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Started by David Embrey on Friday, August 20, 2010
Problem with this page?


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correction: Erica (with a "c") sorry (ooops!!)

Two observations - first i cannot go to the second page of my Tree conflicts, and secondly when I clear data conflicts, the count does not change.

Your first observation: I noted that in post 26 of this thread.
Your second observation: does the count reset if you exit and then re-enter the merge centre?

Yes, the count does reset if I exit and re-enter. In contrast to the tree conflicts which count down when I refresh.

I've confirmed the issues with moving through pages on the tree conflict tab and on the nearby merge issues list. We'll have those fixed soon.

Günther Kipp When you approve a merge, if you only have permission on one side, it will remain in the merge center for those on the "other" side until they approve. The nearby merge issues list still includes all merges, even those you have approved.

I'm not sure I understand your collaborators issue.

Geni help answer to the merge center problem that Noah said had been resolved. This was sent before Noahs message!! Lots of help!

Thank you for contacting Geni. Please note that upon review of your account we were unable to recreate or see the issue you stated below. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact us.

Eldon Lester Clark sorry about that - our help team has been a bit swamped. They are finally catching up, once they do they'll be able to give appropriate attention to your issues.

@noah I don't know how many times I have asked for help and got the same answer. I have an issue still ongoing and got that answer about it yesterday but the issue is still there.

I just sent this help request, ongoing problem. I have to go to the bottom of the page to find an actual merge.
Please can we get the merge center to refresh properly so when you click on a possible you actually have a match to act on. Not a "No results found. Try changing your search criteria."This has been going on for weeks Maybe it would be better to fix problems first then worry about changes and"enhancements".

I strongly agree with you. Seems that there are a lot of changes being made. The no results found can be fustrating, especially when you know that one has added that information quite recently.

Still problems with the merge center. Tree matches not updating, had at least five blank pages. Merge requests shows twelve but there are none

I'm having the same prob's, Eldon.

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