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Started by Mike Stangel on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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Would someone PLEASE fix the following profiles parents...

Margaret Campbell

Private User Done.

Private User, done. Please check that everything is in order.

Diana Collins Done.

Thanks Tamas!

Can this manager's tree be marked for deletion? It's not in the WT and her only added 19 profiles and there are no dates and no mothers. It might match a tree I have, but I can't tell for sure, so it's probably better to just delete it, because it's missing too much data.

David Carnahan

Thank you JC I have followed your instructions and will wait to see if they allow me to take over the profiles that she “managed” when she was alive. I appreciate your help and guidance. Thanks again!

I recently uploaded a GEDCOM file without my father and I (living relatives). The tree asked me to pick a profile as a manager which I choose within the tree - of course this has created major problems. My profile is LBienke - my name is Lesley Amato (nee Bienke). The account manager profile is in the place of my 3rd grandfather Friedrick Wilhelm Bienke, married to Wilhelmina Schultz. I have tried reassigning, I can not delete tree and start again and now my father and grandfather are placed above my 3rd Great Grandather. What a mess. Please Help.

Mike Stangel -- see message above from Private User -- is there a way to fix GEDCOM import or directions to avoid that sort of problem?
And if she hasn't been helped, can you help her?

I am fine with the tree being deleted and I will reload a GEDCOM with my father and I already in it. The problem was I loaded a tree without my father and I as living relatives.

Please complete the merge. He was in this tree and I disconnected him, before I realized he had the correct father, just the wrong mother.

LeStrange Vallette

Tonnis Scheeringa

There were revisions done on this profile and all it says is by GENI and it made some errors and wrong connections. Here is the information that I found for Tonnis Scheeringa and Lamke Meinema marriage.

Tonnis Scheeringa
Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Vital Records, 1600-2000

Tonnis Scheeringa
Event Type:
Event Date:
24 Apr 1875
Event Place:
Marum, Groningen, Nederland
Birth Year (Estimated):
Father's Name:
Hendrik Hotzes Scheeringa
Father's Occupation:
Mother's Name:
Martje Willems Snip
Mother's Occupation:
Spouse's Name:
Lamke Meinema
Spouse's Gender:
Spouse's Age:
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Father's Name:
Jan Meinema
Spouse's Father's Occupation:
Spouse's Mother's Name:
Marike IJpma

Private User

Lamke was married to the wrong Tonnis.

I corrected to Tonnis Hemke Scheeringa

@Private User

Thank you

I would like to fix or delete this above mentioned tree prior to 5pm tomorrow as I am doing an online chat with an historical society for National Family Histroy Month tomorrow night and the presenter is a huge fan of Geni - I had not used it previously.
Kind regards, Lesley

Private User curators can't delete trees, only staff can do that. What curators are really good at is fixing messy trees.

It certainly looks confusing. Where was the gedom imported from, is it online?

Alex Moes - see you responding to. Private User above -- do not know as you noticed her earlier post. - hope you can help her be herself, not her ancestor

Thanks Private User I did find the earlier posts and also saw your tagging of Mike. I have dismantled her tree and rebuilt it based on the MyHeritage tree that she manages. I also got her merged into the World Tree and set up a merge with another isolated tree from last year created by a cousin(?) of hers.

Private User I think it's all sorted now, or at least matching your MH tree! Welcome to Geni

Please undo the last merge on this profile.

Here is the profile's address: Grace Livingstone

Dovid Rosenbaum ... those two merges look to be consistent; why do they need unmerged?

Daniel Louis Sapphire ... unmerge started.

Dan Cornett

I was informed by one of the managers that the merge was not correct. Indeed the names of the mothers and husbands are not consistent. The problem existed before my merge but I think my merges need to be undone first.

Would a curator please assist on Dr. William Parker and William Henry Parker

I believe William Parker's parents are John and Anna Barbara Parker while William Henry Parker's parents are Henry and Ann Parker. If agreed, please assign correct parents. If not me know and I'll keep searching! Thanks!

Please set the parents. I think the relationship is locked.

Lt. John Adam Keith

Thank you Alex Moes. I can see you have been very busy helping me. I uploaded my Gedcom file from a small and focused tree named Bienke Family Tree on Ancestry. I was surprised you could download the My Heritage tree. Now that the full comprehensive tree is on Geni I will see what I can do here. Thank you once again Alex.

Private User,
You may want to look at to give you a bit more information on the process of importing a GEDCOM file into Geni.

I came across and incorrect merge on William Patterson. Please undo.

Private User,

I've undone that one for you. There may be another one that needs to be undone on a wife.

They also may have been correct, but I'll leave that up to you.


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