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Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, February 23, 2018
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Private User -- I looked at the profile you want unmerged, and I undeleted several profiles near it that you had deleted; these all look like legitimate merges.

Why is it that you want him unmerged? It looks like the deleted profiles need simply to get merged, and the tree cleaned up.

Please help , I tried mergin, its said there was a bug.. now ,, no matter what I try ,, I keep getting worse.... please help,,, its when I added ,,, Miguel Aguiar. he has two wives, Victoria(n1st) and Maria de Jesus da Sousa (2nd wife) ----... and Maria de Jesus da Sousa Parents are Manuel da Sousa and Barbara de Medeiros --- then Miguel Aguiar parents are Matias De Aguiar and Maria de Jesus... Victoria Maria (1st wife) her parents are Antonio Viveiros and Antonia de Jesus Cabeceiras.... Please and thank you

@Anne Brannen - My Apologies, I should have given you more information. I have done some more research, and found that Mathilda was not the daughter of Jonas and Lisa Stina or anyone else in their trees. I need to remove the relationship between Mathilda and Jonas, and between Mathilda and Lisa Stina.

Private User — I detached her. See if it’s ok now.

Private User — see if things are better now. You may still have to add parents to some people, but if the lines are untangles that will be ok.

Private User — it’s not a bad merge; the merges are solid down the line.

So if N,N, Murray isn’t a wife of John Stephen’s, she simply needs to be detached.

But are the children hers? Or are they John Stephen’s?

If they are John Stephen’s, is his wife their mother?

@Anne Brannen - Many Thanks!

She was a Geni user herself, so you need to report her as deceased to ask Geni staff to close her account. Just use Report/Deceased in the actions menu on her profile to do that..

Thanks, Bjørn!

If someone dies, then their family tree must disappear?

As closing your own account: only if they are in a standalone tree with no other users..

For Solveigs case Ann Elisabeth will get back the management of the profile she initially added, and probably the 8 managed profiles Solveig have as a close family member.

Deleting any profiles in this case is not an alternative since Solveig is sharing the tree with 151 other Geni users, so deleting any profile will ruin their tree as well.

Yes now it's great , thank you

Hello Curators.
I wonder if anyone can help me?
Accepted a person as Admin for a profile I administrate by a mistake, and I would like to remove the person as administrator. How does i do this? (Not able to do it through the admin option menu, as there is no "x" next to the person's (I wan't to remove) name.
Hope this makes sense, and that you are able to help me.
Thank you

There will be an "X" if you are within the Profile's Max Family, and the other Person is not.
If you are not within the Profile's Max Family, then there will not be an "X" next to anyone but yourself. If the other person is within the Max Family of the Profile, then you will not see an "X" to delete them, even if you are within the Max Family.
If you do not see the "X", then there is no way you yourself can delete a person as a Manager
- do not know if a Curator can do so.
If they are vandalising, then you may be able to appeal to Customer Service.
I think they are the same

Thanks for the help

Could someone please complete this merge?

Thank you!

Private User -- done

Thanks Angus
I think also these 2 are the same person

Thanks in advance

I think there was a bad merge on her profile. The data in her "about me" doesn't match the data fields, Her last name is supposed to be Sweek, but she has parents with the last name of Chamberlin. Would someone please check?

Rachael Kerr

It appears the "family link" has Rachael's husbands information in it. She is listed as a (Sweek)Kerr. The parents and sibling in the text belong to her husbands family. It appears they about me was filled in with a cut/paste from her husband David.

I've seen this a lot where there is limited or no information other than for the spouse.

It appeared to be a mis-connected branch merged in on the husband; a case of several generations of father/son with same name, and it's easy to get the wrong pairing when one branch doesn't have dates.

Please merge


Jaideep Edathil Korembeth

Please merge


Private User

I need to merge this profile
with Private
Also for her children and grandchildren. Her daughters I added and they need to be merged with the existing profiles.
Please explain how do I get to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren who are already in geni without duplicating and adding tthem myself.
Thank you.

Jill Frances Meron

Please check it out now

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