ancestry.com

    • diceman93

      Okay, before we start to imagine this as some grand conspiracy, I’d like to know approximately what percentage of Americans are related to George Washington to a similar degree as all of the presidents.  Therefore what likelihood is it that they are all related?

      • Gerard Tomoculus

        Yea let’s not start imagining that when we see every single president except for Ford rests within the same family, kind of like how the British monarchy operates, or any monarchy operates in fact. Keeping it in the family. There is no way in a “democratic” society that the only people that seem to get elected are those who share the same family tree! I can go back to the 1300′s with my family tree and not a single one of these people are in it. The same deal goes with the counter-culture rock scene of the 60′s where most of those artists all had military backgrounds, and some of them had family members that came over on boats together 400 years prior. No reason to think at all that someone likes to make sure whatever happens in society, those at the forefront of it, all share family roots.

        No imagination needed.

      • Gerard Tomoculus

        but thanks for keeping us in check ;)

  • Margo2596

    That’s a little bit of a stretch on Taft….

  • Pkaterges

    It’s A Small World After All….

  • Someone Who Cares.

    Kinda makes you feel like all the federal elections held in the USA are rigged, given that all except one of our dear presidents are related to one another. That just compels the notion of “democracy”.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone’s related

    • Camott14

      Some how Ford is related to Nixon who is related to all other presidents so typically their all related, including former VP Richard Cheney and current VP Joe Biden, and obviously Hillary Clinton is related if Bill Clinton is.

  • Svt1999

    THANK YOU for printing this! I’m glad I found your blog!!nnStevenhttp://www.commoncts.blogspot.com

  • Equal_Justice

    The 44th President of the USA is not Barack H Obama, he CHOSE to be Barack Hussein Obama… get it right!!!

    • bob

      shut up…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XF2FNZE43RAIAK5AX2EK4E53SE Maggie's Man

      Truly, the derp is strong with this one.

  • Foley_jim

    You messed up John Kennedy’s family tree in the relation to Washington. Kennedy’s maternal grandfather is John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald. Honey Fitz’s father is Thomas Fitzgerald. But Thomas Fitzgerald was born in Ireland, not Virginia. My guess is there are two Thomas Fitzgerald’s. One born in Virginia (probably a Protestant) and one born in Ireland (Catholic). George Washington is related to the Protestant, and John Kennedy is related to the Catholicl

    • http://twitter.com/bassguy Grant Brunner

      Feel free to jump into Geni and fix the path. Thanks for the info. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Feel free to jump into Geni and fix the path. Thanks for the info. :-)

    • Camott14

      Well, somehow Kennedy is still related to Washington through his brother-in-law William Cavendish(1917-1944). ancestry.com has this cool tool that can show you how one person is related to another, so JFK is George Washington’s 11th cousin through Cavendish, I think. What would brother-in-law of brother-in-law of sister-in-law of nephew of wife of uncle of wife of husband of 2nd great grand niece of wife of 3rd great grand nephew of wife of grandson of husband of 6th great grand aunt of husband of wife of nephew be. Cause that’s the relation between Kennedy and Washington

    • WeaselClubber

      You are correct. So many of the relationships listed above are incorrect that it boggles the mind!

  • Foley_jim

    Little bit more data. The Thomas Fitzgerald that is related to George Washington was born in 1822. The Thomas Fitzgerald that is related to JFK was born in 1823.nnhttp://www.jfklibrary.org/JFK/JFK-in-History/John-F-Kennedy-and-Ireland.aspx

  • TiggerSC70

    So Obama is descended from Geo. Washington’s grandmother – Mildred Warner Washington?

    • TiggerSC70

      The parents of Mildred Warner Washington are: Augustine Warner (1642 – 1681) and Mildred Reade Warner (1643 – 1686). nnWashington’s mother was Mary Ball Washington (d/o James Ball and Mary Jonson.)n

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591235000 Ryan X. Walton

        Mildred Warner Washington is Lawrence Washington’s wife, and Augustine’s mother, which would make her George’s grandmother. You are correct about her parents, and about Mary Ball being George’s mother. Some actually believe it that Jane Butler was George’s mother, but that is false. Augustine married her in 1715, but they got a divorce, and he married Mary Ball in 1731, and George was born the next year. I know all of this because these people are my distant relatives. I explain it in the reply above.

        • Bobotterman

          No, they didn’t divorce. Jane died November 24, 1729, and then George’s father married Mary Ball in 1731 and George was their first child. Jane and Augustine had six children and Mary and Augustine had seven.

  • Quilterdebbie

    According to the genealogy chart at the link, James Madison is George Washington’s NEPHEW’S wife’s sister’s husband.

  • Eingriff

    The attribution of Barack Obama to Stanley Ann Dunham is almost certainly false. No DNA evidence or unambiguous documentation has been produced to establish that Stanley Ann Dunham is Barry’s mother. Most likely Barry was the bastard son of Stanley Armour Dunham and an obliging Polynesian wahine, and adopted by Stanley Ann, daughter of his father, and an alien Luo tribesman, a communist buddy of his father. The Certification of Live Birth, often mischaracterized as a birth certificate, is an abstract, which could take parents’ names from an original birth certificate naming birth parents, or from an amended birth certificate naming adoptive parents. To ascertain Barry’s birth parents with reasonable certainty, it will be necessary to produce the original birth certificate and confirm the birth parents by genetic analysis.nnThis would, of course, prove that Barry’s political manifesto “Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”, is a colossal hoax, a theft of racial identity, and hence an election fraud.nnBarry was taken to Indonesia as a lad and became an Indonesian citizen, which rendered him ineligible to the Office of President. Indonesian officials suppressed evidence of his Indonesian citizenship, for which pay-offs are being made at great cost to America’s security and well-being.nnWhile Barry may be called many things, he is nn- not his mother’s sonnn- not his father’s sonnn- not Africannn- not Americannn- not Presidentnn- not an enemy agent; strike that.nnHis allegiance, other than to himself, is to the Comintern.

    • Tin foil hat

      Such a sad, sad person you are.

    • Ricky Rat

      Seek help. Schizophrenia can be treated. You don’t have to deal with this alone.

      • ShanG

        with Schizophrenia you are never alone… ;-)

        • seahag54

          actually with schizophrenia you are very alone…people stay away from you and you only have one personality…on the other hand a disassociate disorder can give you one or more friendships that may well last a lifetime….: )

          • John

            Stigma much…

    • Michaelgary1

      I knew thier would be a racist hater.  Just kind admit that you hate seeing a black man in the WH.

      • Fred

        You are a racist and a traitor. You should be tarred, feathered and then hanged.

    • Vickiec51

      hahah this is funny..my husband would probably agree but not as drastic as you are putting it…realy if you look at it…we all started with adam and eve…so we are all related…we are just describing recent relationships and by recent that means within the last maybe 600yrs lol….my how time flies…I was a birther as well…only because his mother went to england to renounce her american citizenship…I didnt trust that he was really an american…irregardless of race ….and that he loved america since his mom didnt…and his father wasnt..and a communist….

    • Fred

      You make some good points Eingriff, but you’ll never convince any of the name callers and mental health experts on this post. You could have his Grandmother and Uncle say right to these people’s faces that he was born in Kenya and they wouldn’t believe her either. They have their God and they will never give him up. Btw, his Grandmother and his Uncle DID say he was born in Kenya, but who’s going to listen to some crazy old African woman or man. It’s kinda funny how Obama is a multimillionaire and he does nothing to help his family in Africa. His Grandmother lives in a hut like on Gilligan’s Island, but her wealthy Grandson doesn’t give her a dime? Bush definitely sucked and was one of the worst Presidents ever, but Barry Soetoro or whoever he is, is working hard to suck just as much or more. Our “choice” for the next puppet has already been chosen for you by the MSM. Get ready for Jeb Bush vs. Hitlery Clinton. Wow! What a “choice” that’ll be. Might as well start the revolution right now while still have some guns to fight back with. Oh, and before I go, fuck all name calling traitors.

  • Eingriff

    Clinton was born a Blythe and is sometimes misattributed to his adoptive father. He was adopted by Mr. Clinton.nnFord was born a King and was adopted by Mr. Ford.nnHas this study taken these adoptions into account?

  • Ron Wallace

    I’ve studied this for years because I am a cousin of most U.S. presidents, including Washington. However, even if George Washington is a cousin of all subsequent presidents, that does not mean I am..

    • Anonymous

      Everyone’s related. We just don’t know how yet. :-) If you share your knowledge with other Geni users, maybe we’ll be a little bit closer to figuring it all out.

  • http://cruisesurfingz.com/ roy

    So…basically all the US presidents are inbreed? :P

    • Vickiec51

      hahaha that is funny too..we are all inbred actually….we all start from adam and eve…if we trace our lines going backwards ….we can go till the tree becomes skinnier and skinnier…maybe to noah and some I have known beyond that…

      • becca

        Yea… No.

        • deh

          yeah, evolutionary speaking, yeah we are all related. All humans are related. Evolutionary biologists agree there was an “Adam” and an “Eve”

          • Jon

            No, there was never a first human just like there was never a first homo-erectus, Neanderthal, homo-ergaster, etc. Anything that is a first in biology is a mutation. That would contradict the entire sentiment to say that there was ever a first human; it eliminates the need for evolution all together!

          • Mark

            Now you’re getting it! There is no need for evolution. We were all created by God and find our beginning in Him.

          • James

            What they are referring to is an evolutionary bottleneck. All the humans that are currently alive come from one couple, an “Adam and Eve.” Although they weren’t the “first humans,” or the “only humans,” supposedly everyone can trace their ancestry back to the same two Africans.

          • Albert8184

            Not necessarily. God created everything, and it began to evolve from that point. Otherwise, you explain how the first life on Earth never happened – and then how that supposedly supports evolution.

          • Jon

            Just because science doesn’t yet have an answer doesn’t mean that God is the answer. It’s called the God of the Gaps Principle. The more science grows the lesser the concept of God is needed to explain unknown things. We thought God made the Earth the center of the universe. Then, it became the sun. We have grown less needed to rely on God to explain things. It’s not because we have the answer necessarily. It is because God has been proven countless times to be false when we later discovered the answer using science.

          • Albert8184

            No. I think you mean that what’s been proven false are faulty beliefs. Whatever theologians and philosophers posited about the earth being the center of the universe across many civilizations and cultures varied. But we haven’t discovered anything yet that proves God “false”. And, really, science isn’t trying to do that. That’s why science is confined to matters of the natural world..

          • Jon

            Not being able to disprove that God does exist does not mean that God does exist. I can’t disprove that the ending to Men In Black is real and we are all inside a locket inside a locker inside a building of another universe. I’m pretty sure we are not though.

          • Albert8184

            You have no basis to be sure of anything. Being unable to prove or disprove God’s existence means just that. Being unable to know.

          • Jon

            Yes. But if you can’t disprove it doesn’t mean that you can prove it.

          • Albert8184

            Well, yeah. That’s pretty much what being unable to know means.

          • Jack Bower

            No its only the President’s I saw it on Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Venture the world is being run by Royal Reptilian Shapeshifters. They had evidence of Hillary Clinton eyes slitting into reptile like eyes. They said it was part of new world order that was building a fortress in the Ozarks with underground caves for Luminary and all those secret societies who are going to run the world. Thank god I’m coming back to FOX 24 amd me Jack Bower will save the world!

          • George Washington

            It all makes sense now…

            JUST KIDDING

      • Anonym

        We weren’t inbred, and from a technically biblical sense we should only be able to trace our lineage back to Noah. However, both creationism and evolution are wrong. But, the bible holds more truth than evolutionary science. ;)

        • Amy

          Ummm… What exactly is “technically biblical”. That’s the oddest combination of words I’ve ever seen! The bible is not science nor should it be associated in any way with science. Evolution has been scientifically proven over and over again… The bible has not. It is a book if moral guidelines and it was written for that purpose. Sheesh people.

          • Pax Humana

            The concept of evilution, excuse me, evolution, if it has truly been proven, has only been proven to be a racist, sexist, elitist, bigoted, and just plain fraudulent and deceptive pile of junk that is only kept in power by the various occult powers in numerous organizations and such that are in the various realms of power, by lots of money, and by lots of criminal activity, Amy. Why not try to think for yourself instead of letting your religions that are posing as anti-religions doing your thinking for your poor and deluded self?

          • zak ryals

            adverb: technically
            according to the facts or exact meaning of something; strictly.
            source google.com

          • Θεοχάρης

            The existence of God is a fact. Now why so damn fixated? Why are you so-called scientists so damn self-righteous on what is legit, what is evidence, what is proof and what is a lie or not? Logic isn’t everything. Orthodox Christianity is the most truthful reality and the only true way for finding out the truth. When we call Bible LEGIT PROOF of God or anything like the proof that were are still searching for God you call us “dumb” and you swear like crazy to us which is funny since in my homeland is the other way around. When atheistw say something about evolution we say “What stupidities you say?”. Not everything is ultimatum and one-sided or black and white. Don’t be so close-minded. Say that “God doesn’t exist.” in Russia and they call you “dumb” because they don’t accept nonsense.

        • Pax Humana

          Anonym, you jack wagon, if you would actually, gasp, READ the Holy Scriptures, then you would actually find out that Noah is, gasp, a DIRECT DESCENDANT of Adam and Eve! He is so through the lineage of Seth, their third son.

        • trannyoakley

          You are sincere in your stupidity. I’ll give you that.

      • jgoddard

        But we do not all become presidents or royalty, that is reserved for one blood line only.

      • eric

        If Adam and eve were the first two people, who did Cain go off and marry?

        • John

          He made the “lineage” of the sons of man. The other lineage is the sons of God, I believe, which led to Jesus.

        • Disqusted632

          Cain married a woman in the Land of Nod. There were already people there when Adam and Eve were created. They were created first. And Cain did no marry his sister as some claim. Eve did not have another child for 130 years. Cain is Satan’s son, not Adam’s. Only Abel was Adam’s son. Cain and Abel were twins. That was the sin in the garden was Eve’s sex with Satan.

        • Disqusted632

          Why is Cain not in Adam’s genealogy if he is his son? It starts with Seth who was born after Abel was killed. 130 years after. Cain’s descendants are evil wicked people

      • FireUrEngine

        Even our makers, the Annunaki were inbred!

    • mary

      hey hey now…I just found out that I was George Washington’s first cousin 8x removed through his mother’s half sister Anne…My grandmother on my father’s side is a distant cousin of Pres. Carter’s too…but I’m not seeing an inbreed thing going on and unfortunately my relation doesn’t make me up for the presidency…lol

      • Petra

        I’m a cousin of George’s I learned this past New Year’s. We share the same pair of great grandparents. He’s an 11th down the line generationally to Joan Beaufort and Ralph de Neville. And I’m 20th down the line. They had two sons. George’s 10th ggrandpa is my 19th ggrandpa’s brother. I was tickled pink! When I shared that news with my brother he said he has always felt an affinity to George; and keeps a picture on his wall, and collects biographies. So who woulda guessed we’re cousins? I believe there’s a really good chance most Americans with any English ancestry can trace their lineage back to royalty of Old England. I read somewhere like 80% of European Caucasians can trace their roots back to Charlemagne.

      • teslavate

        Given enough time there is always going to be a WOP that gets into the wood pile. So in reality this Sons & Daughters of the American Revolution is hogwash as are all other “clean lines of lineage. Especially in the USA where anyone can connect with anyone else.
        By the way I am a WOP so it’s OK for me to use it just as it’s OK for African Americans to call each other niggers without it being thought of as detrimental.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XF2FNZE43RAIAK5AX2EK4E53SE Maggie's Man

    Half sister-in-law’s husband’s nephew???? (W. H. Harrison)nThat’s a load of garbage. That does not count as “related”. That’s as goofy as the lines from the Mel Brook’s movie: nnDARK HELMET: I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former room-mate.nnLONE STARR: What’s that make us?nnDARK HELMET: Absolutely nothing.

  • Juan

    Did he died?

  • Sindi1369

    talk about being “The Father” of our country

  • LionRampant

    Gerald Ford”s real name is Leslie King and he related to the other presidents.

    • Camott14

      How? Is there any path from George Washington to “Gerald Ford?”

  • Mike J

    Has anyone compared this to http://www.americanancestors.org/Product.aspx?id=14829 which is the best authoritative source I’m aware of on the subject?

  • Blank

    YALL ARE SO STUPID! First of all, Obama Is the first African American President. He isn’t related

    • Just Saying

      I was under the impression he was the first biracial president. 

  • Notolaf

    Don’t know how Ford might be related to Washington, but wasn’t he the only US president who did not win an election for his office? (Appointed by Nixon as Shapiro’s replacement?)

  • anonymous

    wow this gives a whole new meaning to Presidents are selected and not elected.

  • Steve

    kink in the tree for Clinton. It says that he is connected through marriage to Hillary Clinton. Which means that Hillary is the direct descendent to George Washington. Problem is it says that her grandmother’s name is Mary Bynum Rodham her name is actually Hannah Jones according to Wiki.

  • Mark

    You’re right, Steve. HC mentions her grandmother, Hannah Jones, in her Living History autobiography. Mary Bynum Jarnagin married a Hugh RODMAN, not Rodham.

  • Vickiec51

    wow this is neat..haha…I was looking at this post because I found a book in a genealogy library in houston regarding my relationship of the hargraves/hargroves to george washington…it seems that his great grandfather had a son, capt john washington who married ann wycliff and they had children on down to where john washington in 1737 had a daughter elizabeth who married daniel garrard and then from there..the garrards married a hargrove..and hargraves and hargroves are the same….we all come from the same begining…I was suprized to see this in the genealogy book study of the hargroves, hargraves, hargeeves…etc…

  • anonymous

    So is Romney related to Washington

  • Duplexes2

    I’d love to see how it was determined that Obama is related to Washington.

  • Nickpolsinelli


  • Ryangilbert50

    wow, wow and wow. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sexy sex

    awesome science report!!

  • Mistie

    Ok, when I was a kid my mother told me that her father always told her that she was related to George Washington and never thought to much about it, so now after doing our family tree 20 years after hearing that we have found out that the rumor was true and we are related along with Gen. Robert E. Lee. Kinda cool huh! So my question is, are we all related in some form? Mistie

    • geniblog

      That’s awesome! Yep, we’re all related!

    • Pax Humana

      You’re actually quite attractive, Mistie.

  • joe

    Stop saying that we all started with Adam and Eve They never existed all you people who are crazy religious you understand that you’re crazy believing in a god that you have no proof of is the definition of being a schizophrenic

    • Pax Humana

      Joe, know your role and shut your pie hole. People like you are the REAL schizophrenics in society. We do not need the Holy Scriptures alone to prove the ancestry of humanity. The fact remains that there are PLENTY of secular sources to back this claim up, but morons like you absolutely love to suppress the evidence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracy.lu.7921 Tracy Lu


  • jennystin

    i have no idea how all the presidents could have been possibly related to George Washington! by the way, to all of you who are talking about the Adam and Eve stuff, it is 100% total truth, please read your darn bibles! also dont believe any evolution stuff yur public schools tell you and all that yata yata! believe in the one tru God! I AM REALLY SCARED to post this, but any ways i did!! also be fans of the Rubyz and Jonnie and Brookie!! They are really cool bands for girls to listen 2! AMEN

    • Overwhelmingryan

      The Bible says it so it must be true.

  • goodygoodsmumom

    You better shut the fuck up. Do you know how much FALSE info that gives? BITCH!!!

  • goodygoodsmumom

    I don’t get it man.

  • goodygoodsmumom

    RACIST FOOL.!! :-{}

  • Jacqueli Finley

    Wrong!!!!! Gerald Ford is too and I published this back in 2005 (plenty of witnesses to this) that all US Presidents are related – so maybe this might help (BTW – currently your tree for Van Buren is a mess) because I am a part of the big tree

    Gerald Ford, Jr., 38th President of the United States is Jacqueli Charlene Finley’s 9th cousin thrice removed!

    Jacqueli Finley

    Jack Harry Finley
    your father

    show 19 relatives →

    Orbrie Dee Finley
    his father

    Willie Lou Finley
    his mother

    Melissa Ann Clayton
    her mother

    Lucinda V Mcgee
    her mother

    Joseph McGee
    her father

    Mary Polly Kilburn
    his mother

    Amos Kilbourn, Jr.
    her father

    Amos Kilbourn, Sr.
    his father

    Ebenezer Kilbourn
    his father

    John Kilbourne, Jr.
    his father

    Naomi Kilbourn (Hale)
    his mother

    Marie or Mary Pinney (Hull)
    her sister

    Isaac Pinney
    her son

    Mary Pinney
    his daughter

    Jonathan Gridley, Jr.
    her son

    Theodore Gridley
    his son

    Elizabeth Ely Butler (Gridley)
    his daughter

    Amy Gridley Ayer (Butler)
    her daughter

    Adele Augusta Gardner (Ayer)
    her daughter

    Dorothy Ayer Ford (Gardner)
    her daughter

    Gerald Ford, Jr., 38th President of the United States

    • geniblog

      Hi Jacqueli, we encourage anyone who finds a mistake to please help fix it. The more people we have working on the world family tree, the better it gets!

    • Paul O’Neal

      Thank you, I am also a part of this big tree. Thomas Jefferson’s sister is my 7th great grandmother…

  • Danny

    All the presidents wow at least I got too see Barack Obama

  • steve

    no different from the british monarchy where family bloodlines are chosen for leadership

  • Paul O’Neal

    I am also a part of this large family tree….

    • Paul O’Neal

      Thomas Jefferson’s sister is my 7th great grandmother…

  • guest

    Of course they’re all related. Google Adam Weishaupt


  • Dennis Ronald Smith

    Then this means that I am related to all of these men on the Smith side of my family too. Thank you.

  • edisonjohn


  • edisonjohn


  • jennifr1966

    IF this is TRULY factual, we could very easily predict the next U.S. president based on the nominees! We’d simply have to figure out who is related to Washington, and we’ll have our newest president. If there are two, it will most likely be the one with the lowest number (3rd vs 11th, for instance.). How in the WORLD is this even possible? Simply b/c we all live in U.S.?
    Clinton is an English name, so that one makes sense. I wonder if anybody could connect Bush with Obama? Now that would be a feat! LOL

    • geniblog

      Hi, we’re all related! With the help of genealogists from all around the world, Geni is building the definitive online family tree, which currently has over 70 million living people and their ancestors connected. Once you connect to the world tree, you too can see how you’re related to historical figures and celebrities.

      And to answer your question, George W. Bush is Barack Obama’s 10th cousin once removed! See how here http://geni.com/LLtZ6

  • jennifr1966

    PS I’m online trying to connect Bill Clinton with Amer. Rev.’s James Clinton, who was a high officer. Anybody know?

    • geniblog

      James Clinton is Bill Clinton’s 9th cousin five times removed. Here’s the path http://geni.com/GRS7S

  • WeaselClubber

    This article is extremely incorrect!!!!

  • AB

    I’m George Washington’s cousin 9 times removed! :)

  • Disqusted632

    Cain has a different bloodline than Adam, in the Bible, they are separate, and they say it is because Cain is not Adam’s son, he is Satan’s son, that was the sin in the Garden, Eve had Cain thru Satan and that Cain and Abel were twins with different fathers. It happens even today. So some of the population, the evil ones who want to kill American’s are descended from Cain.

  • Disqusted632

    You can’t get all the various different nationalities from just two people. How do you explain the Indians, blacks, Chinese, etc all coming from two people. Impossible.

  • Disqusted632

    There were other people created besides Adam and Eve.

  • jgoddard

    Pity that most of the posts go off track, and do not see the blood line that controls and rules us all.
    Yes we may have come from Adam and Eve, But, they were thrown out of Eden, and there children found other mates not explained in the bible?
    We also have then to explain why the Egyptians Rulers considered themselves above every one else, and still continued to this day by Royalty. They thought they were demigods, 1/2 human half God or Alien!
    All we have to go on are the cuneiform from Sumer, that pretty much explain everything, but totally ignored by science, history and everything else. What we do know, is this blood line thinks it is special, and YOU are not part of it.

    • teslavate

      — “… and YOU are not part of it.” So then who cares??? If they are so special then why did their blood line end up being a bunch of illiterate desert nerf herders who no one would care or know about even now except for a desiccating climate that allowed their dead to dry out and last longer than every where else. And I may not draw cuneiform pictographs but I do speak and write in fluent North American and belong to a race that put a man on the moon, a working space station in orbit, successfully did heart & organ transplants, created TV, Radio, and the Internet ( though the Al Goreans claim they did it) and made the first Mom’s Apple Pie. So who gives a flea’s flart for being so nerf herder when one can be of the “American Race”, aka Mutts and mixed lineage, simply by jumping into the melting pot.

  • Amirix

    His mom is my great great great great great great great great a lot of greats grandmother

  • Jack Bower

    I’m Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods cousin to! My whole issue with this is he has about 4 or 5 of these people as his 10th cousin trice removed. Maybe it is true that our Presidents are all Lizard Shapeshifters with Royal Bloodline. I just want to know how and we’re is your proof that Obama is kin to any of these people. I thought they have been trying to get his birth certificate for years trying to say he is not an American Citizen. Also how can Obama be his 9th cousin 6 times removed were Abraham Lincoln was his 10th cousin 4 times removed? I’m by no means an expert on this but I would figure that if Obama was his cousin and so was Honest Abe would they not be closer cousins than Obama? I just figured someone that was alive during Civil War would be closer than our current president. Like I said I’m no expert but this seams like it’s to fish in to be true! Plus being a cousin removed however many times is just confusing. So since Obama is African American does this mean somewhere in the family tree was there a slave master who married or had children with a slave to get him in the tree. Sorry this is just way over my head

  • Disqusted632

    We don’t all start from Adam and Eve. There were other creations before Adam and Eve. You can’t get all these nationalities from two people.

  • Disqusted632

    Other races were created separately. It says so in the Bible if you really study it and break it down.

  • The matrix insurgent

    What we are seeing is the “bloodline” of the illuminati, it’s us and “them” they protect their bloodline from us and keep it within “them”. Just ask Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or Bill and Hillary. These are lucifarians folks, they run Hollywood, Washington DC, London, New York and the Vatican. They have sworn to destroy “us” and inherit the earth for themselves as their own heaven. “As above shall be below” a kingdom outside of God’s judgement once they become “immortal” merging with machines or other life extension technology.

    The “Revelation” will be the dawning of the new age, the age of Aquarius, when there’s enough of them and enough of us sympathetic to their cause to reveal themselves. Their Georgia guidestones stated goal to reduce earths population to a mere 500 million means their will only be enough room on earth for their kind, in a one world government a new world order.

    The antichrist will sit in the new Tower of Babel in Strasberg France (UN building) and he will rule all governments until Christ’s return.

    Religion is corrupted pray directly to the creator of all things, for those who teach evolution: how do you “evolve” a rock? If it is created then there is a Creator. Ask for him in your heart and you will know truth