Welf I, count in Swabia - Couple of issues that need to be resolved

Started by Keri Denise Jackson on yesterday
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yesterday at 4:11 AM

Welf I, count in Swabia had a birth date after his parent's (Ermenane) death date.
Tip: Correct the birth date of Welf I, count in Swabia (born 776) or check the death date of Ermenane (died 770).

Welf I, count in Swabia has a marriage event listed in his profile prior to his own birth date.
Tip: Go to the profile of Welf I, count in Swabia and review his birth date (776) and event timeline.

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yesterday at 9:34 AM

All you need to do on any of these with consistency issues is Google to try to find sourced references on the dates if anything is available. A child can be born after the father has died, in the right time frame, but never after the mother has died and people don't get married before they're born. So clearly that is all out of whack.

yesterday at 10:49 AM

Thank you Debbie Gambrell # MG870593C1, mtDNA H2a1 and Carl Gustav Verbraeken . Debbie Gambrell # MG870593C1, mtDNA H2a1 yes it is possible for a child to be born after the death of a father (up to nine months after actually) but unless I'm missing something Ermenane is his mother. Yep it is out of whack for sure. This is the way I have been told to do it. :) Some if not a lot of the profiles are locked so no one can just change information.:)

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