Jeschawitz -Friese, East Prussia, Germany (now Poland)

Started by Henry (fmly Horst) Gunby (fmly Günzburger) on Sunday, January 9, 2011

My grandmother‘s, mother’s side maiden name was ANNA JESCHAWITZ (1868 Mensgut, [East] Prussia - 1931 Mohrungen, East Prussia , Germany now Morag, Poland). She married a cabinetmaker named C(K)ARL HEINRICH MORITZ (1866 Lupushorst, [East] Prussia - 1905 Mohrungen, East-Prussia, Germany now Morag, Poland). I do not know the names of my grandmother’s parents. The name of her grandmother was AMALIE SAHARA FRIESE (1808 Polwitten, [East] Prussia - date/place of death unknown). The parents of AMALIE SAHARA FRIESE were C(K)ARL FRIESE and ELIZABETH REGINE FRIESE née LICHTENFELD. C(K)ARL FRIESE was part owner of the estate KÖLLM. POLWITTEN. (Documents are on file for the above) .Additional research revealed that a LEONHARD FRIESE who lived in MARCUSHOF married on October 16, 1791 a CATHARINA HIEBERT. The marriage took place at the ELBING-ELLERWALD MENNONITE CHURCH. Furthermore in the 16th century a LEONHARD FRIESE who was a “scholar” (medical researcher) worked with ULRICH VON HUTTEN who was a reformer following the teachings of MARTIN LUTHER (1483 -1546).

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