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Started by Private User on Wednesday, April 21, 2010
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at 158, I'm just getting started..... even with 10 new ones today spawned from this thread :-)

I think I have a record........a mere 82 collaborators! Do I win the wooden spoon?!! :)

I should have given congratulations to @Harald Tveit Tveit as my 200th collaborator!

"when you send out the next list, can you draw a line separating additions (and withdrawals, if any) since your previoius one?"

Yes... I will. Don't know when, exactly the next one will come out though.

Jason P Herbert


Liv G.Berg

I agree too. I have just discovered family menbers back to the 16th Century through collaboration.


I have 144 and, thanks to this new pool idea, growing by leaps and bounds.

I'm also willing to join: Private User

And in keeping with the new tradition of Bjorn and Henn, Thank you Pentti Aleksi Пентти Алекси Флегонтвитс Flegontson Реппянен Röppänen for being my 200th collaborator! This is a great idea!! Now if we can actually channel all this potential into solving the merge piles, we all will have really accomplished a notable goal. Thanks again for all of us who are willing to "come out of the woodwork" (a saying here in America, meaning make yourself known). :-))

@Knud Munk

@Kevin Grey Pearce

I am in
Kjell Odding

This is great! I will accept all collaboration requests originating from people who have posted their names in this Pool.

@Gwyneth McNeil

@Ørjan Nilssen

I am at 876 and counting.

count me in
@Kris Stewart

For this this page, it seemed that perhaps there are less and less space for the original, to gather my family, a family tree to hopefully delight of my children grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and not a gathering place for the earth is not thereby said that much of the road is very interesting, but please fill slightly smaller, use any. your own page
Good summer to you all

well, my children and family have been delighted to discover their relationships to Vikings, kings, and Adam himself - building on the work of others has given me (and them) great joy.

We have been fruitful and filled up the Earth - now let's map the space we have filled!

Same here, Harald. I am positively over the moon to discover all these fabulous "ghosts from the past".. It's particularly poignant for me, as I have lost so many of my close relatives, i.e. parents, my brother, nieces and nephews. Therefore, to discover so many living cousins and other relatives, and to be able to map our collective past is a wonderful thing, and one which fills me with joy. :)

@Tina Shupp Roth

Sure count me in. I find this stuff fascinating.

@bruce gross

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