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Started by Erica Howton on Thursday, December 9, 2010


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12/9/2010 at 11:02 AM

The image has been changed by the curator to a neutral and accurate one, so I am removing it from the project.

George 'Chief of All' Sizemore

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12/9/2010 at 1:08 PM

But what about other images under the Media tab for that person?


Do we only care about the main profile image or also other images on Geni claiming to be the person?

12/9/2010 at 1:08 PM

Unfortunately only the manager can remove it. A curator can add one on top though.

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12/9/2010 at 5:51 PM

I changed the profile image and none of the inaccurate ones were deleted. This should not have been removed from the project.

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12/9/2010 at 5:52 PM

Additionally I see I was removed as a manager.

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12/9/2010 at 8:32 PM

I think what we are finding is that removing photos is quite difficult. Let's use this project to build up a group of profiles with issues as step 1, and not worry too much at this stage about removing photos.

Maybe when this project gets more traction, someone will spot those images and work out who they really belong to.

We should also be encouraging people to tag images with information on when and where they were taken, with a source as well as information on who is in the photo. Then when photos accidentally get put with the wrong profile, there may be more hope of fixing.

That way we will improve things all round, and not just on this profile.

What do others think?

12/10/2010 at 10:32 AM

The manager of the image can be contacted by geni-mail -- or a comment made in the photo guestbook.

One of my hopes for this project was to work out some good wording to point out errors, and another aspect was to do good attribution when loading in a photo to begin with. (Two separate sub projects, in my mind.)

Adam, again, I don't know what you mean about being removed as manager of a profile. I don't even know how to do it. Do you have a link to the profile in question?

To me, the pressing issue is solved when a reasonably accurate image shows as the "main" image in the profile. Does everyone agree on that?

12/10/2010 at 10:34 AM

David, if you drill down on the photos you will see the name of the manager who owns the image in the gallery.

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12/10/2010 at 7:55 PM

A public profile should contain no images which are patently false since no disclaimer such as are contained in the TOS for users immediately appear for the casual browser. Descendants browsing but not using Geni should have a reasonable expectation that a managed and curated public site would have no information which is patently false, especially when that is known to those who use the site. Likewise, descendants at large should not be exposed to the risk they might be marked by fraudsters as gullible if a propensity within the family to believe patently false information is advertised via the internet. That's my feeling, anyway. In other words, the ability to quash patently false information or even a commitment to mark it as such (entirely workable within our current system when not suppressed) would strengthen Geni's reputation and reduce any potential liability. Merely hiding the images behind an accurate one, while a subtle step in the right direction, seems insufficient.

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12/11/2010 at 3:28 AM

I have already contacted the owner of that photo, and await a response.

I also note that another curator has already assisted us by identifying whose photo is at

Now we just need that photo owner to move the photo.

We have already established that curators cannot delete or move photos, and cannot be held responsible for incorrect photos.

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12/11/2010 at 3:32 AM

Adam, I don't know if you tried to contact the owner of the photos before launching your public discussions and this project? If so, did you get any response? That has to be always the advised first step, because only the photo owner can actually remedy the issue of incorrect photos (except perhaps Gen support who you could also contact).

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12/11/2010 at 3:41 AM

Erica wrote: "To me, the pressing issue is solved when a reasonably accurate image shows as the "main" image in the profile. Does everyone agree on that?"

I somewhat agree with that. I would also not be in a hurry to "delete" other erroneous photos even if we could, which we have established we can't.

Rather, the likelihood is that the photo is not completely faked, but is actually the real picture of someone else.

I would like to see this project used as a means of reuniting photos with their correct profile. So getting a correct photo as the main image in a profile is step 1. Step 2 is then trying to get other "erroneous" photos re-tagged by their owner. And it appears that it really does require the image owner to do that.

12/12/2010 at 5:26 PM

Agreed. Some erroneous images are the result of the merge process, and it's a matter of getting the image re-tagged to the now correct profile.

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7/4/2011 at 12:07 PM

I have a question.

If I created a project and decide I'm tired of it and want to remove myself, will that delete it? I don't want to be part of some projects I started anymore. I'm just not having fun with them, but they are very active and I don't want it to delete if others are having fun with it.

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7/4/2011 at 12:08 PM

PS. Sorry I posted this in a project. I did a search in the discussions and found this thread.

7/4/2011 at 12:11 PM

I think you can leave the project and it will carry on without you. Also you can unfollow discussions so you won't get notifications. I guess you should just make sure there is at least one listed collaborator on the project ... If there are any that need a collab if you leave it, let me know and I'll pick it up for you.

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