Edmund Mooers Parentage (Correction)

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8/27/2011 at 1:50 PM

Francis Moore was not the father to Edmund Mooers Sr. In the publication "Sara, First Wife of Edmund Greenleaf (1588-1663)," considerable information is provided about the Moore family, including baptismal records from England as well as Massachusetts. Sara is sister to Francis Moore. I've done extensive research into Edmund Mooers' parentage for the book I am writing, but have unable to uncover any information backed by actual documentation. There is much speculative and conflicting data on the FamilySearch.org website, but such is the worst kind of supposition, compiled and taken at face value from any would-be genealogist. What I have been able to deduce based on Seventeenth Century naming practices is that Edmund Senior's father's name would almost certainly be carried on in one of his sons. Jonathan seems the more likely given traditional Scottish naming practices giving preference to grandfathers among firstborn sons, but Edmund (Junior) and Richard cannot be completely discounted. The fact that Edmund Senior had no son named Francis is further evidence that there is no parental connection between the two. The person who put Francis Moore(s) into the tree needs to remove the entry. I am unable to make the correction since I was not the individual who put him in the family tree. If anyone has questions about this or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to respond. Thanks.

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