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Posted February 5, 2018 by Amanda | 3 Comments

Geni curator Jarrett Ross, also known as the GeneaVlogger, recently made a great video on how to use Projects on Geni. Projects are a great way to organize your research about any particular topic and work with others who are also interested in that same research topic. By adding relevant profiles to the project, all project collaborators can easily work together to add new discoveries to the World Family Tree.

If you are interested in a particular genealogy research subject, you can quickly start a new project. Once you create the project, you can invite others who may be interested in the same research topic. Remember, before beginning a new project, you should do a quick search to make sure a similar project doesn’t already exist. If you find one that matches, you can simply request to join the project to begin contributing, too!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All projects are public.
  • Only public profiles can be added to projects. Living profiles cannot be added unless they are Master Profiles.
  • You can add any public profile you manage to a project. If you don’t manage the profile, you can send a request to profile managers to add the profile to the project.
  • All project collaborators can edit and merge profiles that have been added to a project.
  • Anyone can create a project for free!

Check out the video below:

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Amanda is the Marketing Communications Manager at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • William Lee

    Hi, whoever manages to access this blogsite. My intention is to communicate to anyone on staff with GENI as I have search and searched for a means of contacting a docent, counselor, editor, etc. to gain help with various anomalies in my own family tree, to no avail. At first, I loved the GENI site for their continual presentation of information about my distant relatives, almost all of which I had already found but, still, that is a great customer satisfying tactic and I started adding to the graphic presentation of my family tree until, a few months later, GENI presented someone else’s Tree that GENI thought was a match to mine and asked me to confirm that it was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that because some of the dates and spouses didn’t agree with my own searches but I found no way to either get help or to notify the other tree from which the info. was drawn or, best of a information (real) person to whom I could describe the contrary information and who could manipulate the Tree application to delete false information or persons who I could prove to be false. So, without a means to correct errors, mine or those of others, I have given up trying to use GENI.
    Maybe I have just missed the right button to push or perhaps others out there have had the same problem and there is no correction button at all. It is a shame to have a likeable genealogical website with such a fatal flaw. I just hope someone who understands what I am saying and knows how to reach this kind of help will respond and show me the way.
    Thank you

    • geniblog

      Hi William, thanks for reaching out! It’s easy for users to help fix errors and communicate with others on Geni. It would help if you clarified what type of match you received, if the incorrect information you found was on a Tree Match (a matching profile on Geni) or on a Smart Match (a matching profile found in MyHeritage’s database). If it is to a tree on Geni, then you can simply contact the profile managers directly by clicking ‘Contact Profile Manager’ on the profile page. This will allow you to send a private message to the profile managers. Or you can start a public discussion from the ‘Discussion’ tab on the profile. If the match was a Smart Match, then you would need to send a message to the site manager on MyHeritage. When you review the match on MyHeritage, there will be a link at the bottom to contact the Site Manager.

      You can also always reach out to a volunteer curator, who are available to help fix mistakes in the World Family Tree. You can post your request in this dedicated public discussion https://www.geni.com/discussions/172007 .

      • William Lee

        Thanks, so much for your response and information. I will try your suggestions for fixing my own errors soon and I appreciate knowing that different maneuvers are required depending on which geological website has presented the information.
        I am embarrassed that I do make errors in inputting data, both in mistyping and by choosing the wrong place to input information and it has been frustrating not to be able to fix these blatant and glaring faux paus.
        I cannot remember the Smart Match that disagreed in so many aspects that I did not want to confirm the match and I didn’t know how to contact someone to reconcile the differences but one of the most recent and glaring error is with my or another person’s error in printing that Abigail Lee is Abigail Lee-Moore’s “WIFE” or vice versa. I will try to retrieve that mix-up myself but feet it will be beyond my skills.
        Thank you