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Mubarak Ali Khan held the office of honorary Magistrate and died in 1876. His son Ahmad Ullah Khan was also honorary Magistrate and exercised special Magisterial powers throughout the whole district. He was conferred the title of Nawab by Indian Government and died in 1892. The next representative of the family was Nawab Asadullah Khan, who, like his father, was also an honorary Magistrate as well as Vice-Chairman and then a Chairman of the Meerut Municipal Boards. He was conferred the title of Khan Bahadur in 1888 and that of Nawab in 1895 by the Indian Government. Islamulla, brother of Asadullah Kahan was District Superintendent of Police in the erstwhile provinces and his another brother Saifullah Khan was also a deputy collector. Altaf Ali Khan was from the lineage of Khair Andesh Khan Sani and was great aristocrat of Bareilly where he held a big Jagir (fief). Aijaz Hussain Kamboh, a descendant relative the Kamboh Nawabs of Meerut was unanimously elected Chairman of the District Board in 1835 AD. Sheikh Lali had constructed the Lala Bazar of Meerut.

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