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Posted February 5, 2018 by Amanda | 3 Comments

Geni curator Jarrett Ross, also known as the GeneaVlogger, recently made a great video on how to use Projects on Geni. Projects are a great way to organize your research about any particular topic and work with others who are also interested in that same research topic. By adding relevant profiles to the project, all project collaborators can easily work together to add new discoveries to the World Family Tree.

If you are interested in a particular genealogy research subject, you can quickly start a new project. Once you create the project, you can invite others who may be interested in the same research topic. Remember, before beginning a new project, you should do a quick search to make sure a similar project doesn’t already exist. If you find one that matches, you can simply request to join the project to begin contributing, too!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All projects are public.
  • Only public profiles can be added to projects. Living profiles cannot be added unless they are Master Profiles.
  • You can add any public profile you manage to a project. If you don’t manage the profile, you can send a request to profile managers to add the profile to the project.
  • All project collaborators can edit and merge profiles that have been added to a project.
  • Anyone can create a project for free!

Check out the video below:

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