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Claer van Eminga

Dutch: Claere Wiarda (van Eminga)
Birthplace: Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death: circa 1380 (38-47)
Goutum, Leeuwarderadeel, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Sierck van Eminga and Saeck van Eminga
Wife of Pybe Feddekos Wiarda
Mother of Sjoerd Pybes Wiarda, the fifteenth potestaat (or elected governor) of Friesland; Ids Pybes Wijaerda; Oene Pybes Pybus Wiarda; Sierck Pybes van Eminga and Frouck Pybes van Wiarda

Managed by: Jan Johannes (Jan) Faber
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About Claer van Eminga

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Posting on the Internet of these genealogies old Frisian aristocracy yielded many positive responses, but also a negative. 
I was accused that I had not carried out its own thorough genealogical research. 
But research in archives all of the dishes and down in the family archives of course, was impossible;  which had become too time-consuming and I would definitely to me vertillen.     Consult all the literature about this nobility was also unfeasible. 
The only intention was therefore to be people from outside Friesland service if they encounter in their research on ancestors from the Frisian nobility. 
In addition, I have listed all the genealogies that the reliability of certain persons and filiations to be desired;      you will have to verify themselves and have to make further inquiries. 
Many thanks are due to Mrs. Joke Koster-Griffin Purmerend, who managed to detect by comparing the files and clerical errors in it and brought it to me regularly informed by e-mail .. 
For additions, corrections     and ask:      like my email address
     Genealogy of the noble family of Eminga 
                                                             For sources and abbreviations see page 6 of the site. 
                                                             Also for the reservations in some individuals and filiations. 
                                     With the death of Tiberius Pepinus of Eminga in 1733 this generation died out. 
           I   Sierck of Eminga. 
He lived to Stiens and is called in OFO I-29 dd14-4-1418 and OFO IV 5,6,7 dd2-2-1418,14-4-1418 and 11-6-1418 (with wife Sacka) . 
Sierck was married to     Saeck Ndr. 
Grandson (?) Minne has a daughter Saeck. 
From this marriage: 
            1      perhaps Sjuck of Eminga, follows II. 
        II   Sjuck of Eminga, perhaps son of Sierck Eminga (I) and Saeck Ndr., According to SFA son of Pybe of Wiarda and Claer of Eminga. 
Sjuck of Eminga and Ids of Eminga called Stiens. 
SFA: Sjuck would be born as Ids Pybes Wiarda and     would like Ids of Eminga have adopted the name of his mother Eminga     (Due to the Emingabezit Stiens). 
I seem Ids and Sjuck different personen.Sjuck has granddaughters with the names and Saack Frouck but no Claer.     
Claer, the mother of Ids, could be an aunt Sjuck. 
Ids also might have had a son Minne, a son having Idzardus Mennonis, in 1460, enrolled as a student in Cologne (see IV-b) 
Sjuck was married to     Frouck of Wiarda, coming from Goutum, perhaps daughter of Oene of Wiarda. 
She will be a sister have been Tjomme of Wiarda, who lived the last male Wiarda on Wiarda State. 
If Tjomme is deceased in 1473, her grandson Syds dweller Wiarda State. 
Frouck remarried Hotze of Minnema. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-128. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Minne of Eminga derived from Stiens, follows III. 
       III   Minne of Eminga coming from Stiens, deceased there Apr 5, 1467, buried Goutum (?), Headed son of Sjuck of Eminga (II) and Frouck of Wiarda. 
With his wife mentioned in a document from 1462. 
He lived on Emingastate Stiens. 
According to SFA     He had one son and Ids were other children his grandchildren. 
This is chronologically unlikely, even given the names of the children and grandchildren (3x Tjemck) .Vermoedelijk is the father of Ids another Minne of Eminga (see II). 
Also PNNoomen in Leeuwarden Historical Series VI-77     Minne sees as the father of these children. 
See further epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
Minne was married to     Tjemck of Cammingha, deceased n 6 Sep 1479, buried Goutum (?), Inscription, daughter of Peter and Cammingha Site Lousma, even Syts. 
She and her sister are mentioned in the will of their nephew Graets. 
OFO IV-53 dd6-9-1479 there is a dispute with her ​​about the will of Graets. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Auck of Eminga. 
Auck was married to Rienck of Hemmema, deceased in 1496?, Son of Ivrea of Hemmema and Ebel Riencksdr of Juwsma. 
On 5-1-1505 a mention of Rienck Hemmema children on the list of Frisian nobles (T342-05,62). 
            2     Syts of Eminga. 
She died childless. 
Syts was married to Douwe van Aebinga, deceased n 1492, son of Goffe of Aebinga and Catherine of Roorda. 
He lived in Stiens and is mentioned in OFO IV-39 dd24-6-1472. 
He tests led to further 1492.Zie GJB 1994-145. 
Douwe was married in 1468 with Ael Sippesdr van Heemstra, daughter of Sippe van Heemstra and Ansck Poppesdr van Heemstra. 
            3     Fouwel of Eminga, deceased in 1518. 
Fouwel married in 1485 with Pieter van Cammingha, deceased Leeuwarden 1521, son of Haye Jelmera, later Heringastate and Cammingha and Doedt Sjucksdr of Dokema. 
Lord of Ameland. 
OFO IV 140.157: Named as olderman of Leeuwarden and grietman of Leeuwarderadeel (1506.1510) and Tietjerksteradeel (1504,1506,1510) in IFA II-250 dd2-4-1511. 
Owner and occupant of the Amelandhuis in Leeuwarden. 
He was like Schiering involved in the beer riots in 1487 in Leeuwarden. 
He closed it on 28-6-1492 (IFA II-182) on behalf of the covenant of Leeuwarden Sneek, Franeker and Bolsward and was against a covenant with Groningen, but according to Pax-73 dd5-11-1492 he then join themselves the covenant between Leeuwarden and Groningen 10-10-1492. 
On the list of Frisian nobles dd5-1-1505 under 113 (T342-05,62). 
In RvA1511 Pieter Hayes Cammingha Leeuwarden much possession in Leeuwarden and beyond. 
He tests led to Leeuwarden on 26-11-1521 (EEE 2 to 307.516, FT98 and OFO IV-236)). 
Sicke get Heringastate at Rauwerd, Wytze get Jelmerastate on Ameland, Haye gets his state in Leeuwarden and Graets there are jewelry. 
Presumably buried in Leeuwarden in the Jacobijnerkerk (unclear epitaph). 
            4     Saeck of Eminga, deceased v 1531. 
Saeck was married to Eda Keimpes of Jongema, deceased 1531/1533, son of Keimpe Aedes of Jongema and N. Ansck. 
Eda first lived in Kornwerd and later in Rauwerd. 
OFO IV-75 dd28-6-1487: called his brother Hessel. 
OFO II-223 dd20-11-1497, named as district chief of Rauwerderhem. 
Accreditation Council in 1511 has Ede Jongema of Rauwerd much possession oaook to Goutum. 
He tests led to Rauwerd on 20-4-1531 (IFA II-357 and FT126) in 1531, he has a son and a daughter Aede Wompke, married Eelke Heringa. 
Eda was married afterwards to Ath Ndr. 
            5     Frouck of Eminga. 
Frouck was married to Hessel of Foppinga, deceased 1504/1511, 1510?, Son of Ofcke Foppinga and Rints Sjoerdsdr of Popma. 
He is called to Dronrijp and stands on 5-1-1505 on the list of Frisian nobles (T342-05,62). 
In RvA1511 Hessel Foppinga inherit with possession Dronrijp. 
            6     Syds of Eminga, follows IV-a. 
            7      ?  Ids of Eminga, follows IV-b. 
            8     Sjuck of Eminga, follows IV-c. 
            9     Rienck of Eminga, later Cammingha, deceased in 1531, buried Leeuwarden, Jacobijnerkerk, unclear epitaph. 
Rienck will be born as the youngest son of Minne and Tjemck around 1465. 
He is not a son of Ids as is mentioned in the SFA and in HvR. 
The Leeuwarden Historical Series VI 75,77 mentions him as the son of Minne. 
He lived with his wife at the end Camminghaburg (Camminghabuur). 
Counsellor at the Court of Friesland 1499-1531. 
OFO IV-119 dd17-3-1501: Leeuwarderadeel behalf of the decisions of the Leppa. 
On 5-1-1505 as Rienick Kamingabuyr on the list of Frisian nobles (T342-05,62). 
In RvA1511 has Rienck Eminga / Cammingha Leeuwarden much possession. 
In 1515 by the lords as Rienick buyr (Winsemius). 
Rienck married ± 1495 with Sjouck Hayesdr of Cammingha, born ± 1460, deceased 1515, daughter of Haye Jelmera, later Heringastate and Cammingha and Doedt Sjucksdr of Dokema. 
Her mother gave her the Doedt stins Camminghaburg. 
She named her sons to her first husband and his father. 
See also Leeuwarden Historical Series-77. 
Sjouck was married in 1477 with Wytze of Dekema, deceased Wirdum 1493, son of Watze Abbes of Dekema and Wick Wytzesdr of Oenema. 
    IV-a   Syds of Eminga, deceased 6 Jul 1515 *, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërklooster son of Minne of Eminga (III) and Tjemck of Cammingha. 
After the death of Tjomme of Wiarda in 1473 he is a resident of Wiarda State to Goutum (still there in 1511) .See also the Free Fries XII-157/214 for the Eminga like residents Wiarda State. 
In 1495 with his brother Sjuck said at a meeting in the Jacobijner Leeuwarden. 
?  On 9-7-1504 he signs as Siuert Eminga the reversaalbrief (77). 
Sijdts Eminga on 5-1-1505 on the list of peers from Leeuwarderadeel. 
Accreditation Council in 1511 has Syds Eminga of Goutum many possessions, also include Finkum / Hijum (in 1540 this property for his children). 
In 1515 by the lords who honor Charles V, as Sydts Eminga (list Tabor) as Sijdts Emingha (list Winsemius). 
For him and his wife Ansck See also HVF 16687-142 dd1528. 
Syds was married to     Ansck Hobbesdr of Liunga, deceased Oct 25 1533 *, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërkerk, daughter of Hobbe of Liunga and Bauck of Burmania. 
HVF 16481-490 dd30-7-1536: Ansck Eminga was defendant. 
Even if Ansck of Eminga at HVF 16688-152 dd1535, dd1538 16,689 to 52 HVF and HVF 16,689 to 215 dd4-7-1542. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Hobbe of Eminga, born ± 1486, deceased 29 Nov 1562, 76 years, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërkerk, epitaph. 
He was a brother in the Galileërklooster and was buried there (see epitaphs Roorda IV-157). 
            2     Minne of Eminga, follows Va. 
            3     Syts Sydsdr of Eminga, deceased Feb 20, 1529, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërkerk, epitaph. 
Syts was married to French of Minnema, born 18 Mar 1506, deceased 23 Apr 1540, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërkerk, epitaph, son of French Sipckes of Minnema and Luts Hesselsdr of Feytsma. 
HVF 16481-527 dd27-10-1536 French Minnema with his three sisters Rints, IMCK and Luts as defendants. 
HVF 16481-807 dd20-12-1537: ditto 
With him died the sex Minnema in the male line. 
French was later married to Wyts Goslicksdr of Juwinga, deceased 1562, daughter of Goslick of Juwinga, even Jongema and YDT Sytzesdr of Harinxma. 
            4     Tjemck Sydsdr of Eminga, deceased 21 Feb 1544 *, buried Menaldum, epitaph. 
See also Epitaphs IV-123. 
Tjemck was married to Keimpe Donia, deceased 19 Nov 1561, buried Menaldum, epitaph, son of Sierck Donia and Syts Hettesdr of Hemmema. 
He lived on Hemmemastate in Menaldum. 
Presumably the accused at HVF 16481-275 dd15-7-1539. 
See Epitaphs IV-123. 
According to the "Doot Boeck" he would be deceased in 1562. 
            Five     Jets Sydsdr of Eminga, deceased 28 Apr 1554, buried Witmarsum epitaph. 
Jets was married to Pieter Aggema of Walta, deceased Jul 24, 1538, buried Witmarsum epitaph, son Alef Aggema of Walta and Ints Epesdr of Aylva. 
HVF 16481-625 dd30-1-1537 Pieter Aggema as defendant. 
HVF 16481-293 dd30-9-1539: Jets, Pieter Aggema widow, as accused. 
Pieter was widower of Bauck Sybrensdr of Sierdsma, deceased 31 Aug 1510, buried Witmarsum epitaph, daughter of Sybren of Sierdsma. 
            6     Bauck Sydsdr of Eminga, deceased 25 Feb 1556 * 
She was a nun in the convent of Bethlehem. 
            7th     Anna Sydsdr of Eminga, even Rixt. 
    IV-b   Ids of Eminga, deceased before 1511, buried in Goutum 1507 (?), Headed son of    Minne of Eminga 
Maybe this is a grandson of Ids Ids of Eminga (see II) and son of another     Minne of Eminga (not III) and no grandson of Sjuck Eminga (see II). 
SFA mentions a Minne of Eminga with only one son Ids. 
The name of daughter Claer also points in that direction;  Claer of Eminga was the mother of Ids of Eminga (see II). 
On 15-1-1460 is Edzardus Mennonis Eminga of Stiens enrolled as a student in Cologne. 
Named in OFO II-182 dd28-6-1492 at the covenant between Leeuwarden and Sneek / Franeker. 
On 9-7-1504 Ids Eminga draws the reversaalbrief (76). 
Accreditation Council 1511: Idsz Eminghen, Tzalingh Grafting and Jemme Lord Juwsma with joint possession Oudkerk (I-197). 
Ids Emijnga children in 1511 to possession Wanswerd (II-112), Accreditation Council for 1540 in possession of Jelger Feijsma to Huijsum. 
His daughter Claer was in 1511 when owner Gerbadastate Hallum.Zie NOI-173/174 (Ferwerderadeel) 
According to an inscription in Goutum he would be deceased around 1490 and he was married to a Wiarda      (That's not correct, confused with Ids of Eminga Sr II?) 
I seem to the inscriptions to Goutum all after 1600 simultaneously arranged in chronological order and therefore not reliable. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
Ids was married to     Saepck of Nittema, deceased in 1502. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Claer of Eminga,     deceased after 1511 
In 1511 she was as Ids Emingadochter owner Gerbadastate at Hallum (II-7), but she also has to Driesum (I-181) 
Claer was married to Jelger Hessels of Feytsma, deceased after 1540, son of Hessel Jelgers of Feytsma and His Gerroltsdr of Herema. 
Accreditation Council in 1540 with possession Huizum (Feytsmastate) and listed as owner of Gerbadastate Hallum obtained by his wife (II-7), also owned by her side Wanswerd (II-112). 
    IV-c   Sjuck of Eminga, deceased in 1541, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of Minne of Eminga (III) and Tjemck of Cammingha. 
Siuck Eminga signed on 9-7-1504 the reversaalbrief (2 and 122) 
On 5-1-1505 state Siuck Eminga     on the list of peers from Leeuwarderadeel. 
In OFO IV-157 (1506/1510) he is listed as a creditor. 
Accreditation Council in 1511 and 1540 has Sjuck Eminga of Goutum much possession. 
In 1515 by the lords who honor Charles V, as Siuck Eminga (Tabor), as Siuck Emingha (Winsemius). 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
Sjuck was married (1) with     Ynts Feyckesdr of Sierdsma, daughter of Feycke of Sierdsma. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Tjemck of Eminga, deceased Oct 22 1529 *, buried Deinum, epitaph. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-20. 
Tjemck was married to Ruurd Hessels of Feytsma, born ± 1476, deceased Oct 18 1556, 80 years, buried Deinum, epitaph, son of Hessel Jelgers of Feytsma and His Gerroltsdr of Herema. 
His mother was a Sierdsma and so came Ruurd hold Sierdsmastate to Deinum (GJB 1964-18). 
Accreditation Council 1511: Owner of Sierdsmastate. 
Accreditation Council in 1540 with possession too Wirdum. 
Also in 1542, called to Deinum (Actes St Anthony Hospital I-313). 
GJB 1964-19: After the death of his wife in 1529 he married a Kathryn (called HVF 16481-blz.247, WW2 dd7-5-1539); see also GJB 1984-25. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-20. 
Ruurd was later married to Catharina Sebastiaansdr, deceased v 1580. Catherine was married in 1560 with v Doecke of Eninga, deceased in 1567, buried Leeuwarden, Oldehove, epitaph, son of Tjaert Hanckes and Lisck Doeckesdr Sippens. 
Sjuck was married (2) with     Agatha Hesselsdr of Feytsma, deceased May 25, 1561, buried Goutum, daughter of Hessel Jelgers of Feytsma and His Gerroltsdr of Herema. 
Accreditation Council in 1540 with possession Huizum, which was in 1511 in the name of her mother His Jelgers. 
See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
Agatha was the widow of Jarich (Epe) of Hottinga, deceased Rome in 1500, son of Jarich of Hottinga and Swob Douwesdr of Sjaerda. 
From the marriage of Sjuck and Agatha: 
            2     Ids of Eminga, follows Vb. 
      Va   Minne of Eminga, deceased 9 Sep 1541 *, buried Goutum, epitaph 8-9-1541 name illegible, son of Syds Eminga (IV-a) and Ansck Hobbesdr of Liunga. 
He was following his father dweller Wiarda State to Goutum. 
OFO II-356 dd28-3-1531: Minne and his wife Eelck sell annuities to her uncle Lieuwe Hettes Albada and his wife Frouck Roorda. 
In the years 1531/1540 he litigated on behalf of his wife regularly before the Court of Friesland (see 16687,16688,16689 HVF). 
HVF 16,481 to 394.676 dd14-3-1536 and 15-5-1537: Minne litigates on behalf Eelck his wife against Poppe of Mellema. 
HVF 16481-578 dd20-12-1536: Minne because of his wife as heir Amcke Jarla sued. 
HVF 16481-707 dd14-7-1537: Minne because his wife Eelck counter Edo Martena on the legacy of Amcke Jarla (heritage Amcke Minne's father and his brother Gabbe). 
HVF 16481-805 dd20-12-1537: The widow of Tjalling Botnia litigates against him. 
HVF 16481-200 dd15-2-1539: he looks after the affairs of his wife Eelck as Popcke of Mockema and Poppe of Mellema pursue a case concerning land in Oostrum. 
Accreditation Council in 1540: he has a lot of possession Goutum (in 1511 from his father), but also possession Ferwerd Blija and that was in 1511 in the name of Doed Offinga, his wife's grandmother. 
Minne was married to     Eelck Bottesdr of Jarla, deceased Oct 24, 1557 *, buried Goutum, epitaph 23-10-1557 name illegible,     daughter of Botte of Jarla and Jildu Hettesdr van Albada. 
OFO II-356 dd28-3-1531: she and her husband sell Hettes Lieuwe van Albada and Frouck Roorda (Lieuwe is her uncle). 
After the death of her husband she stays proceedings before the Court of Friesland, see eg HVF 16,689 to 241.275 and 280 dd1542 and 1543, from 16,690 to 131 HVF dd1551. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Botte of Eminga, follows VI-a. 
            2     Syds of Eminga, follows VI-b. 
            3     Pybe of Eminga, follows VI-c. 
            4     Sytze of Eminga. 
Unmarried deceased abroad. 
            Five     Jildu Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased Oct 26, 1543, buried Goutum, illegible epitaph. 
She was not married. 
            6     Rixt Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased 29 Aug 1605 * buried tzummarum. 
            7th     Bauck Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased in 1584     ?. 
She was a nun in the convent Zion. 
            8     Syts Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased Jun 5, 1598 *, buried Hallum, epitaph. 
HVF 16692-472 dd11-12-1563: Sytke of Eminga, widow of Herring of Sythiema. 
Syts was married to Herring of Sythiema coming from Hallum, deceased 22 Mar 1557 *, buried Hallum, epitaph, son of Syds of Sythiema and Womck Lieuwesdr of Juckema. 
Accreditation Council in 1540 and named in 1549 as landlord on Sythiemastate Hallum. 
In 1540, also owns Hallum, which in 1511 belonged to his grandmother Eesck. 
Grietman of Ferwerderadeel 1551/1557. 
His name and that of his first wife on a tombstone in the church of Hallum (Free Fries XXIII). 
See NOI-155 (Ferwerderadeel) for his tomb and his women. 
Herring was widower of Jey Johansdr of Sickinghe, deceased 19 Dec 1551 *, buried Hallum, daughter of Johan van Sickinghe and NN. 
            9     Ansck Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased 21 Dec 1605 *, buried Engelum. 
Ansck was married (1) with Botte of Mockema, deceased 20 Sep 1573 *, buried Dokkum epitaph unclear, son of Popcke Mockema and Tieth of Sjoerda. 
HVF 16480-306 dd29-1-1529: Miss Alyt of Groeningen counter Botte Mockema, she claims that he did her marriage vows, but he denies. 
HVF 16,687 to 199.218 dd29-1-1529,15-3-1529 same thing. 
HVF 16481-417 dd28-3-1536: Blunt Mockema counter Mr.Gercke Popckema, the plaintiff will be entitled to re-quote according def.sent.dd4-4-1536.  On this matter also HVF 16688-230,16689-25 dd8-3-1536,20-5-1538. 
HVF 16481 dd4-6-1538): Blunt Mockema counter Mr.Gercke Popckema, formerly pastor to Goutum.Botte had entitled to 60 gold florins; defendant does not appear and the requirement is assigned. 
In 1543 with possession in Lichtaard (BB149A, 150a). 
HVF 16691-111 dd16-9-1555: Christopher Hübitz of his wife Cunira of Martena counter oaBotte Mockema as a man of Womck Tjaerda. 
HVF 16692-162 dd28-2-1561: Feytsma Anna, widow of French Humalda, for herself and her children versus the brothers Julius and Blunt about owning a satay. 
HVF 16692-278 dd13-3-1562 French Canters, man of Yellow Humalda, counter brothers Botte and Julius (see also GJB 1978-79). 
HVF 16692-455 dd25-10-1563: Blunt Mockema Dokkum counter Andries Havinga Hallum on evacuation Jouwsma State. 
HVF 16701-249 dd22-12-1585: his children as heirs counter his sister His Hermana. 
He built in 1556 a new Mockemastins in Dokkum, at the site of the current Admiralty House (GsvD-175). 
Blunt was widower of Womck Sydsdr of Tjaerda, deceased 6 Jun 1554 *, buried Dokkum epitaph unclear, daughter of Syds of Tjaerda and Moedt Sydsdr of Sythiema. 
  Blunt was widower of Bernsck Scheltesdr Scheltema, deceased May 23, 1566 *, buried Dokkum, daughter of Schelte Scheltema and Ursel of Herckema. 
Ansck was married (2) with Peeves of Grovestins, deceased Leeuwarden * May 28, 1607, buried Engelum Jun 3, 1607, son of Idzart Grovestins and Tjets of Oenema. 
He was a judge at the Court of Friesland 1580-1607. 
Peeves was widower of Jouck Fransdr of Cammingha, daughter of French Cammingha and Jouck Piersdr of Walta. 
          10     Saeck Minnesdr of Eminga. 
          11     Minne of Eminga, follows VI-d. 
      Vb   Ids of Eminga, deceased May 23, 1551, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of Sjuck of Eminga (IV-c) and Agatha Hesselsdr of Feytsma. 
Called by Accreditation Council in 1540 with possession Goutum, in 1511 held by his father Sjuck. 
HVF 16,689 to 250.459 and dd1543 8-10-1546: Ids Eminga behalf of his wife. 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
Ids was married to     Wick Poppesdr van Heemstra, born ± 1514, deceased in 1602, 88 years, buried Goutum, epitaph, daughter of Poppe van Heemstra and Teth Auckesdr of Unia. 
HVF 16481-266 dd11-6-1539: it belongs to the heirs of her grandfather Taecke Heemstra (Ids Eminga's husband and guardian). 
HVF 16,692 to 86 dd13-5-1561 John Heemstra, her cousin, counter Wick Heemstra, widow Ids Eminga to Goutum. 
HVF 16692-481 dd1563: Wick Eminga, widow Ids Eminga. 
HVF 16702-179 dd1587: Wick listed as mother of Sjuck, Hessel and Teth. 
See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Sjuck of Eminga, born ± 1540, follows VI-e. 
            2     Hessel van Eminga, born ± 1542, follows VI-f. 
            3     Teth of Eminga, born ± 1543, deceased 15 Dec 1624, 81 years, buried Ee, epitaph. 
HVF 16,704 to 36 dd1590: Teth of Eminga with brother Hessel to Goutum and mother Wick van Heemstra. 
See epitaphs Roorda IV-23 and NOII-296. 
Teth was married to Lieuwe of Wytsma, born ± 1547, deceased Leuven 4 Dec 1619, 72 years, buried there, epitaph to Ee, son of Gerrit Oenes of Wytsma and Dorothea van Albada. 
He lived to Ee, but in 1580 with his wife in exile outside Friesland (CE). 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-23 and NOII-296. 
    VI-a   Botte of Eminga, deceased 1560/1585, son of Minne of Eminga (Va) and Eelck Bottesdr of Jarla. 
He lived to Wetzens. 
HVF 16692-525 dd1564: Blunt of Eminga. 
In 1585, his brother Syds guardian of his children. 
Blunt was married to     Syts Sydsdr of Tjaerda, deceased n 1540, daughter of Syds of Tjaerda and Moedt Sydsdr of Sythiema. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Minne Bottes of Eminga, deceased 11 Mar 1598 *, buried Sneek 14 Mar 1598. 
T327-1433: reciprocal wills of Minne and Luts 1594. 
Testament Minne on 12-2-1598 (see also T313-23 about bequest 1598). 
Minne was married to Luts of Dekema, deceased 16 Nov 1594, buried Sneek *, epitaph, daughter of Sicke of Dekema and Luts Sickesdr of Liauckema. 
T327-1433: wills 1594 Minne of Eminga and Luts of Dekema (copy from 1602). 
She deceased in childbirth and had no children, and was buried in Sneek (epitaphs Roorda I). 
            2     Syds Bottes of Eminga. 
            3     Womck Bottes of Eminga, deceased 16 Dec 1590, buried Minnertsga, epitaph. 
Womck was married to John Hermana, born ± 1558, deceased 12 Nov 1615 *, buried Minnertsga, unclear epitaph, son of Wybren Hermana and Hylck Roorda. 
BAR E4 dd1600 Johan Hermana Minnertsga, 42 years. 
John was later married to Anna of Dekema, deceased in 1616, daughter of Sicke of Dekema and Luts Sickesdr of Liauckema. 
    VI-b   Syds of Eminga, deceased 26 Jul 1605 *, buried Schingen, son of Minne of Eminga (Va) and Eelck Bottesdr of Jarla. 
He lived to Schngen. 
PI 1578: Syds of Eminga excited to Schingen. 
HVF 16701-249 dd1585: Syds of Eminga to Schingen, brother of Botte, and guardian of his children. 
Syds was married (1) with     Doedt of Sjoerda, even Sjorda. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Rixt of Eminga, deceased in 1555, buried Bolsward epitaph. 
Syds was married (2) with     Catherine of Roorda, daughter of Johan Roorda and Anna Walta. 
From this marriage: 
            2     Pybe of Eminga, follows VII-a. 
            3     Johan Eminga. 
He is young deceased. 
            4     Rixt of Eminga, deceased 29 Aug 1605 * buried tzummarum. 
By banns in 1597 from Schingen. 
Rixt gone marriage Leeuwarden 4 Feb 1597, court and married there 4 Apr 1597 dish with Böcke of Humalda, born in 1572, deceased Jan 4, 1637, aged 64, buried Metslawier, son of Sjuck Humalda and Mary Bockesdr of Herema. 
He lived in 1602 to Tzummarum, but he inherited in 1615 Ropta State Metslawier by Carel van Sternsee on condition that he would Böcke of Sternsee noemen.Daarna he lived Metslawier. 
Böcke was later married to Catherine of Herema, born in 1578, deceased Apr 20 1641, in the 63rd year, buried Metslawier, daughter of Douwe Herema and Luts Ivodr of Frittema. 
            Five     Eelck of Eminga, deceased Haarlem Jul 6, 1609 * 
Non Haarlem as well as her sisters Anna and Doedt Tryn. 
            6     Anna Eminga. 
Non Haarlem. 
They test led on 4-7-1627 and in 1634. 
            7th     Doedt of Eminga. 
Non Haarlem. 
They testeerdemet her sister Anna     on 4-7-1627. 
            8     Tryn of Eminga. 
Non Haarlem 
    VI-c   Pybe of Eminga, deceased Jan 1571, buried Hantumhuizen, epitaph, son of Minne of Eminga (Va) and Eelck Bottesdr of Jarla. 
Pibo Eminga on 22-11-1555 student in Cologne. 
Buried in the stone of Amcke Jaerla (inscription in the church of Hantumhuizen). 
See also epitaphs Roorda IV-35. 
Pybe was married to     Bjuck Tjepckesdr of Sjoerda, even Sjoorda, deceased May 1563, buried Hantumhuizen, epitaph. 
See epitaphs Roorda IV-35. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Anna Pybesdr of Eminga, deceased 6 Jul 1611 * buried Edens. 
Anna was married to Ofcke of Bawema, deceased Ee 3 Jul 1608 *, buried there 7 Jul 1608. 
2 Eelck Pybesdr of Eminga, born around 1560, deceased 15 Feb 1618 * 
Eelck was betrothed Leeuwarden April 30, 1602 with Tjaert Tiara, born Sep 14, 1560, deceased Oct 22 1618, buried Beers epitaph. 
Dr.Theodardus Tiara was a lawyer at the Court of Friesland.  When marry Eelck he was widower of YDT Jans Buygers. 
3   3 Bjuck Pybesdr of Eminga, deceased 23 Aug 1595 * buried Hantumhuizen. 
Bjuck was married to her cousin Herring of Sythiema, deceased Dokkum 24 Jun 1612 *, buried Hantumhuizen, son of Haring of Sythiema and Syts Minnesdr of Eminga. 
Herring was later married to His Hesselsdr of Eminga, deceased n 20 Sep 1660, daughter of Hessel of Eminga (VI-f) and Wick Hermana. 
    VI-d   Minne of Eminga, born in 1540, deceased 11 Mar 1600 *, buried Goutum, 60, epitaph, son of Minne of Eminga (Va) and Eelck Bottesdr of Jarla. 
Menno Eminga on 13-5-1558 student in Cologne. 
Owner and occupant of Wiarda State to Goutum after the death of his father. 
He was the youngest son was born in 1540. 
Called by HVF 16701-185 dd1585 as guardian of the children of Sytse Riencks. 
T318: a letter of Minne of Eminga to Goutum from 1587. 
HVF and HVF 16702-468 16703-246 dd1588 and 1589: Minne of Eminga to Goutum, married Frouck of Wytsma. 
HVF 16703-276 dd1589: Minne Eminga of the municipality Goutum. 
T327-1421: agreement between Minne of Eminga and Sicke of Dekema, 1595. 
T313-183: he tests by with his wife Frouck of Wytsma on March 5, 1600 to Goutum;  it is then     "Swack and cranckelyck";  heirs to the four children named Gerrit Eelck, Dorothea and Bauck. 
Minne was married to     Frouck Gerritsdr of Wytsma, born ± 1543, deceased 19 Feb 1613 *, buried Goutum, epitaph, daughter of Gerrit Oenes of Wytsma and Dorothea van Albada. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Dorothea Minnesdr of Eminga, born ± 1570, deceased 27 Sep 1616, 46 years. 
Dorothea was married in 1592 with Gale Galama, deceased n 1616, son of Hans and Galama Belt Herckesdr of Popma. 
When he remarried after 1616 still will age at death of 45 years are not correct. 
Gale was married afterwards Jelck Roelofsdr Donia. 
            2     Bauck Minnesdr of Eminga, born ± 1577, deceased 26 Dec 1658, 81 years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 
Bauck was married to French of Eminga, born ± 1574, follows VII-b. 
            3     Gerrit van Eminga, deceased 19 Nov 1626 *, buried Goutum Nov 27, 1626. 
Gerrit was married to Tryn of Galama, daughter of Seerp of Galama and His Botnia. 
She continued to live on Wiarda State presumably to her niece Belt, after her marriage to Syds of Eminga, took up residence. 
Tryn later married Leeuwarden 22 Aug 1627 with Sjuck Deytses of Wynia, deceased n 1627, son of Deytse Wynia and eeck of Burmania. 
            4     Eelck Minnesdr of Eminga, deceased 13 Mar 1634, buried Witmarsum epitaph. 
Eelck was married to Pieter Aggema of Walta, deceased 26 Jun 1601 *, buried Witmarsum epitaph, son of Pieter Aggema of Walta and Jets Sydsdr of Eminga. 
    VI-E   Sjuck of Eminga, born ± 1540, deceased in 1586, son of Ids of Eminga (Vb) and Wick Poppesdr van Heemstra. 
Suffridus Eminga on 23-3-1556 student in Cologne. 
Encyclopedia of Friesland, he fled in 1567 to Emden, fought in 1568 at Heiliger and was Watergeus. 
He was in 1574 when the intake of Staveren and was in 1575 in Bolsward. 
In 1580 named as district chief of Dantumadeel. 
For Sjuck See also also on behalf of his wife Fouwel HVF 16700-83,128,133,228,271 and 281 dd1582 and 1583. 
Also HVF and HVF 16701-58,66,147,285 16,702 to 39 dd1584,1585 and 1586. 
Sjuck was married to     Fouwel of Holdinga, deceased 19 Dec 1608 *, daughter of Tjaert of Holdinga and Anna Oenema. 
HVF 16702-224 dd1587: Fouwel widow of Sjuck of Eminga. 
HVF 16703-330 dd1589: Fouwel, widow of Sjuck now Leeuwarden and married Hoorntckens. 
Fouwel was later married to Albert Hoornckes, from Groningen. 
From the marriage of Sjuck and Fouwel: 
            1     His of Eminga, born ± 1576, deceased May 30, 1649, 73 years, buried Dokkum epitaph. 
They test led on 12-8-1644. 
His is married 5 Feb 1626 * George of Quadt, even Jurjen, born ± 1567, deceased 21 Aug 1650, 83 years, buried Dokkum. 
George was married Delfzijl Feb 5, 1606 NN, deceased v 1625. 
            2     Ids of Eminga, deceased Delfzijl 14 Feb 1635. 
Edzardus Eminga's student in 1582 in Erfurt. 
He had no children and is named as captain, later as a colonel (Delfzijl1635). 
Ids has entered a Leeuwarden 17 Mar 1605 and was married there 10 Apr 1605 with Womck of Mockema, deceased Coevorden Nov 1606 *, buried Leeuwarden, with her ​​parents, daughter of Syds of Mockema and Eets Ulckesdr Duma Oenema even Jets. 
            3     Tjaert of Eminga, deceased Groningen 1619 * 
He had no children. 
Tjaert was married to Elisabeth Mellesdr Coenders. 
            4     Botte of Eminga, deceased 28 Jun 1601. 
HVF 16703-390 dd1589: Blunt, the son of the deceased Sjuck of Eminga. 
     VI-f   Hessel van Eminga, born ± 1542, deceased Jul 8 1605 *, 63 years, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of Ids of Eminga (Vb) and Wick Poppesdr van Heemstra. 
HVF 16698-106 dd1579: Hessel of Eminga. 
HVF and HVF 16,700 to 20 16699-238 dd1582: Hessel of Eminga to Goutum as guardian of the children of Wybrant Hermana and Hylck Roorda, uncle and his wife's aunt. 
See also HVF 16700-265 dd1583, dd1584 HVF 16,701-3, HVF 16,702 to 107.157 dd1586 
and HVF 16703-326 dd12-7-1589. 
Hessel was married to     Wick Hermana, born ± 1550, deceased Oct 19 1592 *, aged 42, buried Goutum, epitaph, daughter of French Hermana and Bauck of Aylva. 
From this marriage: 
            1     Frans van Eminga, born ± 1574, follows VII-b. 
            2     Agatha Hessels of Eminga, deceased n 4 Oct 1637. 
On 26-2-1656 left Sixtus of Dekema register their wills at the Court of Friesland (EEE I-495/498) .They test served as a widow to Weidum on 21-6-1633 and on 4-10-1637 and had thereby Juliana and her daughters Victoria country after Tzum and the rest to her son Julius. 
Agatha was married to Sytze of Dekema, deceased 11 Feb 1626 *, buried Weidum, son of Julius Dekema also Jewellery and Jel Sytzesdr of Harinxma. 
T327-1515: In 1611 indicate Sytze of Dekema cs to the lawyer Suffridus Nijenhuis command to litigate against Adam Paffen Red on land on the Nieuwland outside Leeuwarden. 
His name is on the church bell of Weidum of 1626. 
He died at the home of His Eminga of his sister (Doot Boeck). 
            3     His Hesselsdr of Eminga, deceased after     20 Sep 1660. 
They test led on 26-3-1657 (EEE 2-352) and on 20-9-1660. 
His was married to Herring of Sythiema, deceased Dokkum 24 Jun 1612 *, buried Hantumhuizen, son of Haring of Sythiema and Syts Minnesdr of Eminga. 
In the Fries Museum is a portrait of Haring of Sythiema and of His Eminga of 1603. 
 VII-a   Pybe of Eminga , deceased 10 Jan 1611 *, son of Syds Eminga (VI-b) and Catherine of Roorda . 

Pybe was married to Perck Roorda , deceased Aug 18, 1643, buried Franeker, daughter of Sybrant Roorda and Teth Goslinga .

She lives in 1636 as widow Roorda Burg under Franeker.

See GJB 1952-26 based on LWD dd3-6-1636 142-104.

In 1642 belonged jufr.Perck Roorda Franeker, widow of Piebe of Eminga, to the guests for the banquet after the death of Jarich of Liauckema.

NL1886: the coat of arms for her in the Martinikerk Franeker 8 quarters of her Roorda, Hottinga, Naerden, Pillars, Goslinga Oenema Sjaerda, Epinga.

From this marriage: 
            1    Albertus Sybrandus of Eminga , deceased 9 Jan 1662, buried Franeker, epitaph. 

Grietman of Franekeradeel 1652-1661, residing at Roorda Burg.

His name and that of his second wife in the church bell of Ponder from 1654.

See also for him T326-125,180,659 and T347-953,959.

He tests led to his first wife in 1646 (EEE 1-419 / 421 and EEE 4-358) and died without children.

In the church of Franeker (now in the Fries Museum) a memorial plaque with the 16 quarters of his great-grandparents:

Eminga-Luinia, Jarla-Tziaerda, Roorda-Hermana, Walta-Dekema, Roorda-Hottinga, Naerden-Zuillen, Goslinga-Unema and Tzyarda-Epinga.

His great-grandparents are: Syds of Eminga x Ansck of Liunga, Botte of Jarla x Jildu van Albada, Jewellery Roorda x Catharina Hermana, Douwe van Walta x Hylck of Dekema, Sybrant Roorda x Herring of Hottinga, Maerten van Naerden x Petronella Zuylen Tjepcke Goslinga x Frouck of Oenema and Pier Bonninga of Sjaerda x N. Epinga.

Albertus was betrothed dish Leeuwarden 23-7-1642 (1) with Mary Schwartzberg and Hohenlansberg , deceased Franeker 29 Oct 1646.

In 1642 belonged Jhr.Albert of Eminga with his wife, couple Franeker, the guests for the banquet after the death of Jarich of Liauckema.

In the Fries Museum is a sign of marriage of Albert Sybrant Eminga and Mary rectangular Schwartzberg.

There is also a portrait of her from 1645.

They test led on 7-7-1646.

Albertus was married (2) with Foockel Doeckesdr of Botnia , born ± 1606, deceased 22 Feb 1673 *, aged 67, buried Franeker, epitaph, daughter of Doecke of Botnia and YMCK of Dekema .

In the church of Franeker (now in the Fries Museum) a memorial plaque with 16 quarters of her great-grandparents:

Botnia-Hottinga, Ockinga-Minnema, Walta of Jongema-Hermana, Walta of Juwinga-Heermabrug, Dekema-Hottinga, Liauckama-Minnema, Tamminga Ripperdastraat and Sick Enge-Ghisens

Her great-grandparents are: Jewellery of Botnia x Foockel of Hottinga Joost van Ockinga x Luts of Minnema, Agge of Walta x Fedt Hermana, Tjerck of Walta x Tieth of Herema, Jewellery of Dekema x Catryn of Hottinga, Sicke of Liauckema x YMCK of Minnema Abel Tamminga x Helena Ripperdastraat and Johan van Sickinghe x Anna Harm Gysensdr.

They test served as a widow on 22-5-1662, 15-4-1673 registered, with Helen of Botnia as heiress was appointed (EEE 4-150 and T323-02,25).

See further GJB 1998-142.

Foockel was widow of Julius Eysinga , deceased Padua 31 Jan 1647?, son of Aede Eysinga and Foeck Jeltesdr of Eelsma .

            2    Catherine of Eminga , deceased in 1675. 

By banns in 1628 Roorda Burg at Franeker.

Catherine is married Franeker Jun 7 1628, in court, with Alef Aggema of Walta , deceased 1690/1691, son of Pieter Aggema of Walta and Eelck Minnesdr of Eminga .

By banns in 1628 from Witmarsum, where he lived later with his wife.

Alef test led on 20-1-1690 Bolsward as Adolphus John of Aggema (EEE5-335 registered 26-6-1691).

            3    Syds of Eminga , follows VIII-A. 
 VII-b   Eminga of French , born ± 1574, deceased May 28, 1653, 79 years, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of Hessel of Eminga (VI-f) and Wick Hermana . 

Francis Eminga on 25-10-1595 student in Cologne.

T345-58,381: he buys a farm lands to Warstiens in 1639.T318-08, 1: the testament of him and his wife (1660).

French was married to Bauck Minnesdr of Eminga , born ± 1577, deceased 26 Dec 1658, 81 years, buried Goutum, epitaph, daughter of Minne of Eminga (VI-d) and Frouck Gerritsdr of Wytsma .

From this marriage: 
            1    Minne of Eminga , born ± 1607, follows VIII-b. 
            2    Wick Eminga , born ± 1608, deceased May 15, 1633, 25 years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 
            3    Jetscke of Eminga , born ± 1611, deceased 11 Feb 1630 *, 19years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 
            4    Hessel Herman Eminga , born 1620, deceased Oct 4 1645, 25 years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 

Twin brother of Dorothea.

See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128.

            5    Dorothea Eminga , born 1620, deceased 21 Jul 1645, 24 years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 

See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128.

            6    Frouck of Eminga , deceased in 1680. 

T313-146: Frouck of Eminga sells land to Goutum to Syds of Eminga (1671).

T313-216,217,218,219: Frouck, widow Buygers.

T313-223,224: inventory Frouck of Eminga, deceased in 1680.

T318-08, nr.1,3: her will as a widow in Leeuwarden on 28-11-1679 (EEE5-54v / 56v, registered 29-3-1682).

Her daughter Barbara heiress.

Frouck was married to Lolle of Buygers , deceased v 1658, son of Buygers Wigle , even Viglius and Elisabeth Ockinga .

Lolle was married in 1643 with Barbara Aytta , deceased n 27 Jan 1646, daughter of Wigle of Aytta also Viglius and Cunira Pietersdr of Teetlum .

            7    Sjuck of Eminga . 
            8    Ids of Eminga , deceased 1643 n. 

He tests led to Goutum in 1644 (DDD1-359).

            9    Hessel van Eminga , follows VIII-c. 

VIII-a Syds of Eminga , deceased Goutum n 1638, aged 74 years, son of Pybe Eminga (VII-A) and Perck Roorda .

On Wiarda State to Goutum (voice 24).

To see him T313-142,144 (1650.1653).

Elsewhere specified year that 1631 is incorrect.

Syds married in 1637, 19-10-1637 3rd pr.Leeuwarden with Belt Galesdr of Galama , born Oct 21, 1612?, daughter of Gale Galama and Dorothea Minnesdr of Eminga .

In the year 1636 the family arms Belt and her first husband Sicke of Aebinga outside the front gate of Wiarda State carved (the Free Fries XII-190).

COURT 16792 dd17-2-1638 (Act 497): Schelte of Aebinga is designated as cur.div. for separation of paternal goods tbvDorothea of ​​Aebinga, now her mother remarried Belt with Syds of Eminga.

COURT 16792 dd28-2-1638 (Act 500): Gerlant of Liauckema asks if grandmother Dorothea Aebinga of guardianship for her.

Schelte of Liauckema (uncle of Dorothea) is cur. pg

Belt was the widow of Sicke of Aebinga , deceased Oct 16 1636, buried Hallum, son of Schelte Aebinga and Gerlant Scheltesdr of Liauckema .

From the marriage of Syds and Belt:

            1    Sicke of Eminga , even Sixtus ,, follows IX-a. 

VIII-b Minne of Eminga , born ± 1607, deceased Aug 7, 1662, aged 55, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of French Eminga (VII-b) and Bauck Minnesdr of Eminga .

See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128.

Minne was married to    His of Buygers , born ± 1626, deceased 16 Mar 1677, aged 51, buried Goutum, daughter of Buygers Wigle , even Viglius and Elisabeth Ockinga . 

See epitaphs Roorda IV-31.128.

From this marriage: 
            1    Frans van Eminga , born in 1659, deceased Oct 13, 1720, in the 61st year, buried Goutum, epitaph. 

He was first captain and later a colonel in the army.

T7-09,61: letters received from French captain Minnesota Eminga, 1697.

See also T347-768 dd21-1-1699.

T313-53: on the distribution of the estate of French Eminga of Minnesota, 1721

See epitaphs Roorda IV-128.

            2    Elisabeth Wegelina of Eminga , born ± 1660, deceased Apr 8 1716, 56 years, buried Goutum, epitaph. 

By banns in 1679 from Goutum.

They test led in 1716 with her husband (T313-130).

See also epitaphs Roorda IV-128. 

Elisabeth was married in Leeuwarderadeel 8 Nov 1681 dish with Ruurd Juckema of Burmania baptized Ferwerd 13 Nov 1659 10 Nov 1732 deceased, or 10-11-1733,74 year, buried Goutum, epitaph, son of Jarich of Burmania and of His Camstra .

By banns in 1679 from Ferwerd.

He led test on 28-12-1730.

            3    Beatrix Jacquelina of Eminga , born ± 1661, deceased Hallum 23 Jul 1693. 

By banns in 1679 came from Goutum and before her marriage she had permission from the Court of Friesland.

Beatrix married Leeuwarderadeel May 6, 1679, with her ​​cousin dish of French Eminga , follows IX-b.

VIII-c Hessel of Eminga , deceased n 1677, son of French Eminga (VII-b) and Bauck Minnesdr of Eminga .

Hessel van Eminga and Doedt Donia Donia bought after 1640 House for Oosterend and their owners in 1677 (HEN 47-545).

Hessel dish gone marriage Leeuwarden 11 May 1640 and married in 1640, 24-6-1640 3rd pr.gerecht Leeuwarden with Doedt Sydsdr Donia , daughter of Syds Donia , even Sixtus and Syts Oenesdr of Wytsma .

She called her husband when selling to Brongergakerk (HVF 16,816-71).

From this marriage: 
            1    Cecilia Eminga , born ± 1642, deceased Feb 5, 1665, aged 23, buried Leeuwarden, Galileërkerk, epitaph. 

She was a nun in the Galileërklooster and was buried there (see epitaphs Roorda IV-157).

            2    Syds of Eminga , born ± 1643, deceased Oosterend DoniaState on Jun 25, 1706, 63 years. 

He was a major in the cavalry and resided on DoniaState to Oosterend.

For Syds / Sixtus see: T313-150 (1677) T313-151 (HVF 1677) T313-152 (IOU) T313-153,154 (purchase and sale 1678/1679) and further T313-155 / 159.

He tests led on 14-11-1700 Leeuwarden (EEE6-398v / 400v, registered 28-7-1707)

Heir to his brother Idzert and a legacy for the younger brother Gerrit.

            3    Idzert of Eminga , born ± 1655, deceased Oct 13 1707, 52 years. 
            4    Frans van Eminga , follows IX-b. 
            5    Gerrit van Eminga , deceased Leeuwarden 1716. 

Gerrit has gone marriage Leeuwarden May 10, 1710, court with Titia Johansdr of Coenders baptized Leeuwarden 26 Aug 1664, daughter of Johan Coenders and MargrietH of Walta .

Titia previously failed marriage Leeuwarden Mar 30, 1703, court and married Jelsum 8 Apr 1703 with Bonne Donia , deceased v 1710, son of Feye Harinxma Donia and Alegonda Hania .

Titia later passed marriage Workum 6 Mar 1717 and 21 Mar 1717 Longerhouw married with Charles Morgan .

            6    Sjuck of Eminga . 

Young deceased.

            7    Maria Dorothea of Eminga . 

Mary has gone marriage Leeuwarden 30 Jun 1688, court and married in Westdongeradeel 9 Jul 1688 dish with Adam Mans .

He was a sergeant major in the army.

  IX-a   Sicke of Eminga , even Sixtus deceased ,, Sep 12 1682, son of Syds Eminga (VIII-a) and Belt Galesdr of Galama . 

He lived on Wiarda State to Goutum.

T327-615: Sixtus of Eminga sells land to Achlum and Oostermeer (1663.1664).

See also T313-145.148 (1669.1675).

He tests led to Goutum with his wife on 26-7-1659, which will be found in the documents of HVF 11381 dd22-2-1724 (TPvan Eminga counter wed.Cammingha) test he got himself in 1681 (EEE 7-254) .

Sicke married in Leeuwarderadeel May 16, 1656, in the courts, with Frouck of Aylva , deceased Aug 7, 1659, daughter of Tjepcke of Aylva and Frau of Douma .

At marriage in 1653 from Menaldum.

According to the pedigree FA deceased on 13-8-1659, but that will be the date of the funeral.

Frouck was married in Menaldumadeel Apr 22, 1653, in the courts, with Wigle of Aytta , deceased Swichem 1654/1655, son of Wigle Aytta also Viglius and Foockel Roorda .

From the marriage of Sicke and Frouck:

            1    Tjepcke of Eminga , even Tiberius Pepinus, born ± 1657, deceased Sep 7, 1733, in the 77th year, buried Goutum, epitaph. 

Tiberius Pepinus owned Wiarda State to Goutum.

He died without children and with him died the sex out Eminga.

See also epitaphs Roorda IV-128. 

Tjepcke married Amsterdam 1682, 3-7-1682 3rd pr.gerecht Leeuwarderadeel (1) with Lucia Emerentia of Ornia , from Amsterdam in 1682, deceased 9 Jul 1703.

T313-161: prenuptial dd1682 Tiberius Pepinus Eminga and Lucia Ornia. 

T313-162: inventarus dated 1682 of goods, which introduces Lucia at her wedding.

Tjepcke married Jul 1705, 18-7-1705 3rd pr.gerecht Leeuwarderadeel (2) with Christina Genoveva van der Goes , from Leiden in 1705, born ± 1675, deceased Goutum 14 Mar 1713, 38 years.

Tjepcke married Goutum Nov 26, 1719 (3) His Burmania Mary , born ± 1694, deceased Leeuwarden 17 Sep 1757, 63 years ,, bury Goutum, epitaph, daughter of Ruurd Juckema of Burmania and Elisabeth Wegelina of Eminga .

She remarried on 6-11-1735 with Ulbe Ulbes Sixma of Andla, deceased in 1760, widower of Remia Bartholtsdr of Douma.

  IX-b   of French Eminga , deceased Hallum Feb 4, 1694, son of Hessel Eminga (VIII-c) and Doedt Sydsdr Donia . 

By banns in 1673 he was ensign.

T313-201: documents of the case of French Eminga as heir Herring Sythiema against ao Perck of Rinia (1680).

He lived with his wife at Sythiemastate Hallum test and got there in 1694 (EEE 5-463).

French has gone marriage Leeuwarden 17 Oct 1673, court and married in Ferwerderadiel 28 Oct 1673, court (1) with Frouck Suzanna Haringsdr of Sythiema , born ± 1657, deceased 18 Jul 1675, 18 years, buried Hallum, epitaph, daughter of Haring of Sythiema and Perck of Rinia .

By banns in 1673 she had a guardian Horace Hobbema.

See also NOI-155.

From this marriage: 
            1    N. Eminga , born ± 1674. 

Young deceased.

French is married Leeuwarderadeel May 6, 1679, court (2) his cousin Beatrix Jacquelina of Eminga , born ± 1661, deceased Hallum 23 Jul 1693, daughter of Minne of Eminga (VIII-b) and of His Buygers .

From this marriage: 
            2    Syds Hessel of Eminga , born ± 1682, deceased Oct 8, 1708, 26 years. 
Sieds Hessel of Eminga was in 1698 owns Donia House for Oosterened, in 1677, owned by his grandparents. 

In death, he was a major in the army.

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