Rice Pudding Part 2, Quest For Truth

Started by John Smith on Friday, October 25, 2013
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Does Mary Stewart Connect to Reynold Grey Sir Reynold II de Grey, 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn then to Patrick Grey to Jane GREY of TACINDA TUDOR Tacine Grey, of Somerset ? If so, then we have Stewart Blood in the Male Line of ap RICE, Thomas Thomas Rice 1570 descending to Perrott ap RICE 1600 Perrot ap Rice fyi that is joined by My Paternal Great Grandmother Mary Hall Rice Elizabeth Hall . Taken in two steps I hope that is acceptable to way to pose my idea...DCR 1948

My plan is to not say anything regarding living persons of the Hanover/Windsor lines....That would be presumptious since I have no standing in the matter....Some other person looking at Elizabeth LYON1324 as an ancestor to Elizabeth Bose Lyon could make the connection if it PROVES true that our Churchill line does indeed connect at Margaret Wydville Churchill to what GENI says is my 16th Great Grandmother E.Lyon, but I would not make the connection....Is that a proper approach to a very DELICATE connection???One simply does not assert Cousin status no matter how OLD the line might seem on first glance....YES?

I do understand that W, Im simply not willing to say so in Public about the current Queen....That just seems "pleading" to me. DCR

Thankyou W: I would simply never have made the assertion because I do not have standing to do so and once again I am in your debt of Kindness....You are more than PERCEPTIVE and understand a good deal about my reticence where the LIVING are concerned....YES? I am all ears and fingertips again...thanks it means a lot. DCR1948

I think that Mr Dale C. Rice has some of the most thought provoking and intelligent posts that I have read to date.
Reminds me of my dear uncle James Fredrick MacLean....nearly other worldly, often misunderstood.
Kinda Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) like. What would happen to all the techies
if the power went out? Would we still be related? Could we still search for truth?

Thank you HM Olson: I have been punnished most of my life for asking the questions that I did, until I got into law enforecement where I had cover of authority to ask and be answered....You are kind to observe that...not many do fyi DCR1948

You are most welcome.
Also, you may like checking out Homicide Hunter Lt Joe Kenda. He said the other day that "most people in his life when they see him walking down the street, walk the other way because his business is homicide."
Cheers to you and the hunt.

There is another Policeman of some Renoun who has since passed: John Rice of LAPD....had near legendary skills in investigations: Truth be told he was connected to a SPIRIT GUIDE that my father alluded to and solved many crimes, his detective partners had ENORMOUS respect for that skill....me not so much!!! LOL I was at a Christian UNIVErSITY that did not like their Clientelle being caught....and brought before the DEAN of Students....But that's a lifetiime ago and am now engaged on a HUNt for TRUTH in my own Family that goes routinely ignored and often Slurred by my FARM family members....but I do this for our posterity as a gift...Eh? Kind Regards DCR

W: I don't do that. I always close one out and go back...tedious I know but I lose data otherwise....It's the PRocedural steps to transfer data that seem to elude me....push control , left click, then scan....So DCR

Did you really just say that?
Your kidding, right?

Yes, I agree: Not a problem, H....it's fine I have a blind spot that W is aware of and Im all ears and fingertips again....DCR

No worries: I just had it explained to me by the owner of the Machine Im on....File, new window and click....I can do that yes....DCR

I suppose not: I currently go to the window for persons and type in the name but if they are not on my FOLLOW list I can't access them...I have added many new names that allow me back into the window....The answer is NO.

I will open a new file to do what? DCR

Correct! FYI...your answers are not posting until I go up to discussions which show 0 and click on them....then I see you have answered...that's a delay...in communications....

Will do! DCR

I have opend a second window by typing www.Geni.com and come back to this discussion.....to click the RED dot upper left will take me back to the same page? DCR

HM: you may contact me privately: dalecrice@live.com anytime: Regards DCR

UmmmmOkay, I need to BREAK for LUNCH with partner back after 4PM /west coast time...Kind regards to all, and have the Peace that you want!!! DCR

Okay, let me process your information...and I did notice that the Red one cancels out the window...I'll see if it's the green one that Im to use....Unexpected company and late Lunch with Family....on days off It is not OKAY for me to hibernate with the GENI machine.....I know you get that...Again thanks, I'll experiment with the TAB and see what works and ask my advisor on this end...He was not aware that I did not know....LOL sometimes information can change a perspective but I am FEARLESS NOW!!! Cheers. DCR

DONE!!!!! I have two geni pages open at the same time....TAB did not work opening a WINDOW allows me to have both on screen....so now I can respond here and search for people....yes? DCR

W.: I just found the Mayor of London that my father told me about fyi it's Michael Locke who married Jane North mother of Frances Hertherington, and the direct Blood descendent of the Roger Mortimer Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore line.....So this Mayor of London contemporary of Henry Tudor is a clue I've been searching for just FYI...DCR

YES, clicked triangle, went to screen search typed in William Locke and took me there immediately...have it on the right side of my screen as we speak DCR

It came up and it's all in blue, showing the Blood and marriage connections are all connected....very awesome page fyi

YES, I found the button on the right side of page, and shows Sir William Locke, Alerman of London is DALE C. Rice 8th cousin 10 times removed all in Blue....DCR


Is there something else you want me to do? I can repeat this process....with a name that I have not tagged as "follow"....that's how reasearch is really done isn't it? DCR

I got the first URL transferred but the file of Wm. Lock changed to the actual file which is what moved....I was able to see the entire relational fire move, but because the page was not blank it sat there and disappeared....I can try again.....I will work on this later....sorry I have to attend to my responsibliities here for a while....KIND REGARDS DCR

Okay, second try is the CHARM: Fully transferred all the data fields by just using the URL it all moved across....Pretty sure I can repeat the process with two pages open now....I can see how to make my readings on the Foramen Magnum and early Humans part of the discussion on Picts, Celts, and earliest arrivers with O pos or Neg. Blood.....I did not see any response to that posting so I took it down, thinking no one believed me....DCR

Okay: Well perhaps tomorrow is a better time since it is late New York time....I really don't know where you are so forgive my assumption....I thought the picture was of Central Park above your name....I'll ask about Cut and Paste tomorrow...as I don't know that proceedure either....but I have the other down alright....Regards DCR

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