Engelram de Alfreton - Sourcing & connecting ? Effort needed for this line

Started by Erica Howton on Saturday, October 12, 2019
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On printed page 60, pdf Page 10, are mentioned the daughters of William Fitz Ralf (the seneschal!). Edelina married Hubert fits Ralph of Crich.

I can’t explain the list serv reference to Somerville, except if they’re mixing up first names, or if Somerville’s wife wasn’t a Boteler.

http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bobwolfe/gen/mn/m26827x26883.htm Presents a thorough article on Hubert fitz Ralph.

Those links support William's daughter Edelina being married to Hubert FitzRalph, for sure, and not to be confused with the Edelina who was married to Rogert Somerville, I. I just can't find anything about the unnamed 5th daughter of WIlliam's who married a seemingly different Roger Somerville. Maybe those details will turn up in future research when I get around to working on my Somerville lines.

You can’t find anything because she didn’t exist. :). IMO she’s a mixup with Edeline de Boteler.

There are a lot a lot a lot of errors in medieval genealogy.

Oh, ok. Well, at least that ends that search! lol

Showing 61-65 of 65 posts

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