Charlemagne - 35th Great Grandfather.

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27.5.2022 в 6:34 после полудня

Charlemagne is your 35th great grandfather.
→ David Ronald Davis
your father → Elizabeth Jane Davis
his mother → Elsie Vernor Horn
her mother → William Ambrose Redding
her father → William Alfred Redding
his father → Delphia Brown
his mother → Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Brown
her mother → Anne Seale
her mother → John Bristow
her father → Robert Clifton Bristow, of Virginia and London
his father → John Bristow
his father → William Bristow
his father → Avis Bristowe
his mother → Katherine Budd
her mother → Richard Saunders (1452)
her father → Joan Saunders, of Surrey
his mother → Thomas Carew
her father → Nicholas de Carew, MP of Beddington Surrey
his father → Nicholas de Carew, Keeper of the Privy Seal
his father → Sir Thomas Carew
his father → Avice de Carew
his mother → Sir Nicholas Martin
her father → Baron Nicholas Martin
his father → William Martin, Baron of Dartington & Blagdon
his father → William FitzMartin, Lord of Cemais
his father → Lord Robert FitzMartin, Baron of Blagdon
his father → Martyn de Tours, Gen. and 1st Baron of Kemys
his father → Nicholas de Caineis
his father → Robert de Caineis
his father → Odo I, count of Blois
his father → Luitgarde of Vermandois
his mother → Héribert II, count of Vermandois
her father → Héribert I de Vermandois, comte de Vermandois, Senlis, Péronne
his father → Pépin II, lord of Péronne
his father → Bernard, King of Lombardy
his father → Pépin, king of Italy
his father → Charlemagne
his father

27.5.2022 в 7:32 после полудня

33rd ggf
(But honestly, just about everybody can trace their line back to him 🤷🏻‍♀️)

27.5.2022 в 7:55 после полудня

Yep, he’s the father of most people with European roots.My 33rd great grandfather.

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27.5.2022 в 9:49 после полудня

Not my grt grandfather
Not my husband 's.
Not my brother in law's
Do believe the line to Charlemagne via created genealogy for most .

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27.5.2022 в 10:38 после полудня

Well basically if you can trace any ancestor back to before about 1400 then you probably have a noble ancestor, and pretty much all nobles were intermarried and that often links to someone royal and all the royals were certainly intermarried across Europe at least and in that way can trace back to Charlemagne at least in one way.

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27.5.2022 в 10:44 после полудня

And Phillipp, I see that you are my 27th cousin once removed, and I am descended from Charlemagne on both sides of my family so there is a pretty strong chance that you are related to him too somehow, cheers and nice to meet you!

27.5.2022 в 10:44 после полудня
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27.5.2022 в 11:00 после полудня

Sheldon - yes related to Charlemagne.

27.5.2022 в 11:51 после полудня

Charles"the Great" King of France, Roman Emperor is my 33 rd great grandfather.

вчера в 12:16 до полудня

Beata Barbara Anna Szadkowska
Ty → Witali Vasilescu
your father → Dagmara Daria Vasilescu
his mother → Otto* Johann Karl von Oettingen
her father → Anna Beate von Ewers
his mother → Dorothea Christina Eleonore von Ewers
her mother → Anton Friedrich von Maydell
her father → Ernst Gustav von Maydell
his father → Anna Margaretha von Treyden
his mother → Adam Johann von Treyden
her father → Hans von Treyden, a. Kurnal u. Lehhet
his father → Dorothea von Rosen
his mother → Cav. Capt. Robrecht von Rosen, till Sonorm
her father → Johan von Rosen, to Sonorm
his father → Hans von Rosen
his father → Jürgen l von Rosen
his father → N.N. von Tiesenhausen
his mother → Bartłomiej Tyzenhauz, of Kokenhausen
her father → Jan Tyzenhauz
his father → Jan Tyzenhauz
his father → Hildegunde Buxhövden
his mother → Albert von Buxhoeveden, I
her father → Albert Graf von Jerichow
his father → Siegfried I av Orlamünde, Herzog
his father → Adalbert II, count of Ballenstedt.
his father → Matilda of Swabia
his mother → Gerberge of Burgundy
her mother → Mathilde de France, Reine Consort des Deux-Bourgognes
her mother → Louis IV, king of West Francia
her father → Charles III the Simple, king of the Franks
his father → Louis II the Stammerer, king of the West Franks
his father → Charles II "the Bald", Western Emperor
his father → Louis I, The Pious
his father → Charlemagne
his father
Huge family :)))

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вчера в 12:20 до полудня

Isn't this a fantastic discussion point - thanks for more spam.
Please could any available curators fix this fake path.
John Bristow was born in Probably Enfield - Probably Not. No records, no evidence, fake.
Robert Clifton Bristow, of Virginia and London
If he was born in Hertford then the entry would eb in the baptism register and it is not, so his parents are unknown. Please detach. The line to Charlemagne is fake,.
The supposed father
John Bristow was supposedly born and died in Hampshire and the mother elsehwere, neither of them apparently ever set foot in Hertford, and they were not the parents. Please detach.
The supposed parents were from 21 miles away and there is no evidence that they were the parents, they were just picked from an on-line selection of names available to create fake trees.
William Bristow already wrong, has fake parents from another county
John Bristowe
also selected from the fake your own tree fatabase.
with a fake father from Hertfordshire
John Bristow
who flew back and forth to Hampshire in a private jet.
His fake father Thomas Bristowe
flew British Ariways.
I'm waiting for more spam from the curse of My Royal Bloodlines, which should be closed down by Geni Management.

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вчера в 12:35 до полудня

Hi Rod -- so you see this discussion very relevant not spam
This way fake lines exposed.
What I see there are no "Royals " without common old garden variety ancestors.
No Royal blood lines exist .

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вчера в 12:41 до полудня

With more DNA test being done in future more connections going to be proved and confirmed.
Plus many others going to be disproved with DNA .
Like with Ghengis Khan currently 5 different ydna haplogroups yet can only be one .

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вчера в 12:51 до полудня

ROD --Have a relative with I-M253 YDNA haplogroup.
Matches in South Africa, Sicily, Normandy ,Iceland ,Sweden , Scotland, England and Denmark.
So did his ancestors travel with the Concord ?
No just by boat.
Ny own family 1600's Weyers went to Englabd a Protestant refugee. Now I match people considered Englsh with DNA.
No space travel or EasyJet involved.
Jeish relatives in Ireaknd we share the same grt grt grandfather Hendrik Jacobs.
People do get around

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вчера в 12:55 до полудня

My Husband grt grt grandfather Ordemann buried in Riensberg ,Germany , his brother in Melbourne ,Oz the other brother in Auckland ,NZ .
No Airplanes used.
I even have a relative in Timor from 1700's

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вчера в 1:01 до полудня

ROD --Even have relatives appear on Census records 1800s UK yet impossible to find baptisms for them.
Just because a baptisms record not found does not prove the individual did not exist. Iften parents nentioned elsewhere : a marriage ,as witnesses on a child's baptism on a Death Notice ?
FIRE , War ,Floods all have impact

вчера в 2:12 до полудня

Cool I think he is my 36 great grandfather. Do you live in the US. I live in Canada.

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вчера в 3:31 до полудня

What I am seeing is a major confusion between lineages, between many countries. Such as Frederick Von, is a royal name used in over twenty royal households widely throughout Europe. We find these names as examples are in, England, Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Sweden, and many more. Hundreds of Fredrick's, Elizabeths, etc., throughout history. This is why it is important for DNA testing because this will line up each sequence to provide linage accuracies. I have 37 inconstancies to my lineage; these do not belong to me, so I haven't tried to change them.
your father → Roger Grandpa
his father → Willard STODDARD
his father → Willard STODDARD
his father → Sylvia Chase
his mother → Isaac CHASE
her father → Timothy CHASE
his father → Hulda Winslow
his mother → John WINSLOW
her father → Lt. Job Winslow
his father → Kenelm WINSLOW
his father → Edward WINSLOW
his father → Kenelm Winslow, of Kempsey & Worcester
his father → Thomas Winslow, of Severn Stoke & Kempsey
his father → Lady Cecelia Tansley
his mother → Agnes de la Spine
her mother → Katherine Holt
her mother → Alianore Durvassal
her mother → Rose de Montfort
her mother → William DE MOUNTFORT
her father → Richard DE MONTFORT
his father → Simon DE MONTFORT
his father → Alix de Montmorency
his mother → Bouchard V DE MONTMORENCY
her father → Alix FitzRoy
his mother → Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England
her father → Matilda of Flanders
his mother → Baldwin V, count of Flanders
her father → Baldwin IV the Bearded, count of Flanders
his father → Rozala of Italy
his mother → Berengar II OF IVREA
her father → Gisela of Friuli
his mother → Berengar I, emperor of the Romans
her father → Giséle of Cysoing
his mother → Louis I, The Pious
her father → Charlemagne - 742 A.D - 35th
his father → Pépin III, King of the Franks
his father → Charles Martel
his father → Pépin ll D'HÉRISTAL 640-714 a.d.
his father → Ansegisel DE METZ 610 - 662 a.d.
his father → Saint Arnoul, Bishop of Metz 582 -640 a.d. 30th great grandfather

вчера в 3:51 до полудня

Hi, William, Totally agree with you! I'm trying to figure out how to use my DNA to create my family tree. Any suggestions of websites to use that enable one to build a tree using DNA? It's far too difficult to randomly click on a profile and check to see if they have DNA on file. I've used and "famous" as a way to filter. Otherwise, there are far too many in the database to even know where to start with matches.

вчера в 4:58 до полудня

“Charlemagne is your 32nd great grandfather”

The roots penetrated South America thru noble spaniards.

вчера в 11:29 до полудня

He was my 36th. Do the math. How many forefathers and mothers would there be if a new blood line hooked up going back to 750-800 AD. 38 to the power of 2 = 274,877,906,944.00 there were not even close to that many humans on the planet at that time. Here is another mind-bender go back further in time let's say 38 generations from King Charles of the franks. His 36th GG grandfather. 1300 years to 550BC there were not another 274.878 billion people on the planet. So there were a lot of cousins going into each other. wow no different than today. even says so in the bible the Jews all intermarried the Benjaminites too, hell all 12 tribs practiced that. Had something to do with perfectionism. what a joke there is not one perfect man on the planet. The one and only GOD man Yeshua/Jesus Resurrected on the 3rd day believe that. seek Him and you shall be saved.

вчера в 5:05 после полудня

Charlemagne is my 33ggf, with wife HIldegard of Vinzgouw also 33ggm, I also have Regina one of his Partners, She is my 36th ggm,

вчера в 5:31 после полудня

So 32nd great grandson is the nearest around town?

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