Alfonso de Castilla, señor de Valencia de Campos

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Alfonso de Castilla, señor de Valencia de Campos

Spanish: de Valencia y Acuña, señor de Valencia de Campos
Birthplace: Zamora, Zamora, Castile and León, Spain
Death: circa August 1316 (25-42)
Zamora, Zamora, Castile and León, Spain
Immediate Family:

Son of Juan el de Tarifa, señor de Valencia de Campos and Margherita del Monferrato, signora di Valencia
Husband of Juana Fernández de Castro and Teresa Nuñez de Lara
Father of Alfonso Fernández de Valencia, obispo de Zamora and Fernando Alfonso de Valencia, de Zamora
Half brother of Lope de Castilla y Haro; Maria Díaz de Haro and Juan Yáñez "el Tuerto" de Castilla y Haro, Señor de Vizcaya

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About Alfonso de Castilla, señor de Valencia de Campos

Alfonso de Valencia fue él único hijo nacido del matrimonio entre el infante Juan de Castilla y Margarita de Montferrato.4 2 Por parte paterna era nieto de Alfonso X, y de su esposa, la reina Violante de Aragón,5 mientras que por parte materna era nieto de Guillermo VII de Montferrato, marqués de Montferrato6 y rey titular de Tesalónica, y de Isabel de Gloucester.7 .

Alfonso Valencia was his only child born of the marriage between the Infante Juan of Castile and Margaret of Montferrato.4 2 for paternal was grandson of Alfonso X , and his wife, Queen Violante of Aragon 5 while the maternal side was grandson of William VII of Montferrat , Marquis of Montferrato6 and titular King of Thessaloniki , and Isabella of Gloucester.7 .

It was half-brother , among others, John Eyed , 6 that the death of his father he inherited his possessions and lordship of Vizcaya , 8 and Maria Diaz de Haro, who married Juan Nunez II Lara , lord of the manor of Lara.6

Biography [ edit]

Youth and performances during the reign of Ferdinand IV ( c.1282 -1312 ) [ edit]

His exact birth date is unknown, but must have occurred between 1282 and 1283.9 His father , the infant John, was lord of Valencia de Campos and Mr. consort Vizcaya by his second marriage to Maria Diaz de Haro, and was also Mr. Baena , Luque , Zuheros, Lozoya, Villalon, Oropesa, Santiago de la Puebla, Melgar de Arriba , Paredes de Nava , Medina de Rio Seco , Ponferrada and Castronuno , among other towns , and he served as second lieutenant of the king 10 Butler greater king and more advance border Andalucía.7

Alfonso Valencia Valencia was Mr. Campos and Mansilla, and various donations received from young by his father, Juan Infante of Castile , who accompanied and seconded on numerous occasions. In the Cortes of Valladolid of 1295, the first held during the reign of Ferdinand IV , cousin of Alfonso Valencia , Queen Maria de Molina got all attorneys surrender homage to King Ferdinand IV of Castile and King would recognize by the tutor Prince Henry of Castile Senator . And soon after, the infant John paid tribute in Salamanca Ferdinand IV and regained all dominions his brother , Sancho IV of Castile, had him arrebatado.11

María de Molina presents his son Ferdinand IV in the Cortes of Valladolid of 1295. Oil on canvas Antonio Gisbert Pérez . ( 1863). Congress of Deputies of Spain . However, in April 1296 Alfonso de la Cerda invaded the kingdom of Castile, accompanied by Aragonese troops , and went to the city of Leon , where the Infante Juan , father of Alfonso Valencia , was proclaimed king of León , Seville and Galicia , being crowned as such in the cathedral León.12 However, many historians point out that the area of ​​influence of the infant John was limited to the city of Leon and some villas cercanas.13

Then the infant John accompanied Sahagún Alfonso de la Cerda, where the latter was proclaimed King of Castile, Toledo, Cordoba , Murcia and Jaen , with the presence and support in both coronations of Prince Pedro of Aragon ( 1275 - 1296 ), son of Peter III of Aragon. In 1296 , fulfilling the will of his father, Alfonso Valencia occupied the town and fortress of Mansilla , which would later be Lord , 14 and that same year he and his brother John the Eye, 15 but had to be very young , appearing between confirming a privilege by Ferdinand IV exempted the inhabitants of the city of Valladolid to pay tolls in all their kingdoms , except in Toledo , Seville and Murcia.16

During the Cortes of Valladolid of 1300 the infant John renounced his claims to the kingdoms of León , Galicia and Seville , despite having been proclaimed king of León in 1296 , and provided public oath of allegiance to Ferdinand IV and their successors , the day June 26, 1300 . 's Henry of Castile, as guardian of the king and in the name of Ferdinand IV , the infant received the homage of the infant John, and the Archbishop of Toledo, Gonzalo Díaz Palomeque received his juramento.17 the infant Juan gave Fernando IV the city of Leon and the other places they had seized during the war between the two , although he received the welded due to him and retained possession of the manors of Mansilla , Paredes de Nava , Medina de Rio Seco , Castronuno Cabreros and as compensation for his resignation and that of his wife to the possession of the lordship of Vizcaya, which was confirmed to Diego López V of Haro.18

Courts Zamora During 1301 , the infant and ricoshombres Juan de León, Galicia and Asturias, mostly supporters of Infante Juan , approved subsidies demanded by Fernando IV and in December 1301 , being the Spanish Court in the city Burgos was published the bull by Pope Boniface VIII legitimized the marriage of Queen Maria de Molina with the late King Sancho IV of Castile, being therefore their children , among whom was Fernando IV , legitimate from that time , 19 so the infant Juan de Castilla y de la Cerda infants lost one of their main arguments in claiming the throne , as hereinafter could not claim the illegitimacy of the monarch castellano.20 addition, on December 6, 1301 Fernando IV turned 16 and came of age, thus ending the period of the minority of the rey.21

The Chronicle of Fernando IV notes that , upon completion of the Cortes of Burgos in 1302 , King went to the city of Palencia, where the marriage of Alfonso Valencia was held with Teresa Nunez de Lara , daughter of Juan Núñez de Lara I , and sister of Juan Nunez II Lara.22 However , historian and Jaime Salazar Acha says in his book , entitled the house of the king of Castile and Leon in the Middle Ages , that of Valencia Alfonso married in 1303 in Palencia 23, as recorded in Volume III of the genealogical history of the House of Lara , written by Luis de Salazar y Castro , who noted that the bridal ceremony attended by king Ferdinand IV and his mother, María de Molina , Enrique infants and the John , father of the latter Alfonso Valencia , and Juan Nunez de Lara II , brother novia.24

The infant John, in order to limit the influence that his nephew , the infant Felipe of Castile, was in Galicia, strove to strip him of the titles and Galician parcels that infant Ferdinand IV was obtained as a reward for his victory over Fernando Rodriguez Castro.25 And in 1306 the Infante Juan got to give him his son, Alfonso Valencia , the title of greatest beadle of Santiago , which put under his command Compostela's military forces , 26 as contained in Chapter XII of the chronicle of Fernando IV.27

View Tordehumos town of Valladolid . At the bottom of the image remains of the castle of the town , in which Alfonso intervened siege of Valencia are . However, the historian José Villamil and Castro , author of the book entitled The vergers Santiago church , does not include Alfonso Valencia wishlist vergers over Santiago , but in that list there is a vacuum since the death of Major pertiguero Fernando Rodríguez de Castro in 1310 and 1304.28 in the infante Philip of Castile began to appear in said lista.29 and the historian Antonio López Ferreiro , meanwhile , said that in August 1307 the Infante Felipe Castile occupied most pertiguería Santiago , despite its juventud.30

Shortly thereafter, John got the infant King Ferdinand IV gave him the position of greater merino Galicia Diego Garcia de Toledo, who enjoyed the confidence of the child , 31 25 but despite this , the Infante Felipe still retained the comendero by the Church of Lugo and lordship of Cabrera and Ribera , and an individual who enjoyed his confidence , Alfonso Suárez de Deza , held the position of greatest advance Galicia.32

In 1307 Alfonso Valencia accompanied Ferdinand IV and his father , the infant John, in the siege of Tordehumos , where he had fled his brother , Juan Nunez de Lara II , who had rebelled against the monarch castellano.33 The siege began in October 1307 and finished in early 1308, without Fernando IV had managed to capture Juan Núñez de Lara II , due, among other causes , to the infant John and Alfonso Valencia , abandoned the siege along with numerous nobles.34

Alfonso Valencia also participated with his father and with Don Juan Manuel , grandson of Ferdinand III , among others ricoshombres and magnates, at the site of Algeciras of 1309.35 which had to be lifted in 1310 , among other reasons, the defections infant Juan, Alfonso Valencia , Don Juan Manuel and Fernán Ruiz de Saldaña, who abandoned the siege along with five hundred caballeros.36 in 1312 king Ferdinand IV died , cousin Alfonso Valencia , in the city of Jaén, and rose the throne of Castile his son, Alfonso XI of Castile, who had one year of age at the time of the death of his padre.37

Performances during the reign of Alfonso XI (1312-1316) [ edit]

Main facade of the cathedral of León, in which Alfonso Valencia was buried. On the death of Ferdinand IV , his mother, Queen Maria de Molina, and Peter and John infants became the guardians of King Alfonso XI during his minority . And in order that the infant John gave in Palencia Courts of 1313.38 in which his supporters he was appointed guardian of the king with Queen Constance, his sons are mentioned Alfonso Valencia and John the Tuerto.39

As stated in Chapter V of the Great Chronicle of Alfonso XI , when completed the Cortes of Palencia 1313 Prince Pedro Pedro Alvarez ordered the Asturias to occupy the towers of the city of León, Alfonso Valencia though seized this city ​​to prevent supporters controlasen Pedro infante and infants shortly after John and Philip II and Juan Nunez de Lara went to Leon and occupied with his troops, 40 but could not prevent the infant Pedro from taking over the city Palencia while they occupied the of León.41 and then Prince Pedro went to the city of Ávila where Queen Mary and King Alfonso Molina were XI.42

In late 1314 , as recorded in the Great Chronicle of Alfonso XI , 43 and shortly after the Concordia Palazuelos , Pedro Ponce , and Alfonso Valencia have taken place , advised by Prince John and drawing the infant Pedro was fighting Don Juan Manuel , went to Galicia with his troops to fight the infante Philip of Castile, Alfonso Valencia cousin , who met them in front of a large ejército.43 Both armies remained a whole day face to face combat but not engaged decision by Alfonso Valencia and Pedro Ponce, who preferred to return to Leon and , meanwhile , the infant Philip returned with his army to the city of Valencia and Alfonso Lugo.43 Pedro Ponce de León returned to land and planned attack possessions that the infant Philip had in that territory , although the death of Pedro Ponce prevented from carrying out their planes.43

During the Cortes of Burgos 1315 death of his brother , Juan Nunez de Lara II , who was chief steward of King Alfonso XI , and was succeeded in that office by Alfonso Valencia , who served until 1316, when falleció.23 In death, the office of chief steward of the king remained vacant until 1318, when it began to exercise Don Juan Manuel . In 1316 Alfonso Valencia reconciled with the infant Felipe in the city of Toro, in the presence of Queen Maria de Molina and infant Juan.44

Shortly before his death , Alfonso Valencia donated 10,000 maravedis for the works being carried out in the cathedral of León , which would later be buried , said the higher than those granted to said XIV.45 century cathedral in the donation and with the amount of your donation the closing of one of the sections of the bay of the cloister of the Cathedral of León was financed , allowing the work to date of that section as being made to 1316.45

Alfonso Valencia died in 1316 in the town of Zamora Morales de Toro, 44 located near the city of Toro, and ten days after his death his second wife gave birth to twin sons , as recorded in the general Coronica of Spain , written by Florian in Ocampo.46

Tomb of Alfonso Valencia . Leon Cathedral . Sepultura [ edit]

As stated in the Great Chronicle of Alfonso XI Alfonso 's body was buried in Valencia Cathedral León.44 His grave was identified in the early twentieth century by archaeologist and historian Manuel Gómez- Moreno thank you heraldic shields adornan.47 These shields are composed of eagles and lions and are similar to the shield used by the Infante Juan, father of Alfonso Valencia.48

The tomb of Alfonso Valencia is located today in the chapel of the White Virgin Cathedral of Leon , 49 which is in the ambulatory of the Cathedral , 48 although at first he was placed on the side of the Epistle the presbytery of the catedral.50

The recumbent figure of Alfonso Valencia is a grown man with a beard and long hair , and covered by a large manto.51 deceased 's hands hold his sword and his feet placed a dog displayed as a symbol of fidelidad.51 near where he is buried Alfonso Valencia are Ordono graves II of León and Countess Sancha.52

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