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Francois Joseph Savoie

Also Known As: "Savoy"
Birthplace: France
Death: before 1678
Port Royal, Acadia, NS, Canada
Place of Burial: Garrison Graveyard, Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
Immediate Family:

Husband of Catherine Jeanne Lejeune, dit Briard
Father of Marie-Francoise Corporon; Germain Savoie; Jeanne Marie Pellerin; Catherine Agnès Levron; Francois Savoie, Jr. and 3 others

Occupation: Ploughman, Laboureur, laborer, Ancêtre des Savoie en Nouvelle France - Arrivé en Acadie vers 1643, "laboureur", Prince, Plowman (farmer)
Y DNA Haplogroup: the haplogroup for François’ descendants is R1b-M269>Z367. You can find this info on Francogene.
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About Francois Joseph Savoie

“Oral tradition and some Acadian/Cajun genealogists have attributed François Savoie (1621-1678), the patriarch of the Cajun Savoie family of Louisiana and Canada, as an illegitimate son of Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignan; however, this has been a rather disputed claim.”


“French Peasant or Italian Prince – François Joseph Savoie” (2018)

François Joseph Savoie has perhaps gained more notoriety centuries after his death than he had during his life. He was born in about 1621 and made his way to the colony of Acadia during the 1640s. He settled in Port-Royal, and in about 1651, he married Catherine Lejeune, who is believed to have been born in France in about 1633. They had nine children born between about 1653 and 1669.

The entire family was listed in the 1671 Acadia census as living in Port-Royal, with François being a farmer. Despite the large number of people in his household, he only owned 4 cattle and no sheep. Oldest daughter Françoise was listed a second time in the household next door as the 18-year-old wife of Jean Corporan and mother of a newborn daughter.

It's unknown when François and his wife Catherine died. Like most early settlers of Acadia, within a couple of generations, their descendants scattered to a number of places in America, many of them ending up in Louisiana. Amongst some descendants, stories were passed down that claimed François was not a Frenchman — that he was actually the illegitimate son of an Italian nobleman named Tommaso Francesco Savoie, making him a “prince.” While this story hasn’t been disproven, there’s no documentation to back it up. Other research has shown there was a family named Savoie in the village of Martaizé, France, and other Acadian families appear to be from the same area. This seems a more likely place of origin for François.

See the extract from “Savoy Heritage: 1621 to the Present.” (1983). Louis German Savoy, link (also on “Sources” tab)


Birth seen as 04/07/1621

Francois was born in about 1621. He married Catherine Lejeune by 1651. They are the parents of the following:

  • 1) Francoise (1652-1711)
  • 2) Germain (1654-)
  • 3) Marie (1657-)
  • 4) Jeanne (1658-1735)
  • 5) Catherine ( 1662-)
  • 6) Francois (1663-)
  • 7) Barnabe (1665-)
  • 8) Andree (1667-)
  • 9) Marie (1670-)

According to the 1671 Port Royal Census, Francois 50 was a farmer, Catherine 38, one married daughter - Francoise 18, Germain 16, Marie 14, Jeanne 13, Catherine 9, Francois 8, Barnabe 6, Andree 4, Marie 1-1/2. They had 4 cattle and 6 arpents of land.

Origins discussions


The family of François SAVOIE and Catherine LEJEUNE [85608] SAVOIE, François (..), ploughman (laboureur), born about 1621 (rec. 1671), died between census 1671 and census 1678 Port-Royal (Acadie) Him : Origin : would be from Martaizé (860149) (nom existe), but records are missing and there is no trace of that person (Origine : serait de Martaizé (860149) (nom existe), mais registres lacunaires et aucune trace de lui)

  • married about 1651, from .. (Acadie) LEJEUNE, Catherine (.. & .. [119264]), born about 1633 (rec. 1671)
  • 1) Andrée, married about 1683 Jean PRÉGENT dit LEBRETON
  • 2) Catherine, married about 1676 François LEVRON
  • 3) Françoise, born about 1653 (rec. 1671, rec. 1686) or 1652 (rec. 1693) Port-Royal (Acadie), died 1711-12-27, buried Port-Royal (Acadie), married about 1670 Jean CORPORON
  • 4) Germain, married about 1678 Marie BRAULT dit VINCELOTTE
  • 5) Jeanne, born about 1658 (1671), 1657 (rec. 1686), 1658 (rec. 1693), 1665 (rec. 1698), 1657 (rec. 1699) or 1656 (rec. 1701) Port-Royal (Acadie), died 1735-11-03, buried 1735-11-04 Port-Royal (Acadie), married about 1675 Étienne PELLERIN
  • 6) Marie1, born about 1656 (rec. 1699), married about 1675 Jacques TRIEL dit LAPERRIÈRE
  • 7) Marie2, married about 1688 Gabriel ou Pierre CHIASSON

From a resource: Acadians Who Found Refuge in Louisiana, February 1764-early 1800s


Francois Savoie, a farmer from Martaize, near Loudun, south of the Loire valley in France, born in c1621, came to Acadia probably in the 1640s and married Catherine, sister of Edmée Lejeune, wife of early Acadian settler Francois Gautrot. Francois Savoie and Catherine Lejeune had nine children, only two of them sons: Germain, born at Port-Royal in c1654, and Francois, fils, in c1663. Their six daughters married into the Corporon, Triel dit Laperrière, Pellerin, Levron dit Nantois, Préjean dit Le Breton, and Chiasson families.

Germain was the only one of Francois's son to create a family of his own. In c1678, he married Marie, daughter of Vincent Breau dit Vincelotte, at Port-Royal. Germain and Marie remained in the Port-Royal area and had a dozen children, including five sons, all born at Port-Royal, who created families of their own. Three of their daughters married into the Blanchard, Babineau dit Deslauriers, and Poirier families.

Oldest son Germain, fils, born in c1682, married Geneviève, daughter of Nicolas Babineau, at Port-Royal in January 1709. They had 10 children, including fives sons who married into the Landry, Blanchard, Martin, and Bourg families. Three of their daughters married into the Dupuis, Pellerin, and Lanoue families. Germain, fils and his family also remained in the Port-Royal area.

Francois, born in c1684, married Marie-Josèphe, daughter of Alexandre Richard, at Port-Royal in November 1707. They had 13 children, including seven sons who married into the Thibodeau, Haché, Comeau, Arcand, Richard, Arseneau, Préjean, Lord, and Melanson families. Five of their daughters married into the Arseneau, Comeau, Hébert dit Manuel, and Thibodeau families.

Jean, born in c1692, married first to Marie, daughter of Jean Dupuis, at Port-Royal in November 1718, and then to Ursule, daughter of Pierre Thibodeau le jeune, probably at Port-Royal in c1745.

Paul, born in c1696, married Judith, daughter of Jacques Michel, at Port-Royal in November 1722. Unlike his father and his brothers, who remained at Port-Royal, Paul and his family moved to Chepoudy probably in the 1720s.

Youngest son Charles, born in May 1703, married Francoise, daughter of Étienne Martin, at Port-Royal in January 1730. ...

  • POSSIBLE CONFLICT IN HISTORICAL RECORD* Regarding "Prince" Francois: Historical proof and accuracy is required to claim any lineage to royalty of Europe.

The fatherhood of Tomas Francisco for Francois would make Francois his first child in 1621. This claim is disputed but not wholly discounted. see below.

Wikipedia info records that "oral tradition and some Acadian/Cajun genealogists have attributed François Savoie (1621-1678), the patriarch of the Cajun Savoie family of Louisiana and Canada, as an illegitimate son of Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignan; however, this has been a rather disputed claim."

In search of any other authentication for proof of the father/son relationship above. We should be historians 1st, with no claims to grand royal bloodlines if they not true or substantiated with facts. This is an incredible story for those whose families are affected in Canada and USA, especially Louisiana Cajuns. The people of the time who made this claim obviously knew the import of Savoy blood and its ties to European royalty. The propect of greater social standing in a new colonial life in Acadie, Canada and among those who emigrated to Louisiana can be a great motivation to purport such a story.

Evidence points to the political turmoil of the time for a good reason for a son to leave France as his alleged father (The Prince of Savoy) had quarrels with several of his relatives in nobility. Savoy as a region was subsequently traded from the Italian orbit to French and was occasionally politically allied with Spanish interests in over the Piedmont area. Tomás Francisco (however you want to spell it) was switching sides in each military campaign. My theory is that he burned too many bridges and his alleged son through Marie Bourbon dit Soissons would have produced a first heir who would have NOT inherited anything but trouble on his own as a young man, ventured with a group of Normandy colonists as a leader and left for Canada to start a new life, losing his privileges as a potential Prince (while the blood is still there.)

This info is in here to create discussions and truth seeking, not to discredit anyone's bloodline. Many would love him to be proven to be the son of Tomas and Marie. The deathbed confession supposedly recorded by Francois shows him claiming to be the son of Tomas Francesco but no mother claimed. For whatever that is worth, bastard son of Tomas may very well be of the House of Savoy, if not through Marie but "Catherine".

  • ************************************************************* Please investigate the possibility that FRANCOIS SAVOIE is the son of a Catherine, daughter of a Phillip III of Spain. Phllippe III of Spain married a Marguerite, not a Catherine and there were no daughters named Catherine to marry Tomas Francois, Francois alleged father, at least according to some sources. A "Catherine" herself may be an illegitimate daughter of Phillip III Hapsburg of Spain who is a candidate for being the mother of Francois Savoie with Tomas Francesco. (Alternate theory to Marie De Bourbon as mother)

It is also hard enough to try to prove parentage for Francois through Tomas and any particular woman, including Marie De Bourbon. Francois' parentage is the key to any royal claims to bloodline. It is disputed.

We have no definite proof that his father/mother combination was Prince Tomas Francisco di Savoy/Cariginio and Marie De Bourbon since they were married in 1625 making this potential union a little early if they are parents (early for legitimacy, but possible).

If Marie De Bourbon is not his mother (less probable given source material) and alternatively a "Catherine" is the mother who raised the child separately on her own, then a lot of things make more sense.

  1. Occupation: labourer
  2. Census: 1671 Port Royal; François Sçavois, 50, laborer. 4 head of cattle, 10 arpents workable land. The only known documentation on him. (Census PR 1671 50a - «laboureur, 4 bêtes à cornes, 6 arpents en labour»).
  3. Immigration: ABT 1643 Port Royal
  4. Event: Historical Note probably came to Canada from La Chausee, Martaise, Grand-Poitou, Vienne, France but there are no record of him there or any other Savoies in that period.
  5. Event: Name Variations "Sçavois" as per 1671 census
  6. Event: NB surname appeared regularly in Brittany, Paris and Val d'Aosta in that period. Spelled SAVOYE in parts of Italy directly bordering on France.

Serait arrivé en Acadie vers 1643. Souche des Savoie au Canada. Nous ne connaissons pas exactement le lieu de naissance de François en France. Nous ne savons pas si François était marié ou célibataire lorsqu'il quitta la France. Toutefois, selon Fidèle Thériault, François serait né de la paroisse de Martaizé dans le Poitou, en France.

It is believed by some researchers that Francois was the first in line as the oldest son to rule Savoy-Carignano, Royal House of Savoy.

François may have had a title of Prince. It is suspected he did because two of his brothers were Princes. Perhaps he fought against the King of France and was banished. We must remember that the whole Empire of Savoy was devastated and in ruins after the 30-Years War. The 30-Years War lasted from 1618 to 1648, however, in Savoy it lasted until 1659. From Turin, Italy, François somehow made his way to the "New World" in Port Royal, where he found a much different kind of life than he had known. Between the years 1600 and 1632, several Frenchmen tried to settle in Acadia but failed. England had also tried and failed. The Frenchmen and the Scotsmen who had tried to settle the area had all returned to France and England, respectively. In 1632, France again gained control of Acadia and a Frenchman named Isaac de Razilly went to Acadia with 300 hand-picked men to settle the country. He died in 1635. Under the direction of d'Dulnay, who made strong efforts to recruit French men, women and families, ships began arriving bringing groups of workers who were fishermen, farmers, carpenters, housewives, children and others, looking for a better way of life. Their goal was to form their own nation. François was about 22 years old when he arrived at Port Royal. Some authors give his arrival as 1642, others as 1643.

Paraphrased from Terrebonne Life Lines, vol. 17, p. 16 & 17. "From the House of Savoy to the Farmer" by Alton Henry Detiveaux

1. Francois Savoy born @ 1621, ? Turin, Piedmont, Savoy, Italy ?, married @ 1651, in Nova Scotia, Catherine Lejeune dit Briad, born @ 1633, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, died @ 168?, Port Royal, Novia Scotia. Francois died @ 168?, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.


i Francoise Savoy born @1653, Port Royal,, Nova Scotia, married @ 1670, in Nova Scotia, Jean Corberon.

ii Germain Savoy born @ 1654, Port Royal,, Nova Scotia, married @ 1680, in Nova Scotia, Marie Breau.

iii Marie Savoy born @ 1657, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married @ 1676, in Nova Scotia, Jacques Triel.

Jacques Triel: dit LaPerriere

2. iv Jeanne Savoy born @ 1658.

v Catherine Savoy born @ 1662, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married @ 1676, in Nova Scotia, Francois Leveron.

Francois Leveron: dit Nantais

vi Francois Savoy born @ 1663, Port Royal, Nova Scotia.

vii Andree Savoy born @ 1667, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married @ 1683, in Nova Scotia, Jean Prejean.

Jean Prejean: dit LeBreton

viii Marie Savoy born @ 1669, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married @ 1688, in Nova Scotia, Gabriel Chiasson, (daughter of Guyon Chiasson and Jeanne Bernard).

Second Generation

2. Jeanne Savoy born @ 1658, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married @ 1675, in Port Royal, , Nova Scotia, Etienne Pellerin, born @ 1646, St. Etienne-de Bacilly, France.


i Madeleine Pellerin born @ 1676, Nova Scotia.

ii Marie Pellerin born @ 1678, Nova Scotia.

3. iii Jeanne Pellerin born @ 1680.

iv Pierre Pellerin born 1681, Nova Scotia.

v Anne Pellerin born @ 1683, Nova Scotia.

vi Jean Baptiste Pellerin born @ 1685, Nova Scotia.

vii Bernard Pellerin born @ 1691, Nova Scotia.

4. viii Alexandre Pellerin born @ 1693.

ix Marguerite Pellerin born @ 1694, Nova Scotia.

x Charles Pellerin born @ 1696, Nova Scotia.

Third Generation

3. Jeanne Pellerin born @ 1680, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married 04-Feb-1709, in Port Royal, , Nova Scotia, Pierre Suret, born @ 1679, Aunis, LaRochelle, France, (son of Noel Suret and Francoise Colard de Maufet).


5. i Pierre Suret born 09-Dec-1709.

ii Joseph Suret born @ 1711, Nova Scotia.

iii Anne Suret born @ 1715, Nova Scotia.

iv Marie Josephe Suret born @ 1718, Nova Scotia.

v Paul Suret born @ 1721, Nova Scotia.

vi Madeleine Suret born @ 1724, Nova Scotia.

vii Marguerite Suret born @ 1724, Nova Scotia. Twin of Madeleine

viii Francoise Suret born @ 1726, Nova Scotia.

ix Theophitre Suret born @ 1728, Nova Scotia.

4. Alexandre Pellerin born @ 1693, Port Royal, , Nova Scotia, married Unknown.


i Osithe Pellerin.

6. ii Marguerite Pellerin.

Fourth Generation

5. Pierre Suret born 09-Dec-1709, Port Royal, Nova Scotia, married 30-Sep-1732, in Nova Scotia, Catherine Breau.


i Anne Suret born @ 1733, Nova Scotia.

ii Olivier Suret born @ 173?, Nova Scotia.

iii Charles Amand Suret born @ 1738, Nova Scotia.

iv Madeleine Suret born @ 1739, Nova Scotia.

v Paul Suret born @ 1742, Nova Scotia.

vi Marie Rose Suret born @ 1743, Nova Scotia.

7. vii Pierre Suret born @ 1744.

8. viii Joseph Surette born @ 1745.

6. Marguerite Pellerin married @ 1762, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joseph Surette, born @ 1745, Port Royal Nova Scotia, (son of Pierre Suret and Catherine Breau).


i Charles Borromee Surette born @ 1763, Nova Scotia.

ii Joseph Frederic Surette born @ 1766, Nova Scotia.

9. iii Jean Michel Surette born 01-Oct-1769.

iv Marguerite Surette born @ 1770, Nova Scotia.

Fifth Generation

7. Pierre Suret born @ 1744, Nova Scotia, married (1) @ 1764, Helene Bellefontaine, born @ 1746, Nova Scotia, (daughter of Chas Boisjoli Bellefontaine and Marie Melanson) married (2) Marie Duon, (daughter of Abel Duon and Anne d'Entremont).


i Pierre Suret born @ 1765, Nova Scotia, married (1) Marguerite Amirault, (daughter of Jacques Amirault and Unknown) married (2) Colombe Frontain, (daughter of Alexandre Frontain and Unknown).

(Marguerite: I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct father but all indications are that Marguerite is the sister of Rosalie)

ii Athanse Suret born @ 1773, Nova Scotia, married Louise d'Entremont, (daughter of Joseph d'Entremont and Agnes Belleveau).

iii Frederic Suret born @ 1779, Nova Scotia, married @ 1803, Anne Meuse, (daughter of Pierre Meuse and Unknown).

iv Anne Suret born @ 1779, Nova Scotia, married Martin LeBlanc.

v Joseph Suret born @ 1786, Nova Scotia, married Scholastique Amirault, (daughter of Jacques Amirault and Unknown). dit Jack

(Scholastique: Sister to Marguerite...possibly also a sister to Rosalie)

vi Paul Suret born @ 1789, Nova Scotia, married @ 1817, in Nova Scotia, Marie Pothier, (daughter of Jean Pothier and Esthe d'Entremont).

vii Augustin Suret born @ 1792, Nova Scotia, married @ 1815, in Nova Scotia, Francoise Rosalie Pothier, (daughter of Amand Pothier and Unknown) died @ 1875.

viii Marcel Suret born @ 1795, Nova Scotia.

ix Raphael Suret born @ 1798, Nova Scotia, married Anne-Elizabeth Babin.

x Gabriel Suret born @ 1801, Nova Scotia, married Marguerite Babin.

8. Joseph Surette (See marriage to number 6.).

9. Jean Michel Surette born 01-Oct-1769, Halifax, Nova Scotia, married 20-Jan-1790, in Nova Scotia, Rosalie Amirault, (daughter of Jacques Amirault and Unknown).


10. i Joseph Surette born @ 1791.

ii Cyril Surette born @ 179?, Nova Scotia.

iii Jean Surette born @ 1796, Nova Scotia.

iv Pierre Maurice Surette born @ 1799, Nova Scotia.

v Marie Surette born @ 1802, Nova Scotia.

vi Paul Laurent Surette born @ 1802, Nova Scotia.

vii Prospere Surette born @ 1805, Nova Scotia.

viii Thelce Surette born @ 1808, Nova Scotia.

Sixth Generation

10. Joseph Surette born @ 1791, Nova Scotia, married Marie R. Bourque, (daughter of Joseph Bourque and Unknown).


11. i Marcelet Surette born 26-Apr-1829.

ii Benjamin Surette.

iii Damas Surette.

iv Maximin Surette.

Seventh Generation

11. Marcelet Surette born 26-Apr-1829, Nova Scotia, married ?? 1850s, in Nova Scotia, Marie Boudreau, (daughter of Felix Boudreau and Genevieve Amirault).


i Rose Celine Surette.

ii Louis Surette.

12. iii Eugene Surette born 07-Jan-1854.

iv Anne Elizabeth Surette.

v Joseph Wilfred Surette.

vi Jeam M. Surette.

vii Jean Cyriaque Surette.

viii Jean Dennis Surette.

ix Charles Artemus Surette.

Eighth Generation

12. Eugene Surette born 07-Jan-1854, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia, married Adese Sonia Saulnier.


13. i Marie Francoise Surette born 27-Apr-1892.

ii Genevieve Surette born @ 1894, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia.

iii Laurence Surette born @ 1896, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia.

iv Eunice Surette born @ 1898, Salmon River, Nova Scotia.

v Mande born @ 190?, Salmon River, Nova Scotia.

vi Lena Surette born @ 190?, Wedgeport, Nova Scotia.

vii Amy Surette born @ 1905, Hectanooga, Nova Scotia.

viii Mary Surette born @ 1908, Hectanooga, Nova Scotia.

Ninth Generation

13. Marie Francoise Surette born 27-Apr-1892, Hectomerg, Nova Scotia, married 20-Oct-1914, in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, William Henry Longton, born 31-Oct-1889, Blackburn, Lancashire, England, (son of Job Longton and Mary Jane Booth) died 02-Feb-1927, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, buried: Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts. Marie died 18-Nov-1918, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.


i Muriel Adese Longton born 14-Mar-1915, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, Baptised 03-Oct-1915, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts.

14. ii Marjorie Jane Longton born 14-Mar-1915.

iii William Henry Longton Jr. born 25-Jan-1917, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, died 26-Jun-1990, Bar Harbor, , Maine.

Tenth Generation

14. Marjorie Jane Longton born 14-Mar-1915, Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, Baptised 03-Oct-1915, Marblehead, Essex. Massachusetts, married 14-Mar-1934, in Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts, James Edward MacDonald, born 15-Dec-1903, Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, Baptised 15-Oct-1905, Manchester, Hillsboro, New Hampshire, (son of James Edward MacDonald Sr. and Ella Lillian Stone) died 14-Sep-1950, Raynham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, buried: Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts. Marjorie died 23-Mar-1988, LaMirada, Los Angeles, California, buried: 27-Mar-1988, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.


i Barbara Frances MacDonald born 22-Dec-1934, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

15. ii David Allen MacDonald born 30-Aug-1938.

iii James Edward MacDonald born 29-Oct-1940, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

iv Richard Charles MacDonald born 01-Feb-1942, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, died 21-Dec-1992, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, buried: Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts.

v Susan Jane MacDonald born 15-Oct-1947, Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

vi Willam Longton MacDonald born 12-Aug-1949, Taunton, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Eleventh Generation

15. David Allen MacDonald born 30-Aug-1938, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, married 04-Jul-1956, in Providence, Rhode Island, Lillian Frances Ann O'Dowd, born 18-Mar-1939, Providence, Rhode Island, (daughter of Edward Frances O'Dowd and Lillian Eatock).


i Christine Ann Marie MacDonald born 24-Jun-1957, Providence, Rhode Island, Baptised 00-Jul-1957, Providence, married Mar-21-1998, in Lake Tahoe, California, Jimmy Robert Anderson, born Jul-06-71, Brockton, Massachusetts.

- Francois Savoie arrived in Acadia c1651.

- 1671 Port Royal: Francois Scavois 50, Catherine LeJeune 30 (sic 40), Francoise 18 (married), Germain 17, Marie 14, Jeanne 13, Catherine 9, Francois 8, Barnabe 6, Andree 4, Marie 1 1/2; 4 cattle, 6 arpents.

- “The Savoie surname is common, not only in New Brunswick, but also throughout North America. It is found in several regions of Canada, in New England and in Louisiana. However, the origin of the name is still obscure. Some allege that the surname was borne by persons who came originally from the French Department of Savoie. The

surname was already well established in France during the 17th century. There are several ancient French spellings for the name such as Savoy, Savoye, Savoix, Savois, Scavoie, and Scavois. Savoie is the first spelling which has prevailed over the others. The Acadian Savoie family is descended from only one pioneer, François Savoie who was born in France in 1621. He came to Acadia around 1642 during the administration of governor Charles de Menou d'Aulnay. Unfortunately, the precise birth place is not known. Genevieve Massignon was one of the first historians to systematically study the French archives for the origins of the Acadian families. During the course of her research she discovered in ancient parish registers the name of several families known in Acadia. The Savoies are among them. René Perron, of the Amitiés Acadiennes Association recently found in one of the parish registers of LaFerté-Gaucher, west of

Paris, the baptismal certificate of a daughter of one "François Savoye" baptized in November 1617. Upon his arrival in Acadia, François Savoie settled at Port-Royal. By 1671 he was married and the father of nine children, including three sons. His wife, Catherine Lejeune, was the sister of Edmée Lejeune, wife of another Acadian pioneer, François Gautreau. [Telegraph-Journal, Wednesday, August 10, 1994; p. A8; contributed by Fidele Theriault of Fredericton, New Brunswick]

A discussion of the lineage of Mr. Savoie concluded with a spokesperson for the House of Savoy who stated in rebuttal to any suggestion that Francois Joseph Savoie was related to Prince Tomasso Francesco di Savoia:

"While I can appreciate the conviction of your genealogical pursuit, I must say that I am truly appalled by the letter written to the Real Casa di Savoia.

What outright arrogance! And to not have the decency or cultural sense to address the family properly! The spoken style for both HRH the Duke of Aosta and HRH the Duke of Apulia are just that! (HRH) - His Royal Highness.

I nearly fainted upon seeing a comment that suggested taking an illegal swab of the Family! Some jokes are simply not acceptable.

I think we must all remember - "La nobiltà non è cosa che si acquista nascendo, ma virtuosamente vivendo" ;) Might I say that keeping this in mind, the genealogy has already been decided. Hopes and dreams.

Enjoy the history that you have. It starts in 1621 and Not earlier until you've produced some archival evidence. And please, carissimi, do keep in mind that even if some link is made (and as you were informed - it is nothing but fanciful to even consider) you certainly have absolutely no claims of any sort any place whatsoever! The forumist suggesting otherwise ought to be examined for insanity.

Descendants 400 years removed, connected BY AN ILLEGITIMATE offspring, never recognized, would continue to hold precisely NO connection to the Real Casa ... and never will. Do you know how many royal houses have 150 year illegitimately connected offspring that nobody cares about and have no claim to a thing? Plenty running around Europe right now. So understand dismissal of the Real Casa di Savoia and know that the Burden of Proof lies in your hands.

Until then.

Distinti Saluti, VdCB"

So remember that the connection is spurious and considered fanciful but the discussion over how generations of Francois Savoy related families believed the connection to be true is a history in and of itself.

ID: I00451 Name: Francois SAVOIE Sex: M Birth: ABT 1621 Death: BEF 1679 Occupation: labourer Census: 1671 Port Royal; François Sçavois, 50, laborer. 4 head of cattle, 10 arpents workable land. The only known documentation on him. (Census PR 1671 50a - «laboureur, 4 bêtes à cornes, 6 arpents en labour»). Immigration: ABT 1643 Port Royal Event: Historical Note probably came to Canada from La Chausee, Martaise, Grand-Poitou, Vienne, France but there are no record of him there or any other Savoies in that period. Event: Name Variations "Sçavois" as per 1671 census Event: NB surname appeared regularly in Brittany, Paris and Val d'Aosta in that period. Spelled SAVOYE in parts of Italy directly bordering on France. Event: Census Note 1671 the census was taken by Pere Laurent Molin, Cordelier

[Francois Joseph Savoie]


In 1637, Victor Amdaeus I, duke of the House of Savoy, died at age fifty, passing the House of Savoy on to his eldest son, Francois Hyacinthus I. Francois was only five years old at the time and his mother, Christine de France (sister of Louis XIII, king of France) ruled in his place. Francois died at the age of six and the dukedom was passed on to his younger brother Charles Emmanuel II, who was only four at the time. His uncle (the brother of his father), Prince Thomas of Carignano (1596-1656), challenged her authority, with the result of civil war between the two branches of the family from 1639 to 1642. Francois inherited the title of Prince of Carignane from his father.

When the war ended, Prince Thomas Francis's eldest son and next in line of succession left Italy and traveled to France to join a group of Norman families who were on their way by ship to settle the newly founded country of Acadia, New France (Nova Scotia). He was 22 years old when he joined the group. He was appointed group leader and served until the arrival at Port Royal, where he remained, settled, and married Catherine Lejeune.

  • Francois was of Royal Blood from the House of Savoy. He left his Royal Home and family and went to the Vienne Area of France and joined a group setting out for Acadia." See Savoy Biblography.

It is believed by some researchers that Francois was the first in line as the oldest son to rule Savoy-Carignano. He may have had a title of Prince. It is suspected he did because his two brothers were princes. He may have fought against the King of France and was banished, explaining why he would have left home. The whole Empire of Savoy was ruined after the 30 years war ended in 1648. It didn't end in Savoy until 1658. From Italy Francois made his way to the "new world" at Port-Royal.

Family oral history states that he is the son of Thomas Francis of Savoy, 1st Prince of Carignano. No current record exists that can prove or disprove this.

Y Haplogroup from SNP : R1b-M269→Z367 (R-M269→Z367)


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Francois Joseph Savoie's Timeline

April 16, 1622
Age 1
Martaizé, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Age 22
Port Royal,Acadia,Nova Scotia,Canada
Age 22
Port Royal, Richmond, Nova Scotia, Canada
Age 22
Port Royal, Acadie, Canada
Port Royal, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Port-Royal (Acadie), Nova Scotia, Canada
Port Royal, Acadie, Canada