Susanna Orndorf Graff (Kundig) - Susanna Orndorff

Started by Jen Hill on Friday, August 23, 2019
8/23/2019 at 8:15 AM

Hello, just an FYi, I left a discussion over on Joseph R Hans Conrad Graf/Groff? that also has Our Susanna Orndorff Bio & Our Hans Graf/Groff death date on her I informed them, not sure how they got mixed up but I left links to Our Family here...

1st. The History Of Western Maryland [His Grandson Jacob Groff/Grove Moved There & written about] here is "The Grove Family" Page in it...

2nd. "Genealogy of the Grove and Groves family" by Groves, George N c.1941 PGS 7 & 27/28

3rd. His Memorial with Wife & Children Attached w/ headstone photos..

Hans has 2 Susanna's attached to him on find a grave, Kendig & Orndorf, [KENDIG Notes;Came to Pennsylvania with her husband in 1703 or 1704; perhaps her surname is unknown and that Hans Jagli Kündig and Elsbeth Meili, reputed parents of Susanna had no daughter Susanna, and the father of Hans Jagli was Jorg Kündig.]
at the PA Archives Hans Graf Document link I left above just states "Susanna Orndorff" & folks in my Branch are adding the "Kendig" when they should not be. [unless Proof has been disclosed]

here is the Matching Profile on here to your Susanna Orndorf Kendig Susannah Orendorf Groff (Graf)

Thank You For Your Time, Jen Hill

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