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Started by Mike Stangel on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Livio Scremin What about locking in Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Reine consort de France et de Navarre as without husband or parents but as mother of Unknown Profile.

Unknown Profile You are trying to add a disputed pedigree to geni. Please present facts within your profile for the claims made.

To be clearer - Unknown Profile is now relationship locked without parents or husband but with a child Marie D’Bourbon

I’m also detaching the image of Marie Antionette.

@Erica just to not waste your time, you must know that 7 other points were cut to that user with royal lines from half Europe... there will surely be others.

Gives us a chance to relationship lock these “old” MPs. I’ll “follow” his activity.

Please complete the merge.

Cintha W. Darby

Incorrect Parents (2 Sets of Parents)

These two profiles each, incorrectly, have two sets of parents.

Mary Adams
Richard Adams

This is an inadvertent merge error I think.

In the "Relationships" tab I click the checkbox in the "Remove" column to the right of the wrong set of parents and I then click remove. It fails to remove the incorrect parents, saying
"Warning: Removing these connections will split the tree."

I also tried using the "assign parents" in the merge tool

Frustratingly, I get "Sorry can't do. This will split the tree."

The incorrect parents are absurd - the mother is born after the daughter.

Best I could do was set the wrong parents to "Foster".

Can any one remove the relationship to the wrong set of parents please (marked as "Foster" parents).

Thank you.

Private User - done.

Keith Porritt - done.

Keith Porritt,

In cases like this you can try to set the correct parents by going to tree view and move the child to EACH of the correct parents and specify it is a child (even when those parents are already visible as parents) when you have done that refresh the screen.
It very many cases that will work, if not ask for assistence here.

Continues to be a problem of people adding to popular, curated, profiles.
Why are these profiles NOT locked? Once a profile is complete, why do Geni users continue to fiddle with them and mess them up? It is like Sisyphus

My rant for the year.

Especially pertains to Moorman today. So frustrating. Nice to "meet" new cousins but I am tired of cleaning up messes.

- We didn’t have relationship locking until,2016 so there are many MPs to apply that too, and each MP needs review first, of course

- the message of the single tree you can “hook onto” may not be clear enough. What can we do to make that better ?

Re: "- the message of the single tree you can “hook onto” may not be clear enough. What can we do to make that better ?" -- I have absolutely. No idea what that is referring to

I worked really hard on sorting them last year and have been excited and pleased to see them MP’d but they are almost as popular here as they are on FS and I was mistaken to assume the MP flag would “set” them. They are constantly being added to. A lot of people have worked to make and keep them correct but they are constantly being changed by folks who do not know how to add or merge. I am very patient and willing to help but I cannot understand why some profiles seem to be in need of constant correction. What can be done to prevent this?
Erica Howton, perhaps a lock now at 1700? Maybe a BETTER duplicates recognition? These are fairly newly MP’d. There is already a REQUEST TO MERGE to “hook in” for some profiles managed by folks with private trees and for some of the locked profiles.... last time I asked for a profile to be locked, I got lectured.... I understand that there are many schools of thought and diverse opinions.... I am just tired of reinventing the wheel... Is a profile is complete? Lock it. A new Geni user wants to add their line or discovers they are a DNA match or whatever? Let them ask to “hook in”. Is that a viable solution?

Although there's no such thing as "complete" in genealogy, which is why we're exceedingly reluctant to lock an *entire* profile, there are certainly cases where we can be pretty certain that we have individual aspects -- particularly the data fields and relationships -- correct beyond dispute.

In those cases, we need truly firm citations in order to lock those individual fields and/or relationships. If you're providing highest-quality sources for those fields, you should note that in your MP request -- "Please MP ________, and also lock the birth and death dates and locations, since I've uploaded the certificates and tagged them."

Locking relationships and blocking merges can have unintentional effects in the tree and lead to bigger messes, which is why we rarely invoke that tool. I've been a curator for nine years and only have one cluster of profiles with locked relationships, and those locks create a *lot* of extra work for me as the curstor. So if you want relationships locked, you'll need to 1) request that at the same time you ask for the MP and 2) clearly explain why you feel the locks are needed.

Hi, Please assist and merge the duplicate profile of and his siblings and parents,

Yuval - I have requested merges for the managers or other family members to complete

Achilles Moorman is a curated profile. Someone gave him an extra wife and duplicate children. I cannot merge them and I cannot disconnect them.
Please fix him?

Ewold de Wit was merged with Ewold Ebels Jager and it created all kinds of confilcts. Can you please unmerge?

Ewold Ebels Jager

Ewold Ebels Jager
mentioned in the record of Hiltje Hekkema and Fritzer Jager

Name: Ewold Ebels Jager
Sex: Unknown
Spouse: Willemke Fritzers de Wit
Child: Fritzer Jager
Other information in the record of Hiltje Hekkema and Fritzer Jager
from Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Vital Records, 1600-2000

Fritzer Jager
Event Type:
Event Date:
19 Jun 1866
Event Place:
Aduard, Groningen, Nederland
Birth Year (Estimated):
Oostwold gem. Leek
Father's Name:
Ewold Ebels Jager
Father's Occupation:
Mother's Name:
Willemke Fritzers de Wit
Spouse's Name:
Hiltje Hekkema
Spouse's Gender:
Spouse's Age:
Spouse's Occupation:
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Father's Name:
Gerrit Johannes Hekkema
Spouse's Father's Occupation:
Spouse's Mother's Name:
Geertje Jakobs Datema
Spouse's Mother's Occupation:

Thank you

Private User, I will undo the merge for you, but Private User has done many changes after the merge. Perhaps you should contact her.

@Job Waterreus

I can't contact her, she blocked me, said I was stalking her and messing up her family tree.

Private User,

I put the information you posted here in the profile so hopefully that will help a bit.
Hopefully she will not merge those profiles again.

@Job Waterreus

I went in and made a bunch of corrections. Had to add his other spouse and set the children to the correct parents. Using smart copy from my heritage creates a lot of errors on the profiles.

I know, it would help if users did some checks on sources before copying from each others trees.

Is this the right place to rewuest someone look at a merge request i sent awhile ago? Managers seem to be inactive. I've also requested merges on his parents, however his mother's profile have slightly different birthdates on each profile and as each manager is inactive i don't think a request to reconcile the data will achieve anything either. If anyone can take a look at this I'd appreciate the help to get this merge done so that both can connect to the world tree

Peter James Davidson

Multiple merges completed. Please check. If any corrections need to be made in dates and places that you can't make please let me know.

Is there a curator that would merge a French Canadian tree, please?

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