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About Chachayigan (Chichegen Bilgi) Borjigin

Checheikhen was a daughter of Genghis Khan and his first wife Börte.

When, in 1207, Genghis Khan sent his son Jochi to subdue the northern tribes, the Oirats were the first to offer an alliance to Genghis Khan. As part of this alliance, his daughter Checheyikhen married Torolchi, one of the sons of the Oirat chieftain Khudugha Beki.[1] One of Jochi's daughters, Checheyikhen's niece, married another. At her marriage, Genghis told her to govern and control the Oirat people.[2] Her husband would not stay with her, but serve under Genghis Khan as one of his gurugen, or sons-in-law. Her control over the Oirat gave the Mongols control over the northern trade routes. Since her sisters co-administered important parts of the Silk Route, the commercial interdependence between their respective lands increased.

Aftermath of Checheyikhen's death In 1237, likely after Checheyikhen died, her brother Ögedei Khan seized the Oirat lands and had 4000 young Oirat girls raped.[3] The Oirat now came under his direct control.
[ [...Notwithstanding reports of his charisma, Ögedei was criticized by Mongol and Persian chroniclers for a crime he committed in 1237, which according to Persian chroniclers consisted of ordering the rape of four thousand Oirat girls above the age of seven. These girls were then confiscated for Ögedei's harem or given to caravan hostels throughout the Mongol Empire for use as prostitutes.[15] This move brought the Oirat and their lands under Ögedei's control following the death of Ögedei's sister Checheyigen, who previously controlled Oirat lands.]]

Orghana was her daughter. Oghul Qaimish was also possibly one of her daughters.[4]

Children : Buqa Timur


Pars Buqa

Ailiqmish (wife of Ariq Böke)

Orqina (wife of Qara Hülegü)

Kubak (wife of Hulagu Khan)

Oljei (wife of Hulagu Khan)

Khuchu (wife of Toqoqan)