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Flora Sassoon (Abraham)

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Смерть: Умер
Место погребения: Jerusalem
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Heskel Ezekiel Joshua Abraham Abraham и Aziza Abraham
Жена Solomon Sassoon
Мать Lady Rachel Ezra; Mozelle Sassoon и {$w0} {$w1} Sassoon
Сестра Abraham ABRAHAM; Rebecca Silman; Sarah Manasseh; Ezra ABRAHAM; Rachel Nissim и ещё 7

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About Flora Sassoon

Flora Sassoon (1859–1936) was an Indian-English businesswoman, scholar, Hebraist and philanthropist.

Flora Gubbay was born in 1859 in Bombay, India. Her father was Ezekiel Gubbay (1824–1896), a trader and businessman who had come to India from Baghdad, Iraq, and her mother, Aziza Sassoon (1839–1897).

Her maternal grandfather was Albert Abdullah David Sassoon (1818–1896). As a result, her maternal great-grandfather was David Sassoon (1792–1864), a leading trader of cotton and opium who served as the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829, and her maternal great-grandmother was his first wife, Hannah Joseph (1792-1826).[

She had five siblings. She went to Catholic school and was also tutored privately from rabbis from Baghdad. By the age of seventeen, she spoke Hebrew, Aramaic, Hindustani, English, French and German. She took over her husband's trading business in India, David Sassoon & Company, shortly after his death.

An Orthodox Judaism, she was a strong supporter of the Balfour Declaration and a staunch zionist. She also studied the Torah and wrote articles about Rashi.In 1924, she presided over the Annual Speech Day at the Jews' College, stressing the importance of a Jewish education. Moreover, she often hosted luncheons and dinners with Jewish cuisine in England.

Whilst living in India, she was an avid supporter of Waldemar Haffkine (1860-1930), who invented a vaccine against cholera, and encouraged reluctant Hindus and Muslims to take it. Once she moved to England, she often donated to Jews around the world who appealed to her for money in their hours of need

She married Solomon David Sassoon (1841–1894), the great-grandson of David Sassoon (1792–1864) by his second wife, Farha Hyeem (1814-1886); they were thus distant cousins. They had three children:

  • • David Solomon Sassoon (1880–1942; had a son, Solomon David Sassoon (1915–1985), and grandson, Isaac S.D. Sassoon).
  • • Rachel Sassoon (1877–1952, married David Ezra).
  • • Mozelle Sassoon (1884–1921).

They lived in Bombay. After her husband's death, she moved to England. She died in 1936.

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Хронология Flora Sassoon

Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
18 Мая 1877
Возраст 21
Bombay, India
8 декабря 1880
Возраст 24
London, United Kingdom
Возраст 28
Возраст 80